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Positivity – What Business Makes You Happy? Thanks Jane Dack

Positivity – What Business Makes You Happy? Thanks Jane Dack

A few weeks someone came up to me (you know who you are LOLOL) and said, “Linda, I don’t know how you do it, but boy, are there a lot of whiners around these days.”

As a senior sometimes it’s hard to keep the bladder intact these days and especially when you are laughing– so this was a close call after that statement.

People have had a hard time being cooped up, worrying about everything and price increases,so life is tough… and then.. I saw Jane Dack’s post yesterday on Friends of Mississippi Mills and I smiled. Thank you Jane..

Jane Dack

Okay, this is gonna be a change for some of you …. But let’s post here about businesses that we love in our small area! Everything to painters, yard companies, electricians, etc. No complaining! I’m tired of the whining everywhere. I’m just so exhausted of the negativity and complaining all the time on Facebook… we have so much good in our lives…. But it tends to get shadowed by the bad. Love ya! ❤️

I’ll go first….

Love my hairdresser Jessica at Tangled Hair salon in CP. She is amazing with colour/highlights.

And for winter snow plowing…. Trev Crawford from Clayton does a great job and very reliable for doing my parents driveway.

Christina Blunston – Steele

I love full figure boutique in smiths falls. The lady is amazing and she has great prices. Also the Twisted Fork in Perth has amazing food. Staff is all so polite.

Kimberly Tracey ForshawFork in the road food truck on 511
We spilt because you get so much
Never been disappointed

Michelle Ash-Forget

I love our Remedy Pharmacy in Pakenham. The pharmacist is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. A real Blessing.

Lila Leach-James

I love the Good Food Company in Carleton Place! I treat myself there twice a week! Everything is homemade, fresh and delicious! My favourite as the staff knows are the butter tarts and pecan cookies!

Stephanie Cavell

The Seaway pharmacy in Carleton place is AMAZING! They give the best service, prescriptions done so fast and often have what the bigger stores are out of.

And the staff at the new Carleton place creamery. No matter how busy they are the young staff are always polite and friendly.

Nancy Taylor

HFT donuts. I’ve ordered donuts for our school staff a few times. During COVID (given proper notice), they packaged the donuts individually in paper bags for me, to keep with health protocols.

Brittany MacDonald

Nancy Taylor everytime I go into the office, my installers always ask me to bring them donuts from HFT because they love them so much!!

  1. Ray Paquette on  said: EditAfter 36 Years living in Carleton Place, my wife and I had a “Rolodex” of names of service people who we could depend upon to provide inexpensive but competent service unfortunately many have retired. We could always depend on Betty and Keith Dack for service and advice on purchases…LikeReply ↓
  2. Bonnie Adams on  said: EditIn CP
    Patterson Electric. Have had them for 22 years. Very reasonable prices, quality workmanship & friendly staff that know their trade.
    Mandy Horton at Essentials. I don’t let anyone else touch my hair.
    Giant Tiger
    The most helpful & friendly staff compared to other locations. They know regular customers & have gone above & beyond for me.
    Zak’s for good food & service.
    Seaway Valley Pharmacy has a wonderful Pharmacist. Well stocked store & friendly.
    McNeely Animal Hospital has wonderful staff & my Vet is Magda Eslimi who gives my furry girls special attention.
    Steve’s Locksmithing is an excellent service. He has many well known local businesses as his clients. You gotta be good for that

Crystal Payne

Love playing in the Carleton Place and District Community Band band Monday nights. A great group of musicians. No joining fee. No auditions. New members are welcome!

Melissa Clark

i love North Market so many great food items and wine and coffee

Lisa Murphy

I love Kentfield Kids! Such fantastic service and great kids gifts/clothes/toys!

Michele Smith McDonald

I LOVE Timmies, Home Hardware, and Patrices! I can walk to all and love that small town convenience. I also LOVE all the food trucks in the area! 🙂

Ron Terpstra

Michele Smith McDonald Levi’s is quite likely THE BEST HH in all of Ontario. I have yet to see one as large as this, and with the inventory that they carry. #hometownproud

Alice Paige

Frangipanni is my go to for clothes. Helpful and a great selection! I always find something I end up wearing a lot.

Hummingbird chocolate has the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had.

Baker Bob’s and Don’s are great places to shop for excellent quality foods.

Autumn Skye Johnson

I love hummingbird chocolate and Amanda from hair essentials in CP and my absolute favorite team at fabulous fries!!! But I eo love all the other food trucks to❤️

Patti Koeslag

Good As New for the bargains and such a great cause. Erica at The Floral Boutique.

John Larose

I love Bells contracting , Wade Bell ,Eldon Monroe’s Grandson owns this ,great work and friendly workers

Kay Isabel Fabian

Cheerfully made its unique. The staff are always so lovely!

Wendy Spooner-Bell

Bruce’s car care formerly Coady car care is “THE BEST” for reasonable and top notch service. Food trucks are amazing especially the “Big Cheese” 😉 and then scoops ice cream after for dessert. Win win!

nitha Pritchard

Jared …wonderful young man who is a great electrician …fair…great work ethic and pleasant to deal with

Jennifer Charbonneau

Acanthus Floral & Botanicals ltd. Is my favorite ! Also The Cheeky Chippy Cheerfully Made, and Don’s Meat Market (which I should visit soon) these places have the friendliest staff and the best stuff! Also love the barley mow (my fave waitress works there) and Lee Valley!!! Shall I continue? 😁

Mindy Pearson

Steve the carpet cleaner

Steve’s locksmithing, and

2nd Trevor Crawford for snow removal

Barb Mcphail


Judy Semple

Baker Bob’s and Equator. Both have gone above and beyond for me

Sherrol Chretien

Let’s not forget our Community hospital and doctors, the dentists and optometrists as well! 😀

Connor Hudson

I like the lcbo myself

Maurice Best

Sheldon Byers at Suretop Roofing is local and does excellent work.


Raymond Daniel

Alliance Coin and Banknote. What a treasure within walking!

So now what can I add.. What Do You Love?

Harry & Ruby Nontell – Charlie Finner— and the Bennett Lake Monster

Harry & Ruby Nontell – Charlie Finner— and the Bennett Lake Monster

Here is a pic from 1924….my sister Mary Tosh was a flower girl for my aunt and uncle Harry and Ruby Nontell who at one time ran a restaurant in Almonte just up from where Stedman’s store was located. Hope u find this interesting?

Marg (Tosh) Margaret McNeely

June 1956

Over 200 friends assembled at the Blakeney dance hall on the shores of the Mississippi, Tuesday night, to make a presentation and say farewell to a popular Almonte couple in the persons of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nontell. Mr. Nontell has owned an apartment block with a store and restaurant on the ground floor for many years (just up from Steadmans). At one time he operated the restaurant in partnership with Mrs. Pearl Dodd to whom he sold his share several years ago.

For the last year he has been a successful motor vehicle salesman for the Almonte Garage Sales and Service. About two months ago Mr. Nontell sold his apartment building to Mr. Lloyd North of Fallbrook and Mr. North’s farm on the shores of the Mississippi near that village, was included in the deal. The two families will move to their respective new homes shortly. The farewell party and presentation were arranged by friends of the Nontells with Mrs. Dodd and Jack Smithson in charge. The hall, which is owned by Mr. Nontell himself and is for sale, was tastefully decorated and the refreshments were excellent.

Mayor Geo. E. Gomme made the presentation in a neat speech in which he paid tribute to the popularity of Harry and his wife, Ruby. He expressed the general feeling when he said he was sorry to see them leave town but wished them the best in their new environment. Dancing and music was provided by Charlie Finner and his popular orchestra. His P.A. system was a great help.

Charlie is the champion “caller off’ around here and until he arrived no one could perform that function. Three pieces of handsome furniture made up the presentation to Mr. and Mrs. Nontell. Included were a handsome, upholstered rocking chair of modern design; a chesterfield table and a smoking stand. Mr. Nontell replied gracefully on behalf of himself and his wife and told his friends that they would always be welcome at his new home.

It is understood that Mr. Nontell’s farm at Fallbrook is located on the Mississippi River at a point close to its junction with the Fall River. Bennett’s Lake is not far away. Fishing is good and he intends to cater to the tourists and anglers, and as he did here he will probably engage in some other line of work as well. For some time to come he is remaining on the sales staff of the Almonte Garage and will communte between his new homeland Almonte.

Fall River

In his remarks to Mr. and Mrs. Nontell at the presentation, Tuesday night, there was one thing Mayor Gomme forgot and that was to warn Harry, especially, against the “ogpu” that haunts Bennett’s Lake not far from his new farm. The Fall River which empties into the Mississippi near Mr. Nontell’s new home flows through this lake and for the last 40 years, anglers are told from time to time of seeing a frightful monster rise from the waters, usually in the dim dawn or the waning evening light.

Accounts of the appearance of this dreadful apparition vary according to the degree of alcohol that has been consumed by witnesses—so say the cynics. But it is agreed its head looks like a cross between that of a horse and a. fish. Others say it is more like a dog—that kind that makes night and day hideous in Almonte— while still others declare it is serpent or snake-like.

Bennett’s Lake– click for history

Most of those who have seen Bennett’s Lake ogpu insist they were cold sober at the time. Some who have travelled say it is as big as the one that haunts Loch Ness in Scotland and may grab our friend, Bill Jamieson if he doesn’t look out.

But all agree that it is not quite as large as the one that used to rise at intervals on some lake in British Columbia, the name of which escapes us. Anyway it is much too big to get down the Fall River, through the village and to the newly acquired farm of Mr. Nontell. So anyone who cares to visit him in future may have no fears on that score.

Born in Lanark, Ontario, Canada on 18 September 1899 to Alexander Nontell and Mary Nontell. Harry Lloyd Nontell married Ruby Mildred May Bond and had 1 child. He passed away on 1984 in Creston, British Columbia, Canada.

Opening Night at The Blakeney Dance Hall 1954

Dance Hall Fire Blakeney

The Hayshakers — Charlie Finner

The Otty Lake Monster

More Lake Monsters–Moose or Monster?

200 Monsters Swimming in the Lake……… — Linda Knight Seccaspina

Could the Giant Pike of Carleton Place Have Turned Into the Lake Memphremagog Monster?

The Water Dragon of White Lake? 1936

The Ghost Ship of Brown’s Hill

Neighbourhood News Sea Serpents in Carleton Place and Pink Eye in Eganville

Local Sea Serpent Positively Seen This Time!!

Sea Serpent Captured in Chats Lake


The Sea Serpents of Lake Ontario

The Banshee of Kingston Mills

The Wendigo’s of Devil’s Mountain

Fresh Fairy Foot Marks Earth On a Charcoal Pit Westport Perth –McNamee

The Legend of Horseshoe Falls

Lanark Village 1870 Flour, Pork Packing and Duels

Lanark Village 1870 Flour, Pork Packing and Duels

H Brown & Sons were also in Carleton Place. Read –Down by the Old Mill Stream — Carleton Place or The Brown Flour Mill Stories and The Brown Family

The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
28 Mar 1900, Wed  •  Page 4

Merchants of Lanark and Renfrew Counties 1850 – Directory Names Names — Genealogy


Village of Lanark Business Directory 1886– 1887

Documenting Mr.and Mrs. William Fest Transportation Building or—I Want Candy

Documenting Mr.and Mrs. William Fest Transportation Building or—I Want Candy
Located on one of the busiest intersection in Ottawa, the Transportation building almost remained unchanged; only its ground floor was modified and became one of the main entrance to the Rideau Centre. Photo- Ottawa Archives- from PastOttawa
Lost Ottawa
December 19, 2013  · 

Ottawa’s “Transportation Building” at Rideau and Colonel By, seen from the from the southwest. In the bottom, the old Elephant and Castle.

The building opened in 1916 by JR Booth’s son, CJ Booth, and has many federal civil servants over the years — I think the NCC was in there at one time. Still good looking.

The building served as Ottawa’s City Hall between 1931 (when the City Hall on Elgin burned down) and 1958, when the new — now old — city hall was built at Rideau Falls.
Blair StannardOld Ottawa And Bytown Pics
March 1  · 

Ottawa – 1966 – the Transportation Building at Rideau and Sussex. It was the site of the Ottawa city hall, after the former city hall at Elgin and Queen burned in 1931. It served as such until the new city hall building was built on Green Island. (1958)
City of Ottawa Archives CA 000155

Lost Ottawa

August 27, 2016  · Here’s a major Ottawa corner in January of 1910. This is Rideau and Little Sussex, which is now the southeast corner of Rideau and Colonel By. Sinkhole to the left.This building once housed jeweler James Tracy, the drug store of William Roger, and the Dairy Lunch. Kind of a mini Rideau Mall.The corner would be transformed in 1916 with the construction of the Transportation Building (once the home of the NCC, and once also the home of City Hall).(LAC PA-042564)

The Fest Family

In 1887 on the site of the Transportation building southeast corner of Rideau and Little Sussex streets, there stood a 2and one half storey tin-roofed, solid stone building. That old building, a relic from the 1850s, was occupied by Mrs. William Fest. Her shop was the candy and pastry centre of Ottawa in the 1880s.

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
07 Nov 1931, Sat  •  Page 32

Everybody in the 1870s- 1880s in Ottawa knew the Fests. Fest’s confectionery store, at the southeast corner of Rideau and Little Sussex streets, was known to everybody in Ottawa, It occupied the same position in the public eye that Scott’s confectionery on Sparks street did in the 1860s and 1870s. The Fests came to Ottawa from the county Donegal in the late 1860s and opened a confectionery store in the 2 1-2 storey stone building where the Transportation building now stands.

Mrs William ( Pender) Fest in the early 1880s was an indefatigable worker. The Fests attended St. John’s Anglican church on Sussex street. In church work Mrs. Fest was always just as busy as she was in her store. Mrs. Fest was noted for her equable and calm disposition. She always had a cheery word for her customers and was a good judge of human nature. Whenever a new girl came to the store to serve, Mrs Fest would say, “Now, my dear, eat all the candy you feel like eating, but do not take any home. If I find you taking any home I will have to discharge you. It will not be necessary for you to wait till I am out to eat. You may do it when I am present.”

The result of such talks was that Mrs. Fest’s girls, or parcel boys, used invariably to start in to gorge themselves on candy (mostly when Mrs. Fest was not around). The further result was that they always got sick, their stomachs turned upside down and candy became repulslve to them. Thereafter the Fest candy became as safe from attack as though it had not been there. Mr. Fest was seldom seen by the public. He was always too busy at the back making cakes and candies.

1901 Census

Name:William Fest
Racial or Tribal Origin:English
Marital status:Married
Birth Date:26 Mar 1875
Birth Place:Ontario
Relation to Head of House:Head
Hourly Wage:432
Working at Trade in Factory or in Home:F
Months Employed at Trade in Factory:12
Can Read:Yes
Can Write:Yes
Can Speak English:Yes
District:Ottawa (City/Cité)
District Number:100
Sub-District:Ottawa (City/Cité) Central (Ward/Quartier)
Sub-District Number:5
Family Number:72
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:NameAgeWilliam Fest25Margurite Fest27Margurite Fest5Katherine G Fest2George Fitzgerald29
William Fest
Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
10 Dec 1891, Thu  •  Page 4

Transportation Building — It was incorporated into the Rideau Centre and is heritage designated.

Joy Eastop WatsonNCC was definitely in there, My mom worked for the NCC for 26 years & I remember looking out those big 1st floor windows when the Santa parade went by in the 70’s… Those were also the days when you could open the window and smoke in the office.

Andrew DeBeaupréWasn’t it also known as the Dominion Bridge building before WWII? NCC was there in mid-70s

David TwolanI miss the Elephant and Castle. Great pub.

Blair StannardOld Ottawa And Bytown Pics
March 1  · 

Ottawa – 1966 – the Transportation Building at Rideau and Sussex. It was the site of the Ottawa city hall, after the former city hall at Elgin and Queen burned in 1931. It served as such until the new city hall building was built on Green Island. (1958)
City of Ottawa Archives CA 000155

From Ottawa City Directory 1870-1871 Simpson Book Collection

From Ottawa City Directory 1887-1888 Simpson Book Collection

Memories of Mulvey’s Candy Store and Joie Bond — Larry Clark

Documenting Isabel Hogan’s Candy Store

It Started in the Candy Kitchen Restaurant– Kerfoot Fire Smiths Falls

Memories of the Ideal Candy Shop

Coffee Talk– Coolidge’s Penny Candy and Rochester Street– For Tom Edwards

From Chocolate to Lofts- Memories of Patterkrisp Candy?

Pour Some Sugar on Me! The Demise of the Penny Candy

Candy Stores Shoes and Plungers– Ray Paquette

The Candy Man — George Dummert

Margaret Love -From Sweet to Sour

You Have to Open Up a Business Here!!! 1912 Ottawa Marketing — Simpson Books

You Have to Open Up a Business Here!!! 1912 Ottawa Marketing — Simpson Books
This was a booklet that was put out in January- June 1912 by the Publicity and Industrial Bureau advertising for new business. 48 pages with giant fold out map. Thanks to Ed and Shirley Simpson I am slowly going though boxes of books from the late Ed Simpson to document and after will be donated to a proper spot-Ed and Shirley’s Simpson –Historic Books — the List

Herbert Barker was in charge , a commisioner for the City Hall

This ad was in the newspapers every week

CLIPPED FROMNational PostToronto, Ontario, Canada29 Jul 1911, Sat  •  Page 10

Children are permitted in Apartments!!! Wow!!!

The Ice Pick Cometh — Ottawa Artificial Ice Co.

Not Hogwarth’s —- It’s Hoggards of Ottawa! Besserer Street History

Ottawa to Perth in One Day!! James Copeland

Several Shades of Christina Gray –Home for Friendless Women in Ottawa

The Souvenir Spoon Man of Carleton Place — Samuel Breadner — Father of Lloyd Samuel Breadner

August 1949 Introducing Johnson and McCreary –Almonte

August 1949 Introducing Johnson and McCreary –Almonte

On Saturday of this week the firm of Johnson and McCreary opens, its new men’s furnishings store on Mill Street. This is the most modernly appointed establishment of its kind in the town and people are invited to visit it on opening day or whenever convenient thereafter. Mr. A. C. Johnson started business here four years ago as a haberdasher in a store located in the Illingworth Block on Bridge Street.

He was successful, but his quarters were cramped and he decided to expand. After forming a partnership with his brother-inlaw, Mr. H. H. McCreary, the two partners purchased a larger frame building on Mill Street owned by the late P. J. Rooney. Previous to renovating this property it had housed two stores on the ground floor and an apartment on the second flat.

Messrs. Johnson and McCreary converted the ground floor space into one large store with modern furnishings and large plate glass^windows running along the entire front, bordered with vitrolite. The outside was covered with white asbestos siding. In a short time they changed what had been a rather ordinary looking structure on the town’s main street into a most cerditable place of business.

The firm of Johnson & . McCreary have a modern and extensive stock of men’s furnishings which the public is invited to look over, as well as the new store, in advertisements which appear on pages two and seven today. The apartment upstairs was also thoroughly renovated and will be occupied by the partners.

JOHNSON, Andrew Carson (Former owner Johnson Clothing Founding Member Almonte Fish & Game Club Past President Almonte Lions Club Member Mississippi Lodge AF/AM #147) In hospital at Ottawa with his beloved and devoted daughter Bonnie at his side on Monday, March 14, 2005. A. Carson Johnson of Almonte, age 81 years Beloved husband of the late Ottie M. McCreary and dearly loved father of Heather Morphy (Ken) of Brockville and Bonnie Johnson-Rourke (Peter) of Ottawa. Predeceased by his brothers Eldon, Willis and Howard. Very special and loved grandpa of Kimberly Ann Friends may call at the C. R. GAMBLE FUNERAL HOME & CHAPEL 127 Church Street, Almonte for visiting on Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m. and on Friday from 1 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. and where a complete Service including committal will be held in the Chapel on Saturday at 11 a.m., Rev. Jim Ferrier officiating. Spring interment Auld Kirk Cemetery, Almonte. Donations in memory of Carson may be made to the Kidney Foundation of Canada and would be appreciated by his family. Masonic members will assemble in the Chapel of the funeral home for Service Thursday evening at 6:45 p.m. Published on March 16, 2005

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New Buildings in Almonte Summer of 1866

T. J. Reid Almonte Catalogue 1911-1912 — Adin Daigle

Cochran’s Shell Service– Gail Barr

Photos of Almonte- Gail Barr

O’Kilman Becomes Okilman in Carleton Place and Almonte

Santa Claus Parade Almonte 1974 Business Names

Movin’ on Mill Street– Supertest Building

A 1978 Walking Tour of Mill Street Almonte

Dupont’s Mill Street Restaurant Renovated 1899

What Was the David Harum Ice Cream Sundae Sold in Lanark County?

Clippings and History of Mill and Bridge Street Almonte

What Did You Eat at the Superior? Comments Comments Comments and a 1979 Review

So What Happened to Smolkins?

Robbery at Sinclairs 1886

Robbery at Sinclairs 1886
Photo: Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage MuseumLost Buildings–Sinclair Brothers Tailor Shop

The Herald says:

On Monday morning, about 2 o’clock, Mr. F. Hollingsworth waa disturbed by some unusual noise, and on getting up and lookout of his window observed a man standing in the passage way between his place and the tailor shop of Mr. Colin Sinclair. The stranger hearing the rustle moved off, and Mr. Hollingsworth retired again, thinking nothing more of it at the time, but on the store of Mr. Sinclair being opened in the morning it was soon evident that strangers had been there.

They effected an entrance through a back staircase into a room where Mr. Sinclair keeps a heater for his irons in the summer season. Here they cut hole beside the lock in the door leading to the workshop, and opened it from the inside, the key being in the lock. From the workshop they descended to the front store and repeated the same operation again, for the door at the foot of the staira was also bolted from the other side.

The burglars here appropriated a suit of clothes, two pieces of cloth, all the silk handkerchiefs they could find, some ties, and nearly all the cuff buttons and shirt studs, also a hat, and possibly more articles not yet missed. They retired by the same way they entered. There is no clue or suspicion as to the daring thieves. This now is the third burglary within as many weeks within our quiet town, and it is about time some action was being taken in the matter. The brace used in this instance was identified by Mr. Graham as his. It.was stolen from his shop, an entrance being effected by a back window.


Sinclair store is now Sinclair Park where the Roy Brown statue is.

Photo: Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

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The Sinclair Family Cemetery–Photos by Lawrie Sweet with Sinclair Genealogy Notes

Carleton Place Then and Now–Bridge Street Series –Volume 13

Carleton Place Directory 1906

Carleton Place Directory 1906
From the Carleton Place Herald– January 15 1910—The King Edward Roller Rink has closed for the balance of the winter. Yes we had a roller rink in Carleton Place

Staff- Both photos Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

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1898-1899 Carleton Place Directory

Business Directory of Carleton Place 1866 and 1867- Any name you recognize?


Carleton Place 1903 Business Directory –Names Names Names

T. J. Reid Almonte Catalogue 1911-1912 — Adin Daigle

T. J. Reid Almonte Catalogue 1911-1912  — Adin Daigle

All photos- Adin Daigle

All photos- Adin Daigle –read-A Name on a Sign –Thomas J. Reid Almonte

All photos- Adin Daigle

In December of 1918 Thomas J. Reid, who had a men’s clothing and furnishings store on mill Street in Almonte said:

“Understand,” said Mr. Reid, “there is not so very-much credit asked for nowadays, but when it is asked for by men who used to spend their money on liquor, we feel safe, in giving it to them.”

read-A Name on a Sign –Thomas J. Reid Almonte

almonte gazette september 1911

Top (Left-Right) (Robert) John Neely, Samuel Neely, Tom Reid, Job Neely Front (Left-Right) Sarah Reid (nee Neely), Robert George Neely, Sarah Neely (nee Parsons), McCullough, Minnie (Hannah Jemina) Neely

( this photo was in the same family group for Thomas J. Reid)

Name: 1911 Census
Thomas J Reid

Marital status:
Race or Tribe:
Scotch (Scotish)
Birth Date:
Dec 1869
Birth Place:
Census Year:
Relation to Head of House:
Immigration Year:
Dwelling No.:
Lanark North
District Number:
18 – Almonte
Sub-District Number:
Place of Habitation:
Works at:
Clothing Store
Life Insurance:
Insurance Cost:
Can Read:
Can Write:
Family Number:
View others on page
Household Members:
Thomas J Reid
Angnes J Reid
Maggie Reid
Maud Reed
John Reed

read-A Name on a Sign –Thomas J. Reid Almonte

all photos- adin daigle

Giant Tiger Photos — Where Everyone Knows Your Name — Part 1

Giant Tiger Photos — Where Everyone Knows Your Name — Part 1
Please play while viewing the photos

Sometimes you wanna go
Where everybody knows your name
And they’re always glad you came
You wanna be where you can see (ah-ah)
Our troubles are all the same (ah-ah)
You wanna be where everybody knows your name

Thanks Giant Tiger

61 Bridge Street Carleton Place–Carleton Place Then and Now–Bridge Street Series– Volume 4- Leslie’s China Shop to Rubino’s/Giant Tiger

Sharon FordI think it is the first owner of Giant Tiger in CP. His name was Bert.

Kim Martin Elder— People have identified this as a Giant Tiger– with Betty Currie on the right.. I know you were just a sweet babe when this was taken but any ideas if this was the Bridge Street store? Anyone? Yes, it was the Bridge Street store

Giant Tiger- The Mews
The old Giant Tiger at the Mews..
Sharon Ford Photo
May 25, 2020  · 

Petya Lowes posted this yesterday…Congratulations!!!! **12 years ago today we opened the Giant Tiger on Coleman. I have been in this store since it opened–**Great pic of Ken and Helen Anderson. Really fantastic people.
Kim Martin Elder
May 25, 2020  ·

Kim Martin Elder

May 25, 2020

Petya Lowes-Linda Seccaspina
December 16, 2019  

The man called Ray 🙂

Have you noticed this on the side of Giant Tiger?I was searching for something about a Munroe child being an acrobat in the New York World’s Fair and somehow I came across this video and text from the Carleton Place Library. What happened April 9th 1917?The Battle of Vimy Ridge was fought during the First World War from 9 to 12 April 1917. … The battle took place on the Western Front, in northern France. The four divisions of the Canadian Corps, fighting together for the first time, attacked the ridge from 9 to 12 April 1917 and captured it from the German army.McDiarmid Brothers— from The Carleton Place LibraryWe are so honoured and proud to share with you this local documentary prepared in 2007 to commemorate the 90thanniversary of the Battle at Vimy Ridge produced by our summer student, Emma Kinsman. The video was presented and placed at the Perth Regional Historica Fair in 2007.From the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage MuseumThe video centers on the McDiarmid brothers of Carleton Place. Four of the six McDiarmid brothers enlisted in the First World War with only 1 returning home. Harold and Victor McDiarmid were killed at Vimy Ridge, and Arthur, who returned home to die after being exposed to poisonous gas.Following the war, Mary McDiarmid and her only surviving veteran son, Leo, unveiled the Cenotaph in Carleton Place which was created to honour the town’s fallen sons.his documentary was made in 2007 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Battle at Vimy Ridge. It was produced by Emma Kinsman about the McDiarmid brothers of Carleton Place. Four of the sixMcDiarmid brothers enlisted in the First World War with only one returning home. Harold and Victor McDiarmid were killed at Vimy Ridge, and Arthur returned home to die after being exposed to poisonous gas. Following the war, Mary McDiarmid and her only surviving veteran son, Leo, unveiled the new Cenotaph in Carleton Place which was created to honour the town’s fallen sons.Photo—Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage MuseumThis is the second panel of the Giant Tiger Mural. It’s a full one! From left to right: Mary McDiarmid, local teacher and David Findlay, founder of the Findlay Foundry, with the Gillies McLaren sawmill and workers in the background, at center, an ariel view of Carleton Place showing the Findlay Foundry on the north bank of the river, a wagon load of stoves heading to the train station to be shipped and the CPR train bridge with a train heading north. Various lumber mills, churches and our town hall fill the background. Carleton Place has a full and varied history!–Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

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CP Retail News.. Seems like Giant Tiger has some new carts as demonstrated by Sophia Seccaspina LOL- Photo taken by Heather Lalonde
Petya Lowes
November 26, 2020  · 
yes that was me in the Giant tiger costume in 2014 Carleton place Santa clause Parade.
Carleton Place Community Christmas Dinner
December 17, 2019  · 
We love this Town and Community…
A Huge Thanks to Giant Tiger in Carleton Place for your amazing support and Contribution!!
We beyond appreciate it
Remember to support them

Kim Martin Elder
November 28, 2009  · 

— with Petya Thomas Lowes and Rob Lacasse.

Kim Martin Elder with Scoon
August 15, 2008 

Kim Martin Elder
August 14, 2008  · 

— with Rob Lacasse and Deb StGermain.

Kim Martin Elder
August 14, 2008  · 

— with Deb StGermain. and Wendy!!!!!
Photo- College Street and Bridge by Mike Jeays

Where everybody knows your name (where everybody knows your name)
And they’re always glad you came
Where everybody knows your name (where everybody knows your name)
And they’re always glad you came
Where everybody knows your name (where everybody knows your name)
And they’re always glad you came
Where everybody knows your name (where everybody knows your name)

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