So Where are Carleton Place’s Comrie Signs? Thanks Jeff Maguire!

So Where are Carleton Place’s Comrie Signs? Thanks Jeff Maguire!

Some of you asked after I posted the Comrie/ Carleton Place signs this week where ours were in Carleton Place?

Well thanks to Jeff Maguire we have our answers. Thank you Jeff and Kathy!!

All Photos by Jeff and Kathy Maguire in this section.

Dear Linda:

    As promised, here are photos I took this morning of the Sister City sign on Town Line East. The sign faces people entering town from Almonte. As you will see in the first frame this particular sign is really too far from the road to be clearly seen (read). Not by motorists at least.

     The other two signs in town are located on Town Line West (entering CP just past Dulmage Drive (before St. Gregory elementary school) and on Franktown Road (on the left side as you enter town from Highways 7/15 and just past Alexander St.)

     The sign on Town Line West is easily the most readable for people in motor vehicles. Kathy and I went on a sign reconnaissance mission today, LOL!

      However, the sign on Franktown Rd. is currently totally obscured by overhanging tree branches and other growth (vines etc.). That material needs to be cut down as it is also obscuring many of the service club signs under the Sister City sign. (All three signs are mounted on the same type of frame which also supports several service club signs, as you see in these photos).

      I will say that the existing signs here have stood up very well (they’ve been there for many years) and they are in amazingly good condition. Whoever made them did a very good job.

      Still, that said, we really need much larger signs Linda. Our committee ( Sister City) has talked about that in the past but never acted on the idea. Also, in my opinion, there should be a fourth sign on McNeely Avenue, around the corner from Highway 7. Vehicles move relatively slowly at that location which means it could be easily read. I would also like to see three small flags emblazoned on each new sign – our Maple Leaf flag of course, the Scottish Saltire and the Stars and Stripes.

Photo in Comrie, Scotland

       Also here I have attached a good photo of one of the twinning signs in Comrie, Scotland which I took a few years ago. Their signs are the biggest and best Sister City signs I have seen anywhere Linda and there are four of them as I recall. Franklin, Tennessee has some signs up at entrances to the city as well. But they are roughly the same size as our current signs here. They aren’t very readable as I recall. TOO small! (I have pictures of them somewhere but I couldn’t locate them readily today unfortunately.)

       Anyway, there is a synopsis of our Sister City sign situation Linda. Hope this helps? Have a great Tuesday!

CHEERS – Jeffrey

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Comrie Signs sent by our Carleton Place folk that visited Comrie.

Linda Seccaspina August 1 2022
Today is a special day in Carleton Place-It is our Twin City Anniversary–Carleton Place-Comrie Twinning 30th anniversary. We will be having a ZOOM call with them at 2 pm.
#Comrie #carletonplace #twincities #scotland

Donna Mcfarlane

friends of ours also posed with a sign .. We mentioned to them that my husbands ancestors came from comrie.

Jody Tubman
· Comrie, United Kingdom  · July 29,2022

After a day of leaving Skye, and exploring Eilean Donan Castle and the Highlands between there and here, we have arrived in Comrie!

— with Ross Tubman at The Royal Hotel Comrie.
Jody Tubman–August 3,2022

Just a submitted photo that someone wanted to remain anonymous..

Jody TubmanThis handsome boy is Henry. He was with his mum and dad at the hotel’s pub, and he made so many friends that night! July 29,2022-
— at The Royal Hotel Comrie.

2022-August-OMG Happiness is Carleton Place… Thank you for doing this..
Christina Fex Nichols
Hi Linda – The last show for the 2022 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo was last night. Before heading home to Canada this week, we stopped by Comrie Scotland for a picture, enroute to Inverness!
Wesley Nichols, Christina Nichols, Victoria Nichols & Brady Fleming
#happinessiscarletonplace #Comrie #community

Jody Tubman Comrie, United Kingdom  · 

— at The Royal Hotel Comrie.

— at The Royal Hotel Comrie.
Jody Tubman
 Comrie, United Kingdom  · 

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The kids at Carambeck who wrote pen pal letters to our twin city in Comrie.. Mrs. McDiarmid teacher and I believe Joyce Tennant did the card as she was part of the Twinning Commitee

1980s visit to Comrie?
Sharing Carleton Place memories with Comrie Scotland our twin city–
Linda Berg–I was there 2 years ago…I went to boarding school in Crieff which is the next town. There’s no high school in Comrie so the exchange students go to school in Crieff which I consider my second home.
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Comrie and Carleton Place

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  1. I undersatand why CP is twinned with Comrie Scotland… so many of our local settlers were from the Comrie area of Scotland.

    However I don’t know why CP is twinned with Franklin, Tenn. Can someone share that background please?


    • It began a long time ago with a youth exchange-he City of Franklin’s first official Sister City agreement was signed with Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada on January 25th, 2005 on the Sue Berry Bridge. At first glance, Carleton Place may seem like a town frozen in time, with its magnificent historic architecture, quaint stores and byways, and tranquil river flowing through the centre of it all. But look more closely, and feel your heart begin to beat a little faster. Carleton Place is a pleasing collage of serenity and vitality, texture and energy. The mighty Mississippi River is the thread that binds Carleton Place’s rich history together with its vivid natural surroundings, reminding visitors that Carleton Place, like the river, is fresh and creative, beautiful and ever-changing. Pedestrian Bridge over the Harpeth River in Pinkerton Park. At the same time Mayor Tom Miller was signing the agreement in Franklin, Carleton Place Councillor Brian Doucett was standing in for Mayor Paul Dulmage to sign the agreement in Canada on the bridge crossing their Mississippi River.–Youth Exchange Canada


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