You Can’t Save a Town That Won’t Save Itself — An Op-Ed






Today is Friday. According to a writer and bloggers unseen code no one reads anything on Friday. So never post anything important on that day as it’s a lost cause. I have sat here patiently for a few days, but I can’t shut up anymore. So to heck with the unseen code.


This week I had three stories hit the top of my WordPress ratings feed.  


55 years ago–One of the Most Tragic Accidents in the History of Almonte

The Neelin Street Geese — Where are They Now?

The Story Behind the Clock – Dack’s Jewellers


It was a booming week for readership- no doubt about it. I have never written about Dack’s as their story frankly intimidated me as a writer. What more could I possibly add to their Carleton Place history?  But this week I took a stab at it as I thought it was a great story for anyone to read who appreciates hard work and historical feats. I mean, how many people stay in business for 118 years? I felt that just maybe somewhere outside the town limits someone might read this story and be curious enough to journey to the Carleton Place main street just to visit the store.


So the story got read quickly by thousands of people– tons of locals, and all over the world–from Canada to the United States to 9 other countries. Heck, even Norway chalked up a couple of readers. So my question is: if people in Brazil, Germany, Ireland and the list goes on read it– why couldn’t any of the local Carleton Place promotional “powers-to-be” share the story on their social media pages.


If you don’t care for me, or want my name on it as the author-then take it off- I don’t care. If you think singling out one local business is unfair- then hell, I have about 25 other local businesses I have written about you can use. Or edit it–whatever– I am not making any money off of it–so do what you want.

The business is not a member you say?  The province of Ontario and the Town of Carleton Place gives out money to promote tourism, and every single business in Carleton Place should be on that list. The town businesses should not be treated like a social club.

Am I too old to write about our local businesses? Yes, I was born when the wheel was invented- but my brain hasn’t stopped.  I don’t care what you do– but for god’s sake get some Carleton Place human interest out there as our main street and town needs a major transfusion before the heartbeat stops, or becomes just another bedroom community.

To very honest– I don’t have all the answers–but generic promotion no longer brings them in anymore– it’s a whole new world out there. For almost two years I have spent hours and hours a day trying to promote our town. Not one single person has forced me, and yes, it is my own personal choice– and maybe I am just plain crazy as some say.

Have I wasted a lot of time trying to help people who very clearly aren’t ready to accept help–or just too busy in their own cronyism world? You can’t force people to believe anything is wrong — wrong enough to warrant some major changes. We have been making the same mistakes in Carleton Place over and over for over a hundred years which I have documented.

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community. But really, there’s only so much you can do isn’t there?

Thank you to Lanark County News and Events for publishing the story on the Dack’s



“I wait with baited breath for your rants Linda.  Don’t hold back!  The pot has to be stirred before the contents burns to the bottom”–Finger

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