Smiles of Content and Social Notes in Clydesville


middlevillehaying.jpgRobert Affleck–Photo Source: Lanark Legacy by Howard Morton Brown, page 181 Borrowman Collection at Library and Archives

Perth Courier, Dec. 7, 1888

Malcolm H. Leininger, Lanark Village, has purchased the property and business of John White, merchant, Hopetown and moved up there on Saturday.  Mr. Leininger until lately, carried on the sash, door and planning factory business with Archibald Affleck, having bought the same from Mr. W.W. Campbell.

Perth Courier, June 14, 1889

On Tuesday a large number of farmers and farmer’s sons left this quarter on an excursion and prospecting tour to Manitoba among them were Messrs. T.R. Bullock, Alexander Yuill, two Ready boys from Lanark Township and John Wilson of Lanark Village.  Most of them visit there with a view of settling in Manitoba if everything suits.  David Affleck and James Affleck, council members also went on the same

Perth Courier December 3 1897

Archibald Affleck of Lanark sold his planning factory to John W. Stewart and the latter therefore offers his bakery for sale.

Perth Courier, July 2, 1897

Clydesville:  The scenic picnic held in Keaton’s Grove on Wednesday last proved a grand success notwithstanding unsettled state of the weather until some time after noon which no doubt detained a few both parents and children, who would gladly have become participants.  After 2:00 p.m. the sky became clear and the ground dry and the general sports began.  The children seemed very partial to the swings while the young people hailed with joy selections from various musical instruments and together with the older ones joined heartily in some athletic games.

A few of the young men acquired a keener appetite to enjoy the good things of the tea table and indulging in the pleasure of a game of baseball for a time after which we noticed that some of them became pie-ous, indeed.  The ladies service supper at 5:00 having on hand that invigorating beverage, a good cup of tea, besides plenty of ice cream and lemonade for everyone and the best of all was it only caused you the trouble of eating it.

A couple of the speakers were obliged (by other engagements) to absent themselves but as the afternoon passed quickly, the time seemed fully occupied and each one after the playing of God Save The Queen, wearing the smile of content, which tells full the tale of a good day’s enjoyment, departed.

From time to time we noted that the ladies are celebrated for making ample provision on such occasions having on hand enough for each, enough for all, enough form many more.  Miss Maggie Sinclair of Balderson attended the picnic on Wednesday afternoon and returned home in the evening accompanied by here sister Miss Aggie, teacher, and Miss Sloan of Herron’s Mills.  Did anyone, by mistake, at the picnic, obtain a quarter dozen silver tea spoons almost new, having the letters “J.D.” on the back of the handles, as part of the trademark?  If so, the owner will be grateful to have them left with Mr. Sloan, Herron’s Mills, or Mrs. A. Roberts, Clydesville.


Geographic Names: Lanark Village, Middleville, Hopetown, Clydesville
Surnames: Baird, Campbell, Affleck, Reid, Heron / Herron, Stewart, Croft, Clyde River, Horn (Horn Lake)


Sept 17 1897

Clydesville Clips:  Mrs. William Robinson of Hamilton and her sister Mrs. Robert Brooch and children aged respectively six and four of Brandford are visiting their brother D. Sloan, boss miller at Herron’s Mills.  They leave on Thursday for Smith’s Falls and Toronto from whence they will return home.  While here, they and Mrs. Sloan spent a pleasant evening on Monday at the home of Mrs. John Herron, where to go is to enjoy happy hours.  The same party were kindly invited to spend the afternoon at the home of Mrs. William Dorway of Lanark……Miss Eva Dunham visited her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Robertson, Sr., one day last week……..We regret to hear that Mrs. William Bertrand intends leaving Saturday for a couple of months’ treatment in the hospital at Ottawa.  She has had treatment and advice from Lanark and Perth’s most skilled physicians during the past two years but it did not seem to have the desired effect and as it appears the bones of her wrist have become more or less diseased she goes to seek help there.

On Monday morning, the body of the late Michael J. McGlade was brought here from Kansas City, Missouri and interred in the R.C. Cemetery at 2:00 in the afternoon, Rev. Father Duffus conducting the burial service. The funeral was well attended.  A lawyer named Dolpin from Kansas City accompanied the remains from there and between him and from a letter received from a friend of the deceased named Mr. Ryan of the same place it was learned that Mr. McGlade lived about one and a half hours after the accident.  He was badly bruised and it is thought that his heart was affected also and that this was the cause of his death.  The accident was caused by a collision with another mail train, through a train dispatcher’s neglecting to deliver an order to a crossing at Emporia.  Deceased was a steady young man and possessed considerable means.

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