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Never Let Your Kids Eat Chicken Stuffed Kale Balls




Last night my son posted this on his Facebook page:

Eating kale-stuffed chicken balls admiring the beauty of the 2016 Lancer GTS in octane blue. The tires should be shined. But I’m not mad!!! How’s your night going?! #mitsubishi #lancer #lancergts#ftw #chickenballs #mitsubishimotors — at Motorhouse Mitsubishi.

Chicken-Stuffed Kale or Kale Stuffed Whatever Balls???? I am not a fan of kale, and I certainly didn’t make him for it, but all the more power to him UNTIL this afternoon when I got a call:

“We sold your car Mum– come bring it in.”

Well, if anyone didn’t know what it looked like it was pink! It just screamed me! Which suits me more? The pink car, or the red Outlander. I will give you this thumbs up though— the Outlander has Sirius radio in there LOL.






So I figure it was the kale he ate last night that got him all motivated. After all, it’s got a lot of texture, and tastes like dirt and unhappiness. (except for Jennifer Fenwick Irwin’s salad)

And for the love of murgatroyd please don’t tell me: “Homemade Kale “Chips” made with a tiny bit of olive oil, lemon and salt are so delicious”!

After all, I know what most of you are really up too, but will never dare say out loud.

Most of you probably have a bag of Kale in your freezer (yes, I am looking at you). Not because you use it a lot-BUT you buy it because you THINK you should, and then you never use it. So its always there. 🙂

One thing my son the car dealer can say truthfully is that the last owner was DEFINITELY “a little old lady from Carleton Place”. Goodbye car– see you on the other side! So please, to all those that wave at me in my former little pink car–be careful–as it’s not me LOL

Go Granny Go Granny Go Granny Go!

This was a public safety announcement to all those that wave at pink cars.


10446 Hwy 7
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 253-5550



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Never Let Your Kids Eat Chicken Stuffed Kale Balls


It’s What My Son Said….


This morning I read something my son, the Mitsubishi dealer, wrote on Facebook and all I heard in my mind was:


My son Schuyleur began..

“One of the reasons I bought a Mitsubishi franchise last year was to increase my service business. I figured the warranty work alone would be enough to keep us busy in the back”

What the heck is that all about my boy? You need more adjectives– be more expressive!  Where the heck are the photos?  To me, all this is like saying:

“If Apple made a car would it have Windows?” 


“In our first month we performed four warranty jobs ??????. (Bad for us. Good news for the consumer)”.

I agree, but people should know about your compassion in hiring staff. There are not many places your 16-month-old niece Sophia could get a mechanics job.

What most people would be more interested in is that you began your journey in the car business at an early age– and you kept on no matter who you accidentally ran over. 



“Mitsubishi wasn’t a brand I paid much attention to in the last 9 years being in the car business and being a huge car buff”.

Car buff indeed. There is one thing you can’t fool the Seccaspina brothers with- and that is cars. They know what’s going on LOL. Please see the grey hairs on top of my head as an example.


Check your engine? Yup, it’s still there. Trust us!


Schuyleur changed his horn on his new ride to gun shot sounds- people move out of the way much faster now.


Perry picks a $1,000 Mitsubishi Eclipse and mods the sh*t out of it and wins Race the Runway 2015. When a bird has the audacity to poop on his Mitsubishi – he just eats a huge plate of scrambled eggs in front of them to show them what he is capable of.




“Having dealt with Mitsubishi now for almost eight months, I see why they have such a loyal customer base. The value is there, the reliability is there and seeing what these things command at auctions (resale value) is wild”.

Here is a photo of Schuyleur and his pals at a car auction many years ago. I believe it was held at the Caldwell Elementary School right here in Carleton Place.  There was obviously a fierce bidding war going on by the looks of it. Bet there was a Mitsubishi  involved. These guys don’t look like they drive fast- they probably just fly low.


“I obviously am now biased, but I wish I knew a few years ago what I know now. I would have had less ‘come backs’ when I was an independent used car dealer carrying a few more Mitsu’s.”

Sky, tell people how honest you are in what you do or sell. A perfect example is the picture above and what he is telling friends outside the sand dunes:

“Heh guys-it’s not a Mitsubishi, but this colour is so hot right now- and I’ll even throw in free 30 day free towing! It’s guaranteed to drive the Lanark County ladies wild!”



“The marketing may not be where it should be, but having owned different brands over the last number of years (exotic cars included) I can say Mitsubishi is a VERY strong product.”



As your mother knows with writing, marketing is like those offensive cigarette labels. Is anyone really listening or understanding what you say?

Tell people how you go the extra mile, and when your old pal Michelangelo from Ninja Turtles was not available for marketing — you finally dragged out the Storyland Bunny you had kept in hiding for three years. That has got to bring them in! Bet you those Mitsubishi  head honchos are impressed with that bunny! LOL



“They don’t throw a 10 year warranty on the cars so the dealer can fix them. Trust me!”

The above pictures says it all to me.



“Those that know me know that I call a spade a spade. Take my obviously-now biased review as you will”.

So I guess I can put everything Sky said about Mitsubishi in one image. That’s it – that’s all- no fancy words needed as the point will come across instantly. This is how your Mother would sell a Mitsubishi. Hell yeah!



I Love you both forever until I die- and if there is life after that, I’ll still love you both then.

Merry Christmas Perry and Sky. Your Dad is watching over you both.


We miss you Ange


Motorhouse Mitsubishi
10446 Hwy 7
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 253-5550


The Mystery of My Smelly Car — Seinfeldism



Two days ago my car began to stink. I began to worry that it was going to become similar to Jerry’s smelly car in that Seinfeld “Smelly Car” episode. Yesterday I picked up Jennifer Fenwick Irwin from the Carleton Place Museum and her son Henry. They assured me my car did not smell– but there was no hiding the putrid aroma. Today as I backed the car out of my garage it was like someone had cut a million onions inside, and it was all I could do to breathe. I vowed to buy one of those Febreeze car air fresheners as soon as possible. They do work right?

After researching online, I read that if you’re smelling something unusual in your car, this can be the sign of a serious mechanical problem. Of course it could also just mean that you spilled food in your car and have a mildew problem. Either way, it’s important you diagnose and eliminate any car smells. Some of them they stated can be very dangerous. I had not eaten in the car- so I began to think mechanical  issue– and worried my son Schuyleur was not going to be impressed with how his Mother was looking after the brand new Mitsubishi.


Did you know if you smell maple syrup outside the car, this might mean you have a leaking radiator cap or that the radiator itself has a leak? If you smell it inside your car instead, this might mean that your heater core has gone bad. If you smell burning toast while you’re working the gears of the car, this is probably an issue with your clutch. But it could also be your break pads. This research was becoming more nerve wracking than looking up personal medical stats on WebMd, and I began to panic.

I don’t let trash accumulate in my car, but my back seat does look like the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum lives there.  As I searched the car for any smelly culprits in a grocery parking lot with a lot of outside light, a guy came up to me and began to chat. He told me that once his truck kinda smelled like that and he looked all around and finally found 2 really old cheeseburgers in his toolbox. He had chucked in there because he couldn’t find a trash can. I replied that it was very good of him not to toss them on the side of the road. By the time he had also told me about an old cheese and egg sandwich that had wedged down the back seat of his Aunt’s car I had found the culprit. There stuck under the driver’s seat was a Lean Cuisine (frozen/now defrosted and creating a life of its own) meal that must have fallen out of my grocery bag–a week ago. I can personally say I don’t think this will be a repeat offence, as if it happens again, there is nothing like a bad odour to stir up memories.

“You don’t understand what I’m up against. This is a force more powerful than anything you can imagine. Even Superman would be helpless against this kind of stench.”– Jerry, describing the B.O. smell in his car, in “The Smelly Car”

Something Really Spells Funny on Highway 7



It was a normal day for Motorhouse Mitsubishi owner Schuyleur Seccaspina– He had his power breakfast- complete with sprinkles and he became charged!


                                    (Not Schuyleur- Just our regular Carleton Place folk on Bridge Street)


Then he challenged others with his regular superheroe workout.


It was a good day, and as he said on Facebook: “They’re spinning the good stuff this morning!!”#britney #1980 #orsomething


Suddenly across the street at Carleton Place Ford he saw something that disturbed him.

“What is Sael? Can I do a Sael?”


He quickly sent one of his Motorhouse best to find out what was going on.

“We have an update on the ‘SAEL’ conundrum across the street. My friend and fellow coworker Matt Trueman is now on scene. Everything is GOOD.”


“It wasn’t us!” said the folks at Carleton Ford. “It must have been some of those highway illiterate chip-stand gypsies that changed the letters!” The Ford team quickly drove off in embarrassment while the Motorhouse Mitsubishi team looked on. In the end one of the staff confessed, and blamed it on autocorrect!

Rumours flooded the Ottawa Valley that Motorhouse Mitsubishi was closing? Were they bad spellers too?


With that Motorhouse Mitsubishi replied: “We’d like to thank everyone who came out to our super sale!!! Judging by our lot, we’ll do the same sale in the near future!”

“To all the people congratulating Motorhouse on their exit from the car business they say: WE ARE STILL OPEN!!! WE NEEDED TO MOVE CARS IN ORDER TO PAINT THE BUILDING….THE COLOUR IS….DRUMROLL…… EXCITING MITSUBISHI WHITE!!!!”



Last seen in the new Motorhouse Mitsubishi Batman theme car Anthony (Business Manager)  and Rob Cassell (Parts Manager) (who look like Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc.) were busy plotting for another episode of Highway 7 Dealership Prank Wars. No idea if the Carleton Place KIA guys are getting involved.

I would be careful because as Ted Hurdis said: “Payback is a bitch!”


Is this childish unprofessional behaviour? Of course not– it’s the exact opposite!

All I can say is– it’s so nice to see businesses getting along. Good on both of you Carleton Ford and Motorhouse Mitsubishi. The adage that two brains are better than one may explain why a lot of entrepreneurs and small business create good friendship partnerships. Come on Carleton Place KIA– everyone is waiting for your input! Head on down to Highway 7 for all your automotive needs! Why? Because if dealerships can get along on a personal basis– then that says a lot about who they really are when they sell you a car!


And now a word from Carleton Ford:

Motorhouse Mitsubishi 

Address: 10446, Line Rd 7, Carleton Place, ON K7C 3P

Carleton Ford
Address: 10441 ON-7, Carleton Place, ON K7C 0C4

Meet Carleton Place’s Female Mechanic — Melissa Gaumond-Harriet



Motorhouse Mitsubishi in Carleton Place services all makes and models of vehicles. Russ Moxam, their service manager and Brian, their head technician, have been servicing vehicles in the Carleton Place community for more than 50 years combined. Garages are basically a mens-only club, so what is special in that Mitshubi dealership garage situated on Highway 7?

For almost a year now I have been watching Melissa Gaumond-Harriet apprenticing at Motorhouse. I am pretty vocal, and think it is pretty awesome to have a female mechanic in our area. You can tell right away she knows what she is doing and she blends in like she is one of the guys. Am I biased because she is a female? Maybe:)


What do I know about mechanics? Not one heck of a lot, but I know you just can’t take a course and be a great mechanic. I watched my youngest son Perry work his heart out changing his first motor. It took him a whole day, a lot of frustration, and a case of Diet Pepsi. But after that, even at a young age, he was changing complete motors like magic. He had a natural ‘kavorka’ as Kramer from Seinfeld would say with the mechanics of a car like Melissa does.  Good mechanics can achieve success learn from schooling, but hands-on experience is something you can’t buy.

So how does one go from dolls to cars? Is it a special gene some of us didn’t get? Her father had a garage in my old home town in Cowansville, Quebec. At 6 she was tinkering around cars with her Father, and at 13 she did her first engine swap and she was hooked.

She tried to stay away from the field and took Forensic Anthropology at John Abbot. She was even a fitness instructor, but the smell of oil and grease kept beckoning her back. To feed her soul she took a mechanics course at Algonquin where it wasn’t that easy being a female in the industry. Women are still not freely accepted in some garages, and she has to work harder than men to prove she is qualified. Melissa got out there, got her hands dirty, and showed everyone she wasn’t afraid to sweat. Her Mother was always behind her and in Melissa’s words her Mum just looked at her and said,

Go for it!”

Melissa admits that a lot of people still do not trust a woman with their car. She and I both find that personally and technically insulting. I asked her how hard it was to get a job apprenticing with Motorhouse. She said she just walked up to Russ, the service manager and asked. Fortunately, Russ trusted his instincts, and the rest is history, as Melissa is well on the road to building her reputation.


There is no doubt watching her that she is good at what she does. One of the other mechanics, Josh admitted quite freely,

Melissa is awesome, and one of the best apprentices I have ever seen.”

Guys don’t lie, and I am so proud that Motorhouse Mitsubishi understands and promotes the fact that women are not stupid, and should be welcomed in a male dominated field.

The old saying is,

If you’ve got it, you’ve got it” – and Melissa is running circles around those words. She is young, talented and doing it! You go girl!

Motorhouse Mitsubishi

10446 Hwy 7, Carleton Place, ON K7C 3P2