Touring in the Back Seat of a 1973 Buick Electra Limited


It was 1973 and I was 22 years old.  As I stared at the 1973 Buick Electra Limited today in the parking lot of Motorhouse Mitsubishi on Highway 7 it all came back to me like it was yesterday. I remember one of my best friends buying this car and I actually got to sit in it one too many times.


I always struggled to understand Oldsmobile and Buick’s position in the GM portfolio of brands. Both seemed to be for people who wanted a bit of luxury without the ostentatiousness of a Cadillac, but Buick was slightly more upmarket – right? The hierarchical order was supposed to be Chevrolet-Pontiac-Oldsmobile-Buick-Cadillac, but it began to get fuzzy after the mid-1960’s or so.

John Diefenbaker who was the ‘populist’ ‘Progressive’ Conservative Prime Minister of Canada in the late 50’s and early 60’s, although unable to drive himself was quite aware of the image surrounding Cadillac.Rather than being accused of being out of touch with the people, he insisted that he be driven in a Buick rather than a Cadillac. Yes he loved the 70’s Disco Sleds like we did! Buick Electras might have been too large, but they were handsome cars, and they took off in Canada and the States!

Anyone can have faux wood trim, but it takes a certain chutzpah to sport carved faux wood trim like this car. Bravo Buick!
Piloting a car this size around town can be a real blast, and what about those seats! I used to tease my friends that my grandma had wall paper in her house made from the same car upholstery.


Oh yeah the reason why I will remember this car for the rest of my life? I saw The Exorcist at the drive in in the back seat of this car. I rest my case- it will never be forgotten!


1973 Buick Electra Limited with only 7700 miles available was seen at  Motorhouse Mitsubishi on Highway 7

Carleton Place Car Dealers Ads in the 70’s click here

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Touring in the Back Seat of a 1973 Buick Electra Limited

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