Never Let Your Kids Eat Chicken Stuffed Kale Balls




Last night my son posted this on his Facebook page:

Eating kale-stuffed chicken balls admiring the beauty of the 2016 Lancer GTS in octane blue. The tires should be shined. But I’m not mad!!! How’s your night going?! #mitsubishi #lancer #lancergts#ftw #chickenballs #mitsubishimotors — at Motorhouse Mitsubishi.

Chicken-Stuffed Kale or Kale Stuffed Whatever Balls???? I am not a fan of kale, and I certainly didn’t make him for it, but all the more power to him UNTIL this afternoon when I got a call:

“We sold your car Mum– come bring it in.”

Well, if anyone didn’t know what it looked like it was pink! It just screamed me! Which suits me more? The pink car, or the red Outlander. I will give you this thumbs up though— the Outlander has Sirius radio in there LOL.






So I figure it was the kale he ate last night that got him all motivated. After all, it’s got a lot of texture, and tastes like dirt and unhappiness. (except for Jennifer Fenwick Irwin’s salad)

And for the love of murgatroyd please don’t tell me: “Homemade Kale “Chips” made with a tiny bit of olive oil, lemon and salt are so delicious”!

After all, I know what most of you are really up too, but will never dare say out loud.

Most of you probably have a bag of Kale in your freezer (yes, I am looking at you). Not because you use it a lot-BUT you buy it because you THINK you should, and then you never use it. So its always there. 🙂

One thing my son the car dealer can say truthfully is that the last owner was DEFINITELY “a little old lady from Carleton Place”. Goodbye car– see you on the other side! So please, to all those that wave at me in my former little pink car–be careful–as it’s not me LOL

Go Granny Go Granny Go Granny Go!

This was a public safety announcement to all those that wave at pink cars.


10446 Hwy 7
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 253-5550



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Never Let Your Kids Eat Chicken Stuffed Kale Balls


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  1. Kale chips – I know, finally got the gumption last year to make them, did not care for them in the least, fortunately my niece was home & did like them. She got them & the recipe.


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