Are You Getting Creepy Messages on Your Starbucks Coffee Cup?


Today I went into our local Starbucks in Carleton Place and ordered a hot chocolate. I wanted to see if anyone would leave me a funny message on my cup. What did I get? A smile, good service, and answers to my question. No, they do not write anything on the cup except a name, or if asked, a birthday greeting.

A Starbucks barista in the UK attempted to woo a 19-year-old customer with a message on her coffee cup only for his efforts to be branded ‘creepy’ by her unimpressed mother. The amorous coffee company employee had scribbled out part of a warning message on the cup he gave to Laura Roberts, leaving behind the text: ‘Careful you’re extremely hot.’


But his flirtatious message did not win over Miss Roberts’s mother, Alex Blaine, who jokingly shared a picture of the cup online with the caption: ‘Creepy barista writing inappropriate messages on my daughter’s coffee cup. Looks like son-in-law material.  Sadly Miss Roberts, age 19 was taken.

People immediately became outraged on social media…


Oh for God’s sakes! Does no one have a sense of humour any more?’ If coffee baristas wrote friendly messages on cups every day I think it would cheer a lot of us up and make us smile.


This isn’t the first time a Starbucks barista has divulged his feelings about a customer via the coffee cup. It seems to be an international flirting tactic as employees as far away as Philippines are using it to convey their feelings.


Is this is a storm in a coffee cup? I took that question to the folks across the road at Motorhouse Mitsubishi and Carleton Place residents Jess irvine and parts manager Rob Cassell had this to say:


Rob and Anthony on the way to Starbucks across the street

Jess loved it when she went to McMaster University, and the barista wrote many kind and amusing notes on her coffee cup. She said it made her day. When I asked Rob what he would like someone to write on his coffee cup his answer was simple.

“Nice Jeep!”

Should baristas write friendly comments or is  it just a catalyst” for a larger conversation?  I have no problem with anyone writing a happy greeting on my cup– in fact it would make my day. Make mine a Grande!

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Are You Getting Creepy Messages on Your Starbucks Coffee Cup?

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