Robert M. More — Reformed Presbyterian Church of Almonte– By Sarah More

Robert M. More — Reformed Presbyterian Church of Almonte– By Sarah More

Centennial Psalm 72

On Sunday, March 18, 1973, from the pulpit of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Almonte, my father taught:

About 400 A.D. a man hunched over his writing table in an austere room in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. His name was Jerome and he was translating the Latin Vulgate Bible as now called. Verse 8 of the psalm read this way in part, “et dominábitur a mari usque ad mare…”

About 1500 years later, another godly man was reading his English Bible in devotions. As he came to the verse he knew in a moment that it had the right name and motto for his then new nation. Sir Charles Tupper, a Father of Confederation, saw in “dominion” an apt name for Canada, and also the phrase, “from sea to sea” as a proper motto. Hence the national name was appointed in 1867 and the motto was formally ratified in 1921 in its Latin. Finally, Judy LaMarsh, the Secretary of State in 1967 wrote that the Centennial Psalm 72 to the tune Andre had been taken from “‘The Book of Psalms’ published by the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.”! That’s our “Blue Psalter”!  

Aurora Borealis: A History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Canada (Covenanter) 1820-1967 by [Robert More]

In the 1960s, my father was called to pastor the Almonte congregation. At that time, the Canadian Reformed Presbyterian Church was in decline. God gave my father a vision for The Church and he published this vision in the book, “Aurora Borealis: A History of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Canada (Covenanter) 1820-1967.” It pleads for revival. God answered through the formation of a Canadian Reformed Presbyterian Seminary and several new congregations.  

Since 1830, the Almonte (Hillside) Reformed Presbyterian congregation has been honoured to welcome the community, including some of Dr. James Naismith’s descendants. If one were to join them on a Sunday morning, one might hear Psalm 72 sung A cappella.

Sarah More

Dr. More,
Robert Marshall
Passed away peacefully in his sleep at Fairview Manor on April 29, 2014.
Robert More Of Almonte, ON., at the age of 78
Beloved husband to Ruth for 46 years. Survived by his children Robert B. More (Shelley) and Sarah More. Proud “Grand-Dad” of Skylar, Cassie and Jacob. Son of the late Robert M. More Sr. and Alice (nee Braum). Sibling to Carolyn Skeens (Robert), the late Wilbur “Bill” and survived by his sister-in-law Carolyn More. He was a pastor, teacher, and author.  Dr. More’s contributions enriched the lives of many.   His book, Aurora Borealis: A history of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Canada (Covenanter) 1820-1967, is still in usage today. He was a licensed electrician who used his skills to help the communities in which he lived, served as a Federal Advisory Council Member for Lanark County providing jobs for the unemployed, and authored a column in the Almonte Gazette titled “A Little Bird told Me.”. In addition to providing pastoral care in Canada, he also worked as a Human Resources Specialist for the State of Kansas with First Nations’ entrepreneurs, an arbitrator with the Kansas Better Business Bureau, History Teacher at Highland Community College, a board member with the Vocational Education and Training of the Disabled and Handicapped and founded a Senior Citizen Centre and community daycare. An alumnus of Kansas State University, Dr. More and his wife celebrated Canada’s Centennial by proclaiming their marriage vows. Their partnership of almost fifty years in spreading knowledge and grace across two countries has been a model for their multiple generations to come

The Kansas City Star
Kansas City, Missouri
27 Nov 1964, Fri  •  Page 32
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
25 Sep 1964, Fri  •  Page 8

Joyce DeFontThank you for sharing this! Kansas connections with Almonte –My Dad was pastor at Hillside (Almonte) RP church from 1976 for about 20 years. We had come from the same little Kansas town (Denison) where Robert More’s parents lived. (Our years in Almonte were a blessing, probably more than I realized at the time.) Another KS connection is that James Naismith’s daughter-in-law was from the town of Holton, KS about 10 miles from Denison. Sarah is an excellent writer/historian like her Dad!

About the author

Sarah More is honoured to serve as the Historical Researcher for the Municipality of Mississippi Mills, (although not representing them in this instance.) Her father, the late Rev. Dr. Robert More, Jr. was a pastor, author, and historian. Her mother is a sixth-generation resident of Ramsay Township.  

Like her father, Sarah received her Bachelor of Arts degree in the United States. The family later returned to their Lanark County roots where they proudly share a role in telling Canada’s story. ..


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