Putting Brian on the Bus– Stories from my Childhood Noreen Tyers

Putting Brian on the Bus– Stories from my Childhood Noreen Tyers



“Putting Brian on the Bus Stories from my Childhood “are always a feel good experience. No, I do not stay in the past, but from time to time something comes up to remind me of my younger years. There were four children in our family and we were all pretty close to each other. It seems to me shared almost everything. We learned to play games and amuse ourselves on rainy days.

My brother the oldest of the four children was the first to go to school, when you all played together, it did make a difference playing games. We soon learned that we could win some of the games we played. He always won, so we adjusted quite well and were happy to be able to achieve success. The following year it was my turn to experience school and the art of learning. This left a sister and brother still at home. Keeping house and doing the cleaning, cooking, washing, and in those days you ironed your clothes and all the other things that a Good Mom did.

My Mom was a Super Mom to me, we came home at lunch to a great meal, and a desert was always part of our lunch, Mom was a good cook and although there was not an abundance of money, we always had wholesome food and good meals. My youngest brother was a very laid back relaxed child and would just do what you told him to and never caused any trouble or complained. He was a child that did enjoy his sleep in the afternoon so this gave mom time to work on things and my younger sister a chance to play on her own.

Next door to us lived a family of three and the youngest boy did not go to school yet and was a play companion to my sister. The father of this family was in the armed forces and was in Europe fighting in World War Two. This family became part of our family and the children were all very close, to us, like added siblings. My sister and her play companion would play for hours. In the mornings my mother was busy with housework so as a result the three played well together.

Now sister dear was always the one to give directions. One day they were looking after their charge and decided that this was no longer fun. They were playing house, Mother, Father and the Baby, my younger brother. Up the street and down a block was where one caught the Bus to go to Ottawa and of course, Rideau Street. Sister was quite familiar with this area as our Dad worked at Charles Ogilvy Department Store. We would go shopping with Mom and this is where the we caught the bus. After looking after my brother for a long time, at least they thought so. They came up with the idea to ship Brian off in the bus. They had raided their piggy bank and got enough for fare. Before long the bus stopped and my sister told the Bus Driver that she wanted to take the bus and he was to let them off at Ogilvys, were Dad was. Both my sister and her companion proceeded to get on the bus with my brother, now all had their bus fare and where ready to get on their way The Bus Driver told them that he could not do it as they were far to young to travel on their own without a parent being with them Some discussion took place and sister was insistent that they could take the bus, after all they had the fare and that was that. The answer was still NO they could not go. Sister replied, we are playing house and I am the mother and I want to take him to Ogilvys.

The bus driver had spent a great deal of time with this little family and was at his wits end for a solution to this problem. Just then a neighbour that lived close by got on the bus. After an explanation of the situation, she decided that to solve the problem she would take all three children home to Mom. When the neighbour left an explanation was given to the children about their adventure and the idea was not a good one, they should have spoken to Mom first.

The poor Bus Driver he had spent quite a bit of time reasoning with the play family and I am sure he would be well behind schedule. There was a discussion at home as sister was still upset with the Bus Driver. It was her believe that she was right and the outcome should have been that the bus ride take place. After all they no longer wanted to have to babysit younger Brother and she was sending him to her Dad. After a talk between my Mom and Dad it was decided that maybe they should call a friend in who was a Police Man and he could stress upon them that the Bus was not the place for young children be on their own. I believe that the babysitting time was cut back and everything seemed to go back to normal. As far as baby brother he never voiced an opinion and he was quite content to sit and watch what was going on, and there were NO MORE BUS RIDES WITHOUT PARENTS.

From the Pen of Noreen April 30th/2018



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