The Jaan Kolk Files –Lanark 1880 —Stoner Times

The Jaan Kolk Files –Lanark 1880 —Stoner Times


This is your photo of the day sent to me by Tammy Marion– The poster swore it was NOT photo shopped. What say you? Linda always believes the McNeely family… As Gary Box said: “Trust the McNeelys to always be thinking ahead”

Xurk Mcneely posted the photo on Facebook
March 18 at 12:47 PM ·
Lanark 1880 back before it was illegal ..

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My friend Jaan Kolk to me is the king of local historians and you have probably read his comments on Lost Ottawa and other Ottawa history forums. Nothing much gets by Jaan.. So he commented……

Jaan Kolk I’ll say it’s faked. It’s not that you were prevented from selling marijuana Lanark in 1880, but almost no one would recognize that leaf as something one would smoke. If you consumed cannabis in Canada in 1880, it was most likely in the from of a patent medicine, like Hunnewell’s Tolu Anodyne which was advertised in the Ottawa Citizen in 1861.

If you were selling cannabis in 1880, your advertising would look more like this:


Jaan Kolk also said: Published in the Canada Medical Journal and Monthly Record of Medical and Surgical Science in 1867:

Patent medicine - Wikipedia

What’s this nonsense we have now about needing clinical proof to make medical claims for products? In 1861 it was “Hey, just try it – it’s gotta help.”

Or you could go get bled by the local blacksmith.. read-Need “BLOOD-LETTING’? Head on Down to the Blacksmith!

After the Mexican revolution in 1910, many Mexican immigrants made their way into the United States and brought recreational marijuana usage with them. The reaction to this uncontrolled immigration initiated some of the first legal attacks on marijuana. In 1913, California was the first state to quietly outlaw cannabis consumption.


Things were a lot fancier than today. In the United States and Europe, the use of cannabis resin and tinctures was associated with orientalism, a romantic notion of the exotic lands of the East, where exotic people did exotic things, while dressed in exotic silks and eating exotic foods. It was completely over the top.

Around 1854, Fitz-Hugh Ludlow, a student at Union College in Schenectady, New York purchased a Tilden & Company’s Indian Hemp Extract from his local apothecary. This cannabis tincture was claimed to fight off everything from rabies to tetanus. Ludlow had read of “hasheesh eaters” in a popular magazine account written by Bayard Taylor in Putnam’s Magazine. Young Ludlow started consuming massive amounts of this drug, and found himself hallucinating Silk Road palaces filled with panjandrums right there in upstate New York. In his own words,

“from Greece to farthest China, lay within the compass of a township; no outlay was necessary for the journey. For the humble sum of six cents I might purchase an excursion ticket over all the earth; ships and dromedaries, tents and hospices were all contained in a box of Tilden’s extract.”

Yes, he was so high that he was hallucinating ships and camels… what they call “Johnny Cash eating cake in a bush” high.

 No photos of Ludlow exist LOLOL

Thanks Jaan


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