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Isabel Drynan — Bernard Cameron’s OC class

Isabel Drynan — Bernard Cameron’s OC class



Thanks to the scrapbooks of Lucy Connelly Poaps


StanleyBoysGirls.jpgRead more here..

Interesting Tidbits About the Drynan Stanley Family thanks to John Morrow and Rose Mary Sarsfield



Lisa Stanley Sheehan‎ Clayton Ontario History

Gordon and Isabel Drynan and family



Congratulations to Isabel and Gordon Drynan of Almonte, Ont., on their 55th Wedding Anniversary, on June 30th, 1992. Best wishes from your family.

Wonder of Lanark County — Poll Results

Wonder of Lanark County — Poll Results

You know the Seven Wonders of Lanark County– well I think we need one in Almonte and Carleton Place too. I am going to ask all of you what you would pick..  Here are Your Results:

Carleton Place


Patrick M. Doyle November 16–Photo

Carleton Place Town Hall


Image may contain: sky, tree, outdoor, nature and water
John Rayner ‎Carleton Place Captures

Photo John Rayner

Riverside Park

Donna Mcfarlane– When they discontinued parking in the park. Access to the area where folk used to picnic was cut off. Julie Sadler, your grandmother, The Arcands, Cuffaris and my family used to picnic once a year there but when they could not drive close to picnic tables it was discontinued. Cuffaris and ARcands were from Ottawa and loved our park



Linda Pond Photo–



Carleton Place Walking Trails

We moved to town so we could walk everywhere. Along the river is spectacular scenery





The Post Office


Sandy France– The Post Office


The Falls


Robert McDonaldRobert McDonald Photography

Barb Fergusson— Definitely the falls. Actually the towns its self. All the little shops you can spend hours browsing in. Warm welcoming people.



Karen Hirst The Woolen Mills were in abundance and connected to our source of power—The Mighty Mississippi. Without this symbiotic relationship of our origin —well who knows. The story of the woolen mills leads to the history of its people both famous and the extraordinarily ordinary. The river—from the largest to the tiniest trickles found throughout all cascade over tiers of rocks into the restful flow of the river connecting the communities of Mississippi Mills.




The Seven Wonders of Lanark County

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The Preaching Rock of Lanark County

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Lanark Mormons and Mormon Tree?

One of the 7 Wonders in Carleton Place

Where Was Meyers Cave?

Almonte’s Santa Parades Looking for Photos

Almonte’s Santa Parades  Looking for Photos

I have a lot of Carleton Place photos but not many of Almonte- PM me your photos and years or comment with photo or send to sav_77@yahoo.com so we can document this.



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    5. where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun and theSherbrooke Record and and Screamin’ Mamas (USACome and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place. Tales of Almonte and Arnprior Then and Now.
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Almonte Poetry —- Agnes Whitelaw Boyce Almonte

Almonte Poetry —- Agnes Whitelaw Boyce Almonte


Grist Mill- almonte.com



0, peaceful dreamy town
That nestles in the vale, _
With streets and homes so pleasant,
And her people fair and hale
And grand the scene about her
That lends her charm and grace
Amid the fairest beauty town
Fair Almonte takes the place.

The winding waters of her stream
Come on serene and slow
Till o’er the falls they grandly leap,
and boil in foam below.




The silvery moon at even, ·
A street of silver lays
Across the wind toss
Across the bends and bays
From many a height in Ramsay
The town is seen afar,
And each light looks at evening,
Just like the evening star,
While in ‘the moon tide brightness
It seems to nestledown.


boat_scene (1).jpg
Almonte Boat scene-almonte.com


In the Mississippi Valley,
Almonte, fair Almonte town.
From just outside its borders,
Is seen a distant view,
The grand chain of Laurentians,
Lie in a haze of blue,
And the bright autumn colors,
Less than fifty miles-away,
Upon the mountain side are seen
Upon a cloudless day


cannon mill lower falls-almonte.com

Around her here and there,
In valley and on hill,
Are wondrous woods and plains
And rippling brooks and the river
About the town so dangerous fair,
Nature with lavish hand,
Has spread out beauty everywhere,

Oh Almonte fairest Almonte
What ails thee at this time
With power and beauty around thee
Thou shouldest be in thy prime
Wake from the dreamy slumber
Arouse and take thy place,
Add to your wealth and number
And strike a progress pace.
Written and composed by
Agnes Whitelaw Boyce


Dedication of the War Memorial–almonte.com





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A Poem about Innisville–By Mrs. Edith Bolton

Alice Katherine Gould– Smiths Falls — Gould Family

A Beckwith Poem — Beckwith in the Bushes — J.W.S. Lowry 1918

Annie Patterson — Descendant of John Gemmill

Genealogist Christmas Poem

The Old Saw Mill Poem – Lanark County

Was the Rhyme Ring Around the Rosie Connected to the Plague?

Postage Stamp Flirtation 1903

Come on and Feel the Noise –Last Night’s Mini Poetry Slam

Remembering Rosy Robertson

Remembering Rosy Robertson



W. M. Gladish May 1964

A scholarship tour to the United Kingdom, covering a period of 11 weeks, lies in store for a talented and personable young lady of Lanark County Rosalyn Robertson of Almonte. Miss Robertson is the eastern representative on the four-member team of the Junior Farmers Association of Ontario which leaves May 15 on Remarkable Lufthansa extra for Europe-bound travelers.

A wonderful weekend at the World’s Fair LUFTHANSA’S Economy excursions (up to 21 days) leaves Monday through Thursday with a tour of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland under sponsorship of the provincial department of agriculture.

Because of prowess in 4-H and Junior Farmer work apart from scholastic ability, the Lanark County girl has become accustomed to travelling. The overseas exchange visit will be her third award trip. Previously she won a United Nations Tour and was a chosen delegate to a Rural Youth Conference in the United States.

Miss Robertson lived on a farm near Pakenham until the family moved to Almonte where she graduated from high school in 1959. Rosy, as she is known to her friends, has won Provincial Honors in homemaking and has eight agricultural projects to her credit, having represented the Almonte Calf Club at Ottawa, Richmond and other fairs.

Miss Robertson is the Sunday School treasurer and a member of the Young People’s Union at Almonte United Church. In her last year at high school she was treasurer of the Students Council. In school sports she was active in basketball, badminton, volleyball and curling. As a Junior Farmer, Rosalyn invariably serves in an official capacity. At present she is on the executive board of the Lanark County association and a director of the Appleton club, one of her specialties being the drama festivals. She has been a Dairy Princess competitor.

Did you know Rosy is Marilyn Snedden’s sister? And Fern Martin too?


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Clipped from

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 -  Arthur Toshack, Marjorie Grant, James Tims,  Carol Kellough. Rosalyn Robertson, Mary Snedden and Donald Miller with their, entry calves

Clipped from

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  2. 09 Sep 1957, Mon,
  3. Page 31



Almonte Fair Women’s Institute Tea Booth- Mrs. Harold More and Mrs. Sam Arthur

Clipped from

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  2. 09 Sep 1957, Mon,
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    Butter in pails, 17 to 18c-The Almonte Farmer’s Market 1898

  4. Eggs 10 Cents a dozen–Farmers Markets of Smiths Falls and Almonte 1880

    Lanark Farm Life is Not so Bad- 1951

    Once Upon a Time on the Farm

    Farming Could be a Dangerous Business in Lanark County? Who Do You Know?

    She Doesn’t Think My Tractor is Sexy–The Farmer’s Wife 1889

    and 1889

  5. Looking for Information on the Native Fort Farm of Fred Sadler of Almonte

Tosh Family Genealogy — Deaths- Adelaide Stuart Gordon

Tosh Family Genealogy — Deaths- Adelaide Stuart Gordon


Thanks to Marg McNeely
Hi Linda
Here is a pic of the Robert and Carrie Tosh family.
The names were Winnard, Carrie, Hartley, Alex, Cephas,
They lived on a farm just outside of Almonte….it’s a red brick just past the Rae Side Road on the way to CP.
Allan Stanley Well well… more family pics. This time the Robert Tosh Family. The boy on the right with my Great grandmother (Caroline) is my grandfather Cephus Tosh. He had a restaurant on Mill Street in the 1950’s.
Anything to add please comment or send photos to sav_77@yahoo.com
Marg McNeely—

Here is a pic from 1924….my sister Mary Tosh was a flower girl for my aunt and uncle Harry and Ruby Nontell who at one time ran a restaurant in Almonte just up from where Stedman’s store was located.

Marg (Tosh) McNeely


Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Citizen,
  2. 19 May 1956, Sat,
  3. Page 4

1901 Census

Name: Robert C Tosh
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 41
Birth Day & Month: 11 Jun
Birth Year: 1859
Birthplace: Ontario
Relation to Head of House: Head
Racial or Tribal Origin: Scotch (Scotish)
Nationality: Canadian
Religion: Presbyterian
Occupation: Farmer
Province: Ontario
District: Lanark (north/nord)
District Number: 80
Sub-District: Ramsay
Sub-District Number: J-3
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Robert C Tosh 41
Carrie Tosh 37
Robert W Tosh 13
Alex C Tosh 9
Pearl E Tosh 7
Cephas G Tosh 2



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Old Almonte Photo — Kenneth Jackson Photographs?

Old Almonte Photo — Kenneth Jackson Photographs?




Screenshot 2018-11-03 at 11.jpg

Screenshot 2018-11-03 at 11.jpg

March 21 Almonte Gazette

So what happened to Kenneth Johnson’s photos?

April 1963 Almonte Gazette

Screenshot 2018-11-03 at 11.18.21.jpg

Screenshot 2018-11-03 at 11.11.36.jpg

Screenshot 2018-11-03 at 11.11.53.jpg


May 8 1945 V. E. Day in Almonte – Photos

Down by the Mississippi River- Almonte Falls Photos 50s

Before there was Baker Bob’s There was The Almonte Bakery

Hog’s Back Falls Ottawa –Aitkenhead Photo Collection

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