So Where was McGonigal’s Livery Stable?



When I wrote  *The Mystery in the Central School in Carleton Place in September it mentioned there was a fire at McGonigal’s livery stable, and no one had any idea where it was.

Note- McGonigal was also spelled McGonegal in reports- people never got their spelling write in those days.. of course I have my days too:)


“After school, the boys expected to feel the wrath of Miss Lowe, but bad or good luck, a fire suddenly broke out in Sam McGonigals’ livery stable, which was a short distance from the school. As the smoke from the burning hay and straw was seen gaining momentum in the sky Miss Lowe had no choice but to quickly dismiss her students”.

Yesterday McGonigal’s name popped up in an old newspaper story and I was smiling from ear to ear. Of course not at the tragedy- but it’s like putting a big puzzle together. In July 27 of 1904  there was yet another fire once again between a shed on Mr. David Moffat’s yard and Mr. Samuel McGonigal’s livery stable on Victoria Street.


Photo from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum.  Sam McGonegal/MGonigal from Carleton Place.


The flames were confined to these two structures, and had it not been for the efforts of the local fire dept. a large part of town could have been burned down once again. Who knew that in 6 years from 1904 Carleton Place would suffer the biggest fire in history.

Mr. McGonigal lost nearly all his livery cutters and buffalo robes, but saved his horses and wheeled vehicles. His home was damaged by fire and water and the total loss on buildings and contents burned was about $1000. There was no insurance on his livery but he did have small insurance on his household furniture.

*Jennifer Fenwick Irwin, curator of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum suggested that it is more likely the Central School and not the Victoria School. I agree 100% so  I changed the title. Thanks Jennifer!



1. Kids were going to school in July? Did Central School have summer classes?

2. McGonigal’s livery stable was at 113 Victoria Street right about in this area.


The Neighbours of Sam McGonigal on Victoria Street

Line # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Links
1 110 Cavers John M Head M Sep 1844 67 01
2 110 Cavers Sarah A. F Wife M Dec 1850 60 01
3 110 Cavers Kerrie M Brother W Dec 1846 64
4 110 McIntosh Margaret F Boarder S Oct 1870 40
5 111 Bayne Alexander M Head M Aug 1838 72 01
6 111 Bayne Isabella F Wife M Oct 1835 75 01
7 111 Bayne Neil M Son S Jun 1867 43 01
8 112 Moffatt Dave M Head M Apr 1849 62
9 112 Moffatt Mary E. F Wife M Oct 1850 60
10 112 Moffatt William M Son S Jan 1881 30
11 112 Moffatt Ellen F Daughter S Nov 1890 21
12   113 McGonigal Samuel   M Head M May 1855 56  
13   113 McGonigal Jane   F Wife M Apr 1855 56  
14   113 McGonigal Laura

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