The McNeely Family Saga– Part 1 and 2


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Photo by Krista Lee


The McNeely Saga thanks to John Armour for sharing. It’s only through sharing that we share history.

Notes regarding on section of the Clan who emigrated to Canada were compiled by Elizabeth McNeely, the eldest living descendant of Brice McNeely, the son of Brice McNeely, who was born in Ireland in 1794 and came to Canada with his father in 1820.

It is not known when the spelling was changed from MacNeill to its present form but it would seem that there were several branches in Scotland and in Ireland and presumably all were descended from the House of Niall of the ancient Royal Line in Ireland.

During these years there have also been other groups associated with those already mentioned such as the Moores, the Crookses and the Grahams. Brice McNeely, Sr., b.1794, married Jane Moore Patrick Crawford married Elizabeth Moore James MacDowell married Mary Moore The Moores were sisters so when Brice McNeely Jr., married Mary MacDowell, he married his cousin. Mary MacDowell always maintained that her family was descended from the Earl of Montrose.


First Installment of the The McNeely Saga thanks to John Armour–

JAMESMcNEELY–from Carneal Co., Antrim, Ireland, who came to Canada in the year 1820 with his family of two sons and four daughters: BRICE–JOHN–MARY ELIZABETH–MIRIAM–JENCY–SUSAN


Ad from Carleton Place newspaper 1873 from .. Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum
There has been a report that two brothers came out together but that the family of the other one remained and settled in Nova Scotia. It may be that this brother was the ancestor of a group of McNeelys who trace the families from Western Ontario back to Peterborough–Omemee–Kingston. They may have come from Nova Scotia via the St. Lawrence to Kingston. The impression given by some articles written by the Carleton Place, Lanark Co.

Historian, Mr. Harold M. Brown– the family of that name who reached there about 1820 travelled by the Ottawa River.James received a grant of land, lots 15 and 16 on the 11th line Beckwith Township, near Carleton Place, on the Mississippi River, Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada.Brice, Sr., was born in 1794;m. Jane Moore in Ireland and came to Canada in 1820. Their children were: Thomas Moore, Jan. 29, 1824; James, September. 22, 1825; Nathaniel Drummond Moore, Aug1, 1827; Mary Elizabeth died in infancy; Brice, Jr., June 14, 1831–Tanner; Joseph,
Dec. 26, 1832; John, May6, 1835; Drummond, Oct. 4, 1838, Millwright and carpenter; William Moore, Oct.24, 1842.

More to come–Thanks John Armour


 Photo- John Armour-Drummond Moore McNeely (circa around 1905)



Second Installment of the The McNeely Saga thanks to John Armour–


BRICE Thomas Moore, a blacksmith at Appleton, m. Ellen Duncan. John went to Los Angeles, California- Knox Mabel


William McNeely William went to Tupper Lake, m. a French Canadian. Alfred–returned to Carleton Place, d. Lennie Ida Helen Jane m. Peter McCallum of Almonte. (In 1956–99 years of age. Still living, Easter 1959.)

James d. young John Duncan m.Marguerite Jacques


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Kate m. Justin Barr Kate McNeey Ellen m. John Lang Jessie m. Robert Armour


Screenshot 2017-01-10 at 141.jpg

Jessie McNeely and Robert Armour

Screenshot 2017-01-10 at 14.jpg

Walter Armour

Willys Keith Weldon

Charles Armour William Audrey Charles Ronald Clair

Brice died in USA. Figure 5 Robert Armour





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