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Margaret Helena Kellough — Nurse WW11– Clippings

Margaret Helena Kellough — Nurse WW11– Clippings

Thanks to the collection of Lucy Connelly Poaps

CLIPPED FROMNorth Bay NuggetNorth Bay, Ontario, Canada28 Jan 1946, Mon  •  Page 3

CLIPPED FROMThe Sault StarSault St. Marie, Ontario, Canada28 Jan 1946, Mon  •  Page 10

CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa CitizenOttawa, Ontario, Canada11 Aug 1944, Fri  •  Page 18

Miss Tena Stewart War Heroine — Almonte Appleton and Carleton Place

Women of the Red Cross — Mary Slade –Larry Clark

Heh Miss Wilsonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Carleton Place Heroe

Did You Ever Notice This in Beckwith Park? Thanks to Gary Box

Becoming a Nurse — Rosamond Memorial Hospital

Peter Kear — Winter Life in Lanark — Photos– 1945-1963

Peter Kear — Winter Life in Lanark — Photos– 1945-1963

All images and text Peter Kears

The Lanark Village I knew (1945-63), for which I have fond memories: Getting climatized to the Village winters after our transition from ‘Toronto the Good’ in June 1945. Likely the winter of 1946-47 on Canning Street with my mother and brother, Tom, with Ben Willis’ home and farm in the background. The gentle and elderly Ben Willis would become a grandfather figure to me as I helped to care for his horses. Note the name of the sleigh, ‘Spitfire’ – great and effective marketing in the early post-WWII era!

Lots of outdoor winter fun in the Village in the late 1940s when nights at -30C were the norm! (Photo: my mother and I with dog, ‘Tipsy,’ making our way across George Street with the old Town Hall and Clock Tower in the background after yet another snow storm!

The Drysdale, Foster, Kear kids – and others, but not sure of name – enjoying winter fun between the house we rented at the time from Nettie Baird and the 1902 Zion Hall on York Street. Fortunately for me, living in the Village was truly an idyllic childhood after transitioning from ‘Toronto the Good’ on the 1st anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1945!
For various reasons, I realized very early that my experience was not the case for all kids in the community.

Same location on York Street in front of Nettie Baird’s house on York Street. My brother, Tom, and I tobogganing with the older Blackburn brothers, Neil and Louis. Good times in the Village!

Same location and winter activity with lots of snow of building forts. In the background you can see the Clyde River frozen over and if you closely, a shingle mill on Canning Street that burned down the following year.

Photos of the Lanark Village I Once Knew–Peter Kear

Photos and Postcards of Lanark Village –Laurie Yuill

Lanark Village School Photos — 1901 Graduates names names names

Photos With a View- Lanark Village

Never Sit on Your Old Photos — Lanark Photos by Pete Kear

Mary and Willard James Genealogy– Glenda Mahoney


From Glenda Mahoney

This is my great grandmother Mary I knew this existed and my sister finally found it Thanks Deb!

Mary was a very independent woman when she left for the West. She left her 3 young daughters with their Dad When I was young a family from the west would always visit and stay at the farm It took me years to figure out the connection.

My grandmother gave my daughter Tami this basket When Mary passed this was what my grandmother received from her Mother.

Not sure if there were items in the basket My grandmother Ruby gave it to Tami to use as a bed for her baby bunny rabbit When I found out the history of the basket I confiscated from Bunny immediately Lol

As a family we have virtually nothing of our Great Grandmother so each piece of her is precious But the gift that she gave us were her three daughters and son We spent many happy hours visiting Aunt Edith and Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Johnny and their families That is the greatest gift of all.

Willard (October 9, 1917 – October 4, 1956) (son)
Mary (January 23, 1886 – March 7, 1964) (mother) (Pioneers)
 Mary James came alone fromLanark, Ontario to the OBED area where she had a little
store. At OBED she met Duncan Carmichael whom later bought a dairy in Hinton
on the east side of Hardisty Creek. The Hinton Dairy was run by Mary James and
her son Willard. The land was then sold to Vic Webb.
 The farm house on the James Ranch was the old Bliss station which was originally
located near the current Brick at 566 Switzer Drive. This farm house is now located
at 187 Mountain Street.
 Willard married Marie Woodley and lived in Hinton until his death in 1956. Mary
also remained here and looked after Mr. Carmichael until his death. She also
passed away in Hinton.

Grandma Yuill ‘ Life is Full of Meaning’ Glenda Mahoney

The Boathouse- Centennial Park Boat House- Glenda Mahoney

Cora Munro Yuill — Arthur Yuill — For Glenda Mahoney with Love

What do the IDA and Hallmark Have in Common? by Glenda Mahoney

Faeries on the Malloch Farm

A Time Capsule on the Malloch Farm

The Malloch Barn and Other Things

The Mahoney Legacy Ends–Masonry Runs in the Blood

War Canoes — Carleton Place Canoe Club – Clippings Photos

War Canoes — Carleton Place Canoe Club – Clippings Photos

Another photo from my family archives about Jim McKittrick from Ron Ashmore

John Edwards

Every member of the crew received a small version of the large poster. The large one was three to four feet in size. It was in the front window of McCann’s Billiard Hall right into the late 1960’s when, I believe, the Pool Hall closed. This was likely the most honoured location in town for it.

As the victory was national in scale and since most of the crew went to war in a year or two, the townspeople must have felt very special about the crew members.

Anyone who’s ever paddled in a good war canoe team will know about the pain and bonding which comes with the synchronicity of the strokes over a long distance. There are no heroes. Every paddler is equal and must dig deep on every stroke.

Marlene Springer When we had the parade for John Edwards I remember I brought my air horn to the parade and I think I emptied the HOLE CANISTER the town was SO PROUD (1972)

Carol Kwissa

My grandfather is in this photo Russell Waugh and yes for years it was in the pool hall window for all to see

Trisa McConkey

Written by Theresa Fritz ❤️



Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

30 Jul 1973, Mon • Page 14

1940 Carleton Place War Canoe Champs.. No names.

1915 Carleton Place – Ottawa – War Canoe Trophy.

This is the first Carleton Place Canoe Club’s all woman’s war canoe crew. Darlene Page’s grandfather was the coach–Her aunt’s also in the photo too (lady girl on the right) Her grandfather, Clarence Waugh, was in the middle standing. Darlene’s Aunt’s name was Deloris Agnel, maiden name Julian. The year would be 1940s

Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


Men’s 1/2 Mile and Mile War Canoe team, Carleton Place Canoe Club 1907. Members were: (Left Side, looking toward the front of the canoe) H. Morphy, A. McCaw, W. Hunter, A. Dunlop, J. Winthrope, M. Lamb, A, Robertson. (Right Side) C. Lamb, W. Knox, J. Hockenall, M. Ryan, F. Milliken, G. Gordon, N. McGregor, A. Keyworth (capt.). The Carleton Place Canoe Club is visible behind the canoe and to the left is a house that was torn down, and the Navy Corps building is now in that location.

Shane Wm Edwards

This was a Canoe Club awards dinner. — in Carleton Place, Ontario.

Jack Shail, Jeremy Bell, Marty Laskaris, Shane Edwards, Peter McGregor, Richard Cook, Mike Roy, Logan Trafford, Roger Gardiner. Shaking hands with Jack Shail is “Bunny” Bond. Brother of Joey and a member of the Canadian Champion war canoe of 1920. He and the Sinclair brothers always came to the annual regatta.

Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


This image from the 1920 Canadian Canoe Association Regatta shows the war canoe team reaching shore. Events took place at Lake Park on Mississippi Lake. “Carleton Place proved a genuine surprise in the CCA Regatta held here today. The Junction town humbled the haughty Parkdales in the half mile war canoe race in a magnificent finish and were second in the mile. the romped away in the Senior Fours in another stirring finish.” – Ottawa Evening Journal, August 9, 1920.

First photo Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Second photo Below–Wendy Healey–The picture you have posted with the girls war canoe has Lisa and Louise Armour, Heather Kneen, Tracey Mills, Deanna Barry, Julie Kirkpatrick, Linda Black. Probably in the back may be myself, Wendy Armstrong, Catherine Elliot, Margot Findlay, Debbie Hine, Louise Hine etc. The war canoe changed every year…

Did you know that the Canoe Club held weekly sports in front of their club house at the foot of Charles Street: tilting jousts, four man canoe racing against the war canoe crew, crab and gunwale races were some of the events staged.

This hand drawn map from 1888, shows details of the Caldwell Property, which later became Riverside Park. It’s very interesting. The building marked as “Carriage and blacksmith shops” later served as the Canoe Club headquarters.–Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum-Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


This amazing postcard was part of a recent donation. Wow! It’s a composite photo by Hammond Studios of Carleton Place, and celebrates the 1907 Carleton Place Canoe Club War Canoe CHAMPIONS OF CANADA!

The C.C.A. was held in Montreal that year, and the C.P.C.C. decisively took the half mile and the mile War Canoe events.

The town organized a “grand procession” for the boys when they returned. “Headed by the Citizen’s Band, Commodore Cram, the Mayor and council, club patrons, the victorious crew paraded from the clubhouse to town hall in a handsomely decorated and illuminated carriage, followed by a crowd of citizens and about 200 boys with torches, many in costume. The town hall was packed in every part – it was jammed inside and outside. By the time the procession arrived pandemonium reigned. ” Carleton Place Herald, Aug. 20, 1907

1977..Dartmouth…Canadian Championships…Ivan and I were going up to the Start….Frank Mills was on the balcony of the MicMac Club as we passed…he heard people laughing and guffawing about us as we passed by……we won Sr. Men’s C2 1000m by open water…. John Edwards

The Almonte Canoe Club Clippings

Canoe Club History- 1976 Dave Findlay

The New Carleton Place Canoe Club 1955- 1957

Ottawa Valley Canoe Association– (Carleton Place Canoe Club) and Lake Park Gala August 16 1893

The Devil, a Regatta, the Enterprise and a Gale

Carleton Place in 1907–Town Likely to Boom Once More

Know Your Carleton Place Olympians!

The Ministry of Propaganda in Carleton Place — Carleton Place Canoe Club

Looking for Information on Pooh Bell & The Powder Puffs

Three Cheers for Dave Findlay –The Movie

Who Was Mickey Morphy? Noteworthy Paddles to Portage

Family Photos– Mississippi Lake– Darlene Page

The Young Olympic Hopefuls-1970’s Carleton Place Canoe Club

The CD HUT — Remembering Carleton Place Past

The CD HUT — Remembering Carleton Place Past

Photo-From the CPHS year book

With regards to Milano’s, there was a music store selling new CD’s when I opened the restaurant. It was owned by a guy named Bruce who used to come in for lunch. Great store and he employed several high school students. As a teenager, I spent all of my allowance on music from Sam the Record Man and others, so I thought Bruce’s store was great. He was in business for 5 years, but he told me he wasn’t making enough profit to stay open – that was his time limit to become viable.

After that, it was a sheet music store. It was also a coffee shop called ‘Sounds Like Coffee’ which was run by Roger Weldon and his girlfriend. They marketed to high school students and allowed smoking in their establishment to attract that segment. Then it was Simon Gold.

More About Bridge Street from Petra Graber– AND –UPDATES UPDATES

CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa CitizenOttawa, Ontario, Canada15 Feb 1996, Thu  •  Page 55

Carleton Place Then and Now–Bridge Street Series– Volume 2- Milano Pizza to Milady Dress Shop

From the CPHS year book by Kay St. Pierre

Here is one for you Carleton Place… 1995 EMC…. which person belongs to which business… Number13 was Bruce who owned the CD HUT

Brooke McClinchey

I had 13. Managed the CD Hut. Best job ever. Record store manager. So 90s

More About Bridge Street from Petra Graber– AND –UPDATES UPDATES

Clippings of –The Naughty Boys –The Eastern Passage -60s Music

The Canadian Beatles aka The Beavers- Mike Duffy was their Road Manager –Bands of the 60s

Saturday Date with “Thee Deuce” in Almonte

Dance Hall Days with The Coachmen
The Coachmen Return!!! Born to be Wild Circa 1985

The Day I Tried to Long Tall Sally Paul McCartney

Kindle Fire Minutes of “Dancin the Feelin“ with James Brown

Music in the 60s- Memories of Herman’s Hermits

Back to The Future — Twisting Your Dignity Away

Marks Received by Students At Almonte High School Who Tried Christmas Tests— January 1960– Names Names Names

Marks Received by Students At Almonte High School Who Tried Christmas Tests— January 1960– Names Names Names

1959-1960 ADHS — with Susan Elliott Topping.

The following are the marks received by students in Grade
XIII according to reports issued on January 8th, 1960.

(F) means that the student has failed to make 50% on the examination.

Barnes, Kathy: Chemistry, 58;
Botany, 71; Latin Authors, 65; Latin Comp., 65; French Authors, 67;
French Comp., 67; History, 78;
English Literature, 67; English
Composition; 79.

Bogaerts, Judy: Chemistry (F);
Botany, 66; French Authors, 76;
French Comp., 54; History, 65;
Eng. Lit. 57; Eng. Comp. 63.

Bradley, Erma: Chem. (F); Bot.
54; Zoology 73; Fr. Auth. 61;; Fr.
Comp. (F); Hist. 59; Eng. Lit. 67;
Eng. Comp. 66.

Egan, Gwen: Algebra, (F);
Chemistry, (F); Botany, 59; Zoology, 61; French Auth., 50; Freneh
Comp., 50; Eng. Lit., 76; English
Comp., 59.

Martin, Alice: Botany, 66; Zoology, 80; Latin Comp., 73; History,
85; Eng. Lit., 71; Eng. Comp., 62.

Shaver, Judy: Chemistry, 60;
Zoology, 81; Freneh Auth., 69;
French Comp., 85; History, 71;
English Comp., 82; Eng. Lit., 77.

Thompson, Joyce: Geometery,
57; Trig., (F); Physics, (F>; Chemistry, 50; French Auth., 80; Fr.
Comp., 59; Eng. Comp., 68; Eng.
Lit. 77.

Doherty, Neil: Geom., 70; Trig.,
61; Botany (F); Latin Authors, 66;
Latin Comp., 75.

Blair, David: Geom. 62; Chem.
52; History 50; Eng. Comp. 53;
Eng. Lit. (F).

Cochran, J.: Algebra (F); Phys.,
64; Chem. 58; Fr. Authors 73; Fr.
Comp. (F); Eng. Comp. 51; Eng.
Lit. 57.

Forsythe, Fred: Algebra 59;
Geom. 67; Trig. 60; Physics 71;
Chem. 53; History 72.

France, Alexander: Geom. 70;
Trig. 69; Physics 56; History 82.

Gale, Alan: Botany (F); Zoology
(F); History 58; Eng. Comp. 56;
Eng. Lit. 58.

Giles, Harold: Algebra 56;’
Geom. 62; Trig. (Fi; Physics 50;
Chem. (F); Fr. Authors 64; Fr.
Comp. 53; Eng. Comp. 60; Eng.
Lit. 57.

Gilchrist, Wilf: Alg. 61; Geom.
82; Trig. 83; Physics 64; Chem. 77;
Eng. Comp. 65; Eng. Lit. 72.

Hourigan, John: Alg. 70; Physics
68; Zoology (F); Hist. (F).

James, Carl: Alg. (F); Geom. 54;
Trig. (F); Physics 66; Chem. 60;
History 67; Eng. Comp. 63; Er.g.
Lit. 58.

Langford, Wayne: Alg. (F);
Geom. 76; Trig. 76; Physcis 74; Fr.
Authors 61.

Lawrence, Chas.: Alg. (F>; Physics (F); Chem. (F); History (F);
Eng. Comp. 52; Eng. Lit. (F); Trig.
Levitan, Richard: Geom. 51;
Trig. 53; Physics 57; Chem. 60;
Lat. Authors 51; Latin Comp. 66;
Hist. 71; Eng. Comp. 71; Eng. Lit.

Love, John: Alg. (F); Geom. (F);
Trig. OF); Physics 56; Eng. Comp.
IF); Eng. Lit. (F).-

McEwen, Murray: Chem. (F);
Bot. (F); Hist. (F); Eng..Comp. 55;
Eng. Lit. (F).

McKinstry, Bob: Alg. 50; Geom.
79; Trig. 68; Phy. 69; Chem. 53;
Hist. 55; Eng. Comp. 58; Eng. Lit.

McMuIlan, James: Chem. (F)Hist. 52; Eng. Comp. 52; Ertg. Lit. (F).

Martin, Gerald: Geom. (Fi; Trig. 62; Phy. 51; Fr. Auth. 66; Fr. Comp. 61; Hist. 80,

Middleton, Robert: Alg. (F); Geom. 54; Trig. (F); Phy. 50; Chem. 51; Hist. 57; Eng. Comp. 70; Eng. Lit. . ‘

Royce, Delmer; Alg. 61 Geom. 67; Trig. 66; Phy. 52; Chem. 63; Hist. 68; Eng. Comp.'(F); Eng. Lit. (F). ..

Rump, Edward: Alg. (Fi; Geom. (F); Trig. 50; Phy. (F); Chem. (F); Eng. Comp. 50; Eng. Lit. (F).

Scott, Alex: Geom. 87; Trig. 59; Phy. 75; Chem. 80; Lat. Auth. 78; Lat. Comp. 74; Fr. Auth 72 Fr. Comp. 74; Eng. Comp. 53; Eng. Lit. 67.

Snedden, Don: Alg. 86; Geom. 90; Trig. 83; Phy. 86; Chem. 90; Fr. Auth. 73; Fr. Comp. 85; Eng. Comp. 74 Eng. Lit. 74.

Stewart, Alex: Lat. Auth. (F); Lat, Comp. 50; Fr. Auth. 75; Fr. Comp. 74; Eng. Comp. 78; Eng. Lit. (F).

Thompson, Robert: Chem. (F) Bot. 66; Zoology 70; Lat. Auth. 68; Lat. Comp. 64; Fr. Auth. 70; Fr. Comp. 59; Eng. Lit. 78.

Warren, John: Geom. (F); Trig. (F); Chem. (F); Bot. 54; Fr. Auth. 58; Fr. Comp. .

Cochran, Margaret: Bot. (F); Zoology 57; Hist. 66; Eng. Comp. 62; Eng. Lit. 64.

Duncan, Paula: Bot. (F); Zoology (F). Dixon, Rhonda: Bot. (F); Zoology 74; Eng. Comp. 56; Eng. Lit. 57.

Doherty, Jerene: Bot. 53.

Johnson, Peggy: Bot. (F).

Rintoul, Donna: Bot. 63.

Versteeg, Gemma; Bot. 56.

McEwen, Douglas: Bot. (F>; Eng. C. 55; Eng. Lit. (F).

Thanks to the scrapbook of Lucy Connelly Poaps ADHS cheerleaders 1960-1961

Kathleen Downey — Miss Almonte High School 1958

Here She Comes —Miss Almonte High School January 1958

A Tale From Almonte High School –Dugald Campbell

The Actors of Almonte High School — Marty Taylor

Clippings of The Clyde Forks Lumber Co. Clyde Forks Caldwell Mills

Clippings of The Clyde Forks Lumber Co. Clyde Forks Caldwell Mills

By 1872 William had inherited the firm and with it grist-mills and sawmills in Lanark village. About this time he took a middle name to distinguish himself from other William Caldwells, a number of them relatives. He also began to expand his business interests. Between 1870 and 1877 he joined Horace Brown in a grist-mill operation known as Brown and Caldwell at Carleton Place. A. Caldwell and Son added another sawmill, at Almonte, and in 1882 Caldwell was developing a sawmill and shingle-mill at Clyde Forks in Lavant Township, near the path of the developing Kingston and Pembroke Railway. Soon after the mill opened, Clyde Forks was swept by fire Caldwell’s Roller Mills and Sawmill Burnt to the Ground –$30,000 Damage—and he sold his Clyde limits to Calvin and Son of Kingston

CLIPPED FROMThe Weekly British WhigKingston, Ontario, Canada07 Jan 1904, Thu  •  Page 5

Clyde Forks and Caldwell Mills

CLIPPED FROMThe Minneapolis JournalMinneapolis, Minnesota15 Dec 1900, Sat  •  Page 25

CLIPPED FROMNorth Bay NuggetNorth Bay, Ontario, Canada14 Sep 1938, Wed  •  Page 9

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada05 May 1915, Wed  •  Page 1

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada24 Jan 1912, Wed  •  Page 7

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada08 Mar 1905, Wed  •  Page 5

CLIPPED FROMThe Weekly British WhigKingston, Ontario, Canada02 Apr 1903, Thu  •  Page 4

CLIPPED FROMOwen Sound SunOwen Sound, Ontario, Canada22 Jan 1904, Fri  •  Page 3

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada21 Feb 1906, Wed  •  Page 4

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada19 Mar 1913, Wed  •  Page 1

So Where Was Caldwell Mills? Thanks Jaan Kolk

Caldwell’s Roller Mills and Sawmill Burnt to the Ground –$30,000 Damage

A Postcard to Caldwell’s Mills

Missing Man Found Through Barnardo Home Aid 1936 (Lost Genealogy) Peacock Knight Jeffreys


CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa CitizenOttawa, Ontario, Canada13 Nov 1936, Fri  •  Page 5

CLIPPED FROMThe Windsor StarWindsor, Ontario, Canada14 Nov 1936, Sat  •  Page 3 below

2023-Researching  British Home Children--Released on September 28th 2016, this Registry combines the former Perry Snow database and the Norah Dennis database into one large complete registry. The registry is run by Mrs. LeeAnn Beer and contains information on over 80,000 BHC CLICK

Norah Gray — R. R 1 Carleton Place — British Home Child

Home Boy Lawsuits — Pakenham– The British Home Children

The British Home Children — The Trip to Canada

More Barnardo Children to Document…George Parker — Fred Townsend — Annie McNish–

From Barnardo Home Boy to Don Messer and His Islanders — Fred Townsend

Ernest Kennings — Home Boy — British Home Children

Robert Laidlaw Home Boy — British Home Children–Buchanan Scrapbook Clippings

Did You Know About Dr. Barnardo’s Baby’s Castle? British Home Children — Home Boys

Canadians Just Wanted to Use me as a Scullery-Maid

Laundry Babies – Black Market Baby BMH 5-7-66

More Unwed Mother Stories — Peacock Babies

The Wright Brothers– British Home Children

Home Boys and Family–Mallindine Family — Larry Clark

Clippings of the Barnardo Home Boys and Girls

Lily Roberts of Drummond The Rest of the Story

British Home Children – Quebec Assoc click

Ontario East British Home Child Family click

British Home Children Advocacy & Research Association click

Fergusons Falls Hotel and Social Notes

Fergusons Falls Hotel and Social Notes

From the clipping of Lucy Connelly Poaps-

The Stumble Inn

Welcome to the Stumble Inn, one of two original hotels on the shore of the Mississippi River in the village of Ferguson Falls. Built circa 1830, the Stumble Inn has been updated and converted into a charming, cozy large one bedroom cabin getaway. Now a B and B Click.

Photos by the B and B CLICK

William McCaffrey sold it to Jacob Morris

The Lanark Era

Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Wed, Apr 28, 1897 · Page 1

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada20 Jul 1910, Wed  •  Page 1

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada07 Dec 1898, Wed  •  Page 5

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada11 Jan 1899, Wed  •  Page 5

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada13 Oct 1897, Wed  •  Page 1

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada07 Dec 1898, Wed  •  Page 5

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada21 Jun 1899, Wed  •  Page 5

CLIPPED FROMThe Lanark EraLanark, Ontario, Canada16 Jan 1901, Wed  •  Page 5

“The Stumble Inn was operated by Billy McCaffrey. He was a very, very, short man, with a curved back. His bar was located right beside the river, when you crossed the old bridge, across the Mississippi River, coming down from the Catholic church. I remember it around 1927 to early 1930s. The horses were stabled across the road in an open shed at Charles Hollinger’s, the auctioneer. We walked across the bridge up to church for mass. After mass the Catholic brethren would stop in at the Stumble Inn. You could get a shot of something for the trip home. There was also a lot of Poker played there, which was frowned on in the community. There were also lots of ghost stories told there.” Read– Ferguson Falls and the Stumble Inn click

Clippings of the Ferguson Falls Public Houses

Ferguson Falls 101 — The Buchanan Scrapbook Clippings

Rothwell and Sheppard Genealogy Ferguson Falls

Thomas Hollinger Ferguson Falls Descendants Obituary

Business Directory for Ferguson Falls 1866

Scoundrels Ruining Ferguson Falls

The Littlest Church in Ferguson Falls

Ferguson’s Falls Women’s Institute

Ferguson’s Falls Never Had Any Falls

Once A Ribald River Town, Ferguson’s Falls May Be Dying

Have you Ever Seen the Praying Station? The Buchanan Scrapbook

Photo Memories of Elsie Voyce with Love

Photo Memories of Elsie Voyce with Love
Please play while viewing photos..

Brenda Munro 

June 29th 1945 the marriage of my parents Tom Voyce to Elsie Clyde..

Brenda Munro· 

Elsie Voyce of Montreal Quebec at the age of 19 or 20 while she was working in the Army Depot. What a gorgeous lady then and now…

Brenda Munro

myself and my beautiful Mother Elsie Voyce in the home I purchased in Gananoque, in 1980…

Brenda Munro · 

Shawn Woodcock my baby , my grandson Jesse and my Mom Elsie Voyce

Brenda Munro · 

At the Mississippi Golf club

The place was hopping today at the Mississippi Golf Club in Appleton today What a great crowd…… Elsie turned 100 today!!!!

Elsie Clyde Voyce was born in Elham, Kent, England on April 7th, 1922 and emigrated to Canada the following year, arriving in Saint John, NB in January of 1923. She was one of six children and the last remaining. She married my maternal Uncle, Thomas Bernard Voyce in 1947 on his return from overseas, fighting in WWII.-Michael Doyle

Hard Core


I’m posting this picture of a very dear lady to me Elsie Voyce it’s her 99th birthday today…. This woman is like my grandmother I love her very much she’s a very kind and loving soul and she means the world to me happy birthday sweetheart…. Many more… Love you always Elsie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
That is her daughter Brenda with her very dear friend of mine

— with Brenda Munro.

Brenda Munro · 

Mom and Aunt Hilda, love you both…❤❤❤

— feeling blessed at Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital.

Darlene Monette


— with Brenda Munro.

Darlene Monette

Back row – Dan MonetteDarlene Monette, (Brenda’s sister & brother – in -law) Lori Howell (cousin), Karen Lemoine (cousin) Brenda VoyceBob Munro, Theresa Drummond (Mom’s neighbour & Carol & Ron’s sister-in-law), Ron Drummond (Carol’s husband – Brenda’s brother-in-law). Front row: Hilda Warrington (Mom’s sister) Carol Drummond (Brenda’s sister) Elsie Voyce (Mom!)

Sheena Clyde · 

— with Brenda Munro and Phil Clyde.

Brenda Munro

this was 21 years ago , and my Mom still looks the same ..xo (2012)

Photo-Micheal H-Core

Brenda Munro

Bless you all, she is on the phone with my daughter in BC , I think.. precious ..

Darlene Monnette · 

Sisters.❤ This is my Mom & her sister heading home.

— with Brenda Munro.

Micheal H-Core


January 28,2023

Today is the celebration of life for this Beautiful lady…. Now she isn’t my grandma but I consider her my grandmother….Grandma Elsie was such a beautiful loving and caring person. This amazing woman touched so many people lives and her smile would light up a room.

I would joke around her when I would see her or on our almost daily phone calls and then she would laugh and giggle….I am so going to miss talking to her or seeing her….

My 100 year old grandma Elsie would call us if we missed a day of calling her to make sure we were OK…..Can you imagine calling to make sure we’re OK….. She knew my phone number by heart…. 🙂

Grandma Elsie I will forever ❤️ love you and miss you but I will never forget you xoxo…..

We lost an amazing person but God gained another angle to look over us….

R.I.P. beautiful

Love your grandson Mike


Elsie Voyce — obituary

Voyce, Elsie I. 

(An amazing woman known for her strength of character infectious smile and compassion.  She had a tremendous love for animals and was devoted to her family and friends.)

Passed away with her loving daughters by her side on January 15, 2023 at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

Elsie (nee Clyde)

Of Carleton Place, Ontario. In her 101st year.

Survived by her three daughters Brenda Munro (Bob), Darlene Monette (Dan), Carol Drummond (Ron) and predeceased by her husband Tom and long-time friend Earle Brooks as well as her granddaughter Stephanie.  Proud “Nanny” of her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren.  She was the treasured “Aunty Bunchy” to many nieces and nephews.  Elsie formed close bonds and friendships with all that knew her and she will be especially remembered by close friends Theresa Drummond (and sons), Jerry Flynn and Shirley Sadler.  A special thank-you to all her “girls” from Carebridge whom she loved dearly as well as Dr. Gillian Buckley for her care and support.  Donations in memory of Elsie may be made to the Humane Society or the Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital.

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