The Carleton Place Airport that Got Away- 1940 and the R101 Airship

The Carleton Place Airport that Got Away- 1940 and the R101 Airship

Tony Percy told a story that he remembered as a boy in 1930 ( July 1930) the British R101 Airship flew over Carleton Place on its way from Ottawa to Toronto. The airship was a on a tour of Canada and the United States. Tony remembered the airship sailing over Carleton Place in the early evening and he could see the lights of the passenger compartment.

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
06 Oct 1930, Mon  •  Page 2The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
06 Oct 1930, Mon  •  Page 2

Not long after Tony told Gary Strike this story he had a man visit him from Ottawa one day. He told me as a young man he grew up in Carleton Place and then his family moved to Ottawa. He remembered his father coming home after a local Carleton Place and that our council had been in favour of the Royal Canadian Air Force constructing an airfield near Carleton Place for the war effort. The reason given was because there was concern that young service men would be roaming the streets of Carleton Place at night.

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
31 Aug 1940, Sat  •  Page 20

He never heard anything more about it but a couple of years ago I found an article in a 1940s Ottawa newspaper stating that surveyors had been out to Carleton Place to survey land for Carleton Place. It turned out the Air Force relocated to Arnprior and we lost the opportunity for an airfield here in Carleton Place. During World War II, the airport hosted No. 3 Flying Instructor School for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Arnprior/South Renfrew Municipal Airport was the original location of the National Research Council of Canada Flight Research Laboratory until 1954 when it moved to its current location at the Ottawa International Airport in Ottawa.

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
04 May 1940, Sat  •  Page 12

On October 5, 1930, the British airship R.101 crashed on a hill in Beauvais, France. The impact was gentle and survivable but the ship was inflated with hydrogen, and the resulting fire incinerated 46 of the passengers and crew. Two additional crew members died of their injuries soon after. Read the here…

The Yonkers Herald
Yonkers, New York
06 Oct 1930, Mon  •  Page 2

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