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An “Absolutely Fabulous” White Wedding Day — May 19th!

An “Absolutely Fabulous” White Wedding Day — May 19th!

I spent 13 hours on Saturday celebrating The Royal Wedding. Am I crazy? Maybe, but I have loved Queen Elizabeth II for over six decades, and she’s made some pretty bad ass moves during that time. She has spearheaded a history-making trip to Ghana, ordered divorces, and even critiqued episodes of Downton Abbey for historical accuracy. But, I figured at my age this was the last time I was going to see a Royal Wedding, so I was going to enjoy each minute of the day. I was in full countdown mode.

Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous: ‘Full countdown mode? ?! I’ll be the judge of that.’

When I took all my necklaces off at the end of the day it looked like small mice had crawled over my neck LOL- red marks everywhere. The hat that I made was thanks to Martha Stewart Christmas ornaments trim from a Games of Thrones hat and a lot of work. Looks like I lost a rhinestone somewhere LOL



Welcome to the world Elia (eleeia) Angelo Seccaspina– Friday am May 18th around 1 am


Four a.m came quickly Saturday morning after celebrating the new arrival of my grandson Elia May 18th. You know what they say–‘life comes in bunches!‘ But, I had chosen my clothes the night before and got dressed while cranking up the volume of the TV to hear mundane tidbits about the upcoming wedding at the crack of dawn.

I walked around in my complete outfit except for my billowing tulle long skirt. I have been taught all my life to make you sure you potty before you go anywhere and did not want to deal with a skirt hanging in the toilet, so this seemed like it was a good idea.

Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous: ‘Darling, if you want to talk bollocks and discover the meaning of life, you’re better off downing a bottle of whiskey. At least that way, you’re unconscious by the time you start to take yourself seriously.’ 

First stop- The Hub’s Royal Wedding Event held at the Civitan Hall in Almonte.


It was an event well done, and the homemade wedding cakes and photo booth in front of “Buckingham Palace” was genius. Rico Falsetto from Carleton Place was there and working his magic. Who but CBC drops the feed just as Meghan the bride gets out of the  car? LOL The Hub

They created magic and I was so impressed. Well done ladies!








What a gal!!


Me and Steve at their wonderful event.

Meanwhile back in Carleton Place


Sylvia Giles was practising being a bridesmaid while watching The Royal Wedding with a few of the women from St. James Anglican Church.

Second Stop–Under Pressure Cafe in the Carleton Place Mews


(not their cake but it looked like this)

They were serving Victoria Sponge, Fruit Trifle & New Royal Chocolate Biscuit Cake in honour of the Royal Wedding so I picked up a couple of slices of the Victoria Sponge for Jennifer and Steve. Everything is awesome at the Under Pressure Coffee House!

Third Stop– Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum.


Third Stop– Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum. Saturday was their opening day of the the “Paddles UP!” exhibit, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Carleton Place Canoe Club.



The famous Baldy Welsh

The Carleton Place Canoe Club is the oldest continually operating club in the country and is the only surviving charter member of the Canadian Canoe Association. The club has consistently produced athletes who qualify for the highest levels of competition at the provincial, national and international level. These range from Ontario team members to Canada Summer Games team members, Junior World Championship competitors to Senior National Team members, Pan Am Games to the Olympic Games.

Fourth stop– Lanark & District Museum–Lanark Village


 They were showing local wedding dresses in honour of the Royal Wedding. If you have not been to the Lanark & District Museum or the Middleville Museum–run don’t walk. A pure joy!! Put it on your summer visiting list! Come on in an see great historical mementos and sit down for a spell and have a chat.

33026168_10155773444516886_6531609817910345728_n (1).jpg


Fifth Stop– Crossroads Tearoom Royal Wedding Tea 


Driving really isn’t my friend these days after the heart attacks last year and parking is a nightmare for me. I couldn’t figure out from the sign if I could park in the locale as “only guests and visitors” could park there. #Confusion!

Does that mean I can’t if I am going to a tea there? I took a chance and left a note with a Union Jack flag on top of it. By this time I was getting tired so I threw caution to the wind.



William (Billy) Blais- who plays at Crossroads Tearoom also.

It was a lovely affair — as it always is if you have ever been to Crossroads Tearoom in Perth. If you haven’t– put that on your visit list this summer– you won’t regret it! I had great conversation with complete strangers and learned you can’t call the British flag a Union Jack anymore across the pond. In fact they get downright upset.

Sometime around 1674 the British flag became formally known as the ‘Union Jack’ when mounted on a warship and the ship was not in harbour. At the same time the British flag was referred to as the ‘Union flag’ on land. Brits insist it should called the Union Flag now.  It was the lovely British gals from Merrickville that set me straight– so: mark that one down!

Eddy  from Absolutely Fabulous on the liberal elite: “When somebody deliberately over-educates themselves out of the possibility of useful employment, I take issue.”


Exhausted and pouring rain outside I walk back to the parking lot to see my car is indeed still there  but– someone has parked right next to it like second skin so I cannot get into the driver’s side of the car. That’s right, with a huge billowing skirt, accessories galore, and that big hat I have to slide into the passenger seat and roll across the transmission to get to the driver’s seat. Please note there are no photos of this “Absolutely Fabulous” moment!


Friends since the 70s William (Billy) Blais and me at the Crossroads event


So, to those wee “plucky” granddaughters of mine who want to be a princess. My advice to you now? It seems as though you have to be a stunning gal on a hit TV show, and the next day you are a princess. Maybe I am wrong, but this is how this event happened and I would just stick with Disney for now. Gammy insists my sweet loves!

The Royal Wedding was fun, but now all I want to see is the Burger King marry the Dairy Queen– the definition to eternity.

Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous on her kind of day out: “I thought a little mosey down Bond Street, a little sniff around Gucci, sidle up to Ralph Lauren, pass through Browns and on to Quags for a light lunch.”

Thanks so much to Crossroads tearoom for the lovely prize for my hat. It will be consumed with delight.

It was a nice day for a white wedding and a nice day to start again!”

Image result for the end gif

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Collie Mill Fire Almonte October 1, 1965

Collie Mill Fire Almonte October 1, 1965


Almonte Gazette photo

 - COLLIE WOOLLEN MILLS $600,000 Blaze Destroys...


 - From Page One a of Rus- to to of...


All text from the Almonte Gazette– Support the Mississippi Valley Textile Mill for all they do. October 7, 1965. Many thanks to Peggy Byrne for telling me.


Screenshot 2018-05-20 at 13.jpg





No automatic alt text available.Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 29 Jan 1960, Fri, Page 27


25445943_157099778385218_8833322589104968010_n (1).jpg

Bruce Collie photo I think this is circa 2003 at the International Plowing Match in Appleton. Dad did a lot of work preparing a textile presentation that was well received by attendees.


Glenna Kells- Collies mill was just below the post office on right hand side… just before Petersons Dairy….seems to me they build a new post office and riverside park on the site.

Susan Elliott Topping I remember the night it burned down. Watched with my Uncle Cheeser from his little sports car!

Linda Nilson-Rogers I remember it smouldered for many days, perhaps weeks. I think there were a few flare ups too

Terry Latham We drove over from CP think it was my first big fire to see . Then I was a Firefighter at the Big Appleton fire..

Peggy Byrne Check out the Oct. 7, 1965 edition of the Almonte Gazette online. The fire occurred on the Friday night prior to this edition being published so that would make it Oct. 1, 1965.

Karen Hirst I remember this fire…business owners very concerned that is didn’t spread and take out the main street. Lots of people, firemen, hoses up and down the street—scary to a young girl. I was down with my Dad (John Kerry )hoping it didn’t spread across the street and down to his furniture store.

Peter Low I remembered it was on a Friday night. I was watching “The Outer Limits” when the fire broke out. My dad served coffee to the firemen throughout the night.

I can recall Almonte Fire Dept had just bought a new firetruck, a 1965 GMC 980 Series, and it was manufactured by Thibault Fire Apparatus in Pierreville, Quebec. The Dept also had a 1951 GMC (manufactured by Bickle Seagrave) and a 1934 GMC pumper. All 3 trucks were at this fire (as well as assistance from fire departments from Carleton Place and perhaps Smiths Falls). The 1951 GMC was sold to Pakenham Fire Dept some time in the late 70s, early 80s. The 1965 and the 1934 are still with Mississippi Mills Fire Dept, though long retired but still used in parades.


Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place and The Tales of Almonte

If you Thought Today’s Rural Political Shenanigans were Something…

If you Thought Today’s Rural Political Shenanigans were Something…

In August of 1937 from the great pen of the editor/publisher, Adelbert Stewart “Stew” Hanna came a ghastly worded editorial against a gentleman from Carleton Place. Anyone who thinks that the rural town shenanigans of this day and age is new could not be farther than the truth.

As Lanark County Geneoligical Vice President John Morrow once told me.

“From what I have heard over the years the Almonte Gazette’s then editor/publisher, Adelbert Stewart “Stew” Hanna was quite a character, especially when he was inebriated (which apparently was not that unusual), and was not above a bit of “yellow” journalism at those times, and this appears to be one of them. My father told me one time it was frequently Mrs. Hanna, not Stew, who oversaw the Gazette’s weekly publication because he was in no condition to do the job.

I also had occasion one time to sit down with Angus Edward “Gus” Dobbie, long-time editor of the Smiths Falls Record-News, who told me he and Stew Hanna maintained quite a running editorial battle in the pages of their respective papers. Gus Dobbie also commented about Norman E. H. Turner, who was editor and publisher of the Perth Courier during that time period, that Norm Turner was a great businessman as publisher, but as an editor “he couldn’t sharpen Stew Hanna’s pencils”.

Without further ado here is the Almonte Gazette editorial:

During the last week a number of anonymous letters have reached The Almonte
Gazette office in which the writers indulge in some rather severe criticism
of the way workmen are hired on the Smiths Falls-Carleton Place highway
which passes through Franktown.

While we do not care to publish an anonymous letter, even though it may
not be libelous, we think some of the assertions, made in these communications
should be brought to the attention of those most concerned.

“Almonte Men Are “Out”

For instance, in one of these letters the statement is made that no Almonte man need apply for a job on this stretch of highway. It appears that Dr. A. Downing is the dispenser
of patronage on this Ontario Government project and, according to one Almonte man who claimed he asked him for employment, the Doctor said:

“When the road was being built beyond Almonte we didn’t get anything in Carleton Place and we are going to see that Almonte gets nothing now.”

Frankly, we don’t believe that a man like Dr. Downing would take such an attitude—at least we are very loath to believe it. In another communication there is some criticism of the experience in road building achieved by some of those who are holding down key jobs.

The Candy Kid

For instance, it is said that one, Mr. “Kid” Bryce is grading construction. It appears that Mr. Bryce’s knowledge of highway construction has been gained from the seat of a taxi-cab. We are not informed whether he studied the engineering problems included in this work, as he’ passed over the highway or whether he parked his limousine under the shade of a tree and observed the work between puffs of smoke from his indispensable cigar as he lolled back on the gorgeous upholstery.

At any rate the “Kid” seems to be the candy kid so far as the highway job is concerned. Those who know him best are tickled to death as they round a curve near Franktown to see that noble figure standing like Napoleon—-with legs wide apart—in the middle of the road directing the labouring minions employed by the Government.

An Exacting Gang Boss

“Show a little, more speed,” Kid will say through the corner of his mouth, as the boys slacken down under the blistering heat of the last few days,

“What do you think us taxpayers are paying you for if it ain’t to work.”

Now no one is impugning the ability of Mr. Bryce as a road construction foreman—provided the job requires no experience. For all we know Mr. Bryce may be a most experienced road builder-engineer. After all it is not up to a newspaperman to demand his credentials. Maybe he carries his testimonials around with him in the taxi-cab in the form of a framed certificate from Dr. Downing or some other master road builder

Be that as it may, Mr. Bryce is a majestic figure as he swaggers up and down the terrain with the cigar stuck out of one corner of his mouth and  the hard shell hat set at a jaunty
angle on that great brow. After October you may get a holiday and life will revert to what it always has been —one grand sweet song.

“As a taxicab driver he was a great road builder. Rest in Peace”


18034144_1486372428074573_6189481849018325811_n (1).jpg

Photo Linda Seccaspina

The original highway alignment via Ashton Station Road, Flewellyn Road, and Huntley Road was bypassed by a new straighter alignment in the late 1950s. A bypass was completed around Carleton Place in the late 1950s. The old alignment of Highway 15 through downtown became Highway 15B. In 1961, a major highway renumbering took place that saw Highway 43 extended westerly from Smiths Falls to Perth.

 - . 9.-(Spe-clal) $1,-400 Jamie-son's a Wal-...

Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 06 Jun 1936, Sat,
  3. Page 5


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Rolling Down Highway 15


Stewart Hanna –The “Angry” Journalist of a Rural Town

The Funniest Anti-Dog Letter to the Editor–Almonte Gazette

Social Note Shenanigans from the Almonte Gazette June 1899

John Baserman vs Mary Ann McCoy –Odd Stories




1924 Rife ad


May 30 1924

John Baserman, of Almonte, was arrested by Chief of Police Read, of Carleton County, on Monday, charged with causing bodily harm to Mary Ann McCoy, the 22-year-old daughter of Mrs. Andrew McCoy, a widow, living on the fifth concession of Goulbourn, near the village of Richmond. Miss McCoy was shot through the wrist by a rifle in the hands of John Easerman on May 7.

The story is that Baserman in the course of his business was at the McCoy home, and it is understood that they wished him to purchase the rifle. It was handed to him. He was examining it not knowing it was loaded when it exploded and the bullet hit Miss McCoy.

Dr. Nixon, of Richmond, took Miss McCoy to Water street Hospital, Ottawa, and Chief Read, went to Richmond and placed Baserman under arrest. He later released him, however, convinced that the affair had been an accident. Still later Baserman was rearrested. The fact that such a charge has been laid against Mr. Baserman has
caused a good deal of surprise in Almonte.

Mary Ann married David Lemuel McLinton later that year on October 24, 1924–no doubt because her Mother feared for her life. No word what happened to John Baserman.



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A Few Odd Sisters….

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Shades of Sweeney Todd in Perth?

The Passing of Odd Fellows —- Tales From the IV



What Was the David Harum Ice Cream Sundae Sold in Lanark County?

What Was the David Harum Ice Cream Sundae Sold in Lanark County?


Superior Restaurant- Almonte- newspaper clipping-Almonte Gazette

David Harum (vanilla ice cream, crushed strawberry, crushed pineapple, whipped cream, and cherry) which I learned came from a best selling novel in the early 20th century; David Harum; A Story of American Life 1899.

Unfortunately, though, when you ask for a Tin Roof or a David Harum, the young folks behind the counter have no idea what you’re talking about. Apparently the recipes for the Tin Roof with Spanish peanuts and the David Harum with fruit sauce have been lost.



Palm Gardens Perth– Perth Remembered

“In 1913 with commendable enterprise, Kanelakos Brothers have refitted their store on Foster Street and changed it into an up-to-date ice cream parlor. Joe has an eye for the beautiful at all times and the beautiful is much in evidence in the transformation that has taken place. He has well named his store the Palm Gardens, where things are cool and clean, An up-to-date soda fountain has been installed. Ice cream sodas and fresh fruits will be featured at this store now, with of course, cigars and tobaccos.”The Palm Gardens had wrough iron chairs and tables, huge palm tees and lots of lace curtains. It also had tulip shaped chandelier lights hanging from the ceiling and also ceiling fans. There was no mechanical refrigeration  and treats such as a David Harum Sundae could be purchased for 15 cents.

The Palm Gardens had wrough iron chairs and tables, huge palm tees and lots of lace curtains. It also had tulip shaped chandelier lights hanging from the ceiling and also ceiling fans. There was no mechanical refrigeration Treats such as a David Harum Sundae could be purchasesd for 15 cents. NOTE: David Harum Sundae (vanilla ice cream, crushed strawberry, crushed pineapple, whipped cream, and cherry) which I learned came from a best selling novel David Harum; A Story of American Life 1899. In 1918 they opened a Tea Room on the location serving soups, pie, sandwiches and all kinds of soft drinks as well as home made ice cream and candies during this time. Ice cream was kept in round steel pots immersed in a brine solution made from chopped ice and rock salt kept either in a large wooden pail or containers designed for this purpose. In the late 1920’s mechanical refrigeration was introduced.



Kanelakos Brothers also had a smoke shop and a billiards room on the second floor. Some of the goodies in 1930: pecan cream roll 50¢ lb., Brazil cream roll 60¢ lb. cream fudge 50¢ lb.In 1935 Chris Moskos purchased the business from Malloy & Williams and changes the name to the Perth Tea Room and operates an ice cream parlor and restaurant. He also manufactures a variety of home-made candy. In 1937 Moskos put in machinery to make his own ice cream which he sold in bulk and packages. In 1948 he moved to a new location on Gore Street to open the Perth Tea Room (The Perth Restaurant location) and Candyland. —Perth Remembered


nicekr (1).jpg

This is an interesting photograph of Johnson’s “Nickel Theatre”. (Admission was 5 cents.) “She Was His Mother – A Big Human Drama” seemed to be the main attraction of the day. The theatre was located in the Masonic Temple Building, later the Carleton Place Canadian newspaper offices, and most recently, the home of Apple Cheeks Consignment Store. Pop in to the store and gaze up at the black tin ceilings – the one remnant remaining of the theatre today… Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Carleton Place

The ice cream shop used to be on the other side of the Roxy Theatre. After the movie some of the kids went to left side of the building where Caldwell Bankers is now located to Ed Keys Ice Cream Parlor. They handed over their money to Bertha Rose and Marjorie (Douglas) Rintoul for either a large scoop ice cream cone for 5 cents or a 15 cents sundae with peanuts and maple syrup.

Marj remembers the high ceilings, the wide bladed ceiling fans, and the glass topped tables.When the ice cream shop vacated the building it became the office and repair shop of Beatty Washers and the manager was Dan Craig and his salesman was Gordon Bassett. That site later became the liquor store  in 1945 when they moved from their former location on Bridge Street in the old Munro Archery Shop with Leo McDiarmid as manager and Harold Robertson as the clerk paying a monthly rent of $45.

“I remember the liquor store being across from the Carleton Place Post Office- You had to go fill out a form to get your liquor”.-–Anonymous


Who Was David Harum?

Written by retired Syracuse, New York banker, Edward Noyes Westcott, the work was rejected by six publishers before being accepted for publication by D. Appleton & Company. Published in the fall of 1898, some six months after the author’s death, it sold an impressive 400,000 copies during the following year. Although the book contains the mandatory love story, the character and philosophy of the title character, small town banker and horse trader David Harum, expressed in the dialect of 19th-century rural central New York is the focus of the book.


 - I ‘‘David Harum.” i “David Harum” was the...

Clipped from

  1. El Paso Herald,
  2. 18 Jan 1904, Mon,
  3. Page 8
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Linda’s Countdown to the Royal Wedding–May 15 –Day 4 — Thoughts of “Three Sheets to the Wind”?

Linda’s Countdown to the Royal Wedding–May 15 –Day 4  — Thoughts of  “Three Sheets to the Wind”?

<p><a href="http://people.com/tag/prince-charles/">Prince Charles</a> poured himself a pint of ale at Wadworth Brewery, which he looked at pensively before taking a sip in March 2017.</p>


The royal wedding is mere days off and thoughts of what the “Meghan and Spencer” wedding gown will look like fill my dreams at night. We know where the wedding will take place, the type of flowers and the flavour of the cake. So now I want to know if they will be downing feisty beverages with that cake? In layman’s terms: will there be drink at that wedding– or just serving those sometimes-labelled fluorescent beverages located near the juice section of Walmart? If you are inviting 600 folks for a wedding lunch they’re gonna want a few ‘Rollin’ Rocks’  for sure.



Queen E is the lady in charge, and even though we hear E likes gin and Dubonnet there was a rumour at “the swap meet” that her Majesty drinks four cocktails a day, putting most spirited drinkers to shame.

When a man died or married in years gone by there was, customarily, a gathering with a money collection to bury or marry him. What was left from the funeral or wedding was called “the back-money” and spent on a wake or a after wedding celebration. The drunker the mourners or celebrators, the greater was “the respect” for the dead or the living.



Thanks to Jane Tunks for this lovely Princess Diana crystal glass

To recap:

The Queen — enjoys alcohol.

The bride — enjoys alcohol.

The groom– enjoys alcohol by the celebrity site photos I have seen…


The major players involved in this wedding all seem to enjoy  a drink or two– so I assume alcohol will be served. After all, no great story ever started with someone eating a salad, and I am sure there will be some great ones made that day. Stories.. not salads:)

Image result for god save the queen


                         Lanark County

Image result for events png



Not invited to the royal wedding? Well- “Pinky Up” and get your finery and fascinator ready!–You can still celebrate– as you are cordially invited to a High Tea – Royal Wedding style! Saturday, May 19th 3 pm! CrossroadsTea Room from Perth will be serving the best in dainties and Champagne is Included!

Prizes for Best Fascinator & Outfit–

Where? Best Western Plus Perth Parkside Inn & Spa
Get your tickets fast at The Crossroads Tearoom– You know they will be sold out quickly!

40 Gore Street East, Perth, ON, Canada






Join the Hub for the Royal Wedding on May 19 click here


You are invited to the Live Screening of the Wedding of
His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales to Ms. Meghan Markle at the Almonte Civitan Hall.
6 AM for light refreshments
7 AM Ceremony start time
Followed by an English Breakfast and a very special Wedding Cake


Join us for what is expected to be one of the most watched world wide events. A big screen will be set up to watch the Wedding unfold, followed by a delicious breakfast and wedding cake!
We have 20 Golden Tickets for those interested in the baking challenge and are first come first serve. Golden Cake ticket holders are asked to bake and decorate a wedding cake or dessert ( to serve 8 people).
Cakes will be on display and all attendees will have 1 vote for their favorite cake. Bragging rights and prize for the winner!

We invite you to extend your best wishes to the happy couple by bringing a card, which will be passed on to them. In lieu of gifts for the Royal Couple, and to honour their extensive charitable work, we invite you to donate to The Hub Building Fund.

Tickets are $25.00
For more info and to purchase your tickets, please call Julia Thomas at 613-256-2116, or email info@thehubalmonte.com.


Tickets can be bought at Blackbirds and Gilligalou Birds in Almonte.

Proudly sponsored by THE HUB and Prior Engagements, Party & Event Rentals



Get ready for the Royal Wedding and make your own Fascinator! Two workshops coming up – April 25th and May 2nd. You too could look amazing with this addition to your wardrobe! Info under a separate event for The Hub! Book your spot today!




Dressed in their finery and enjoying their tea and cupcakes, from left: Carleton Place residents Linda Seccaspina, Laurie Graham and Jennifer Irwin. – Tara Gesner/METROLAND

Queen Elizabeth II honoured with tea party (2015) click here.



Image result for the countdown png

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Who Was Winnard Tosh of Almonte?



Winnard Tosh attended Almonte High School from 1903-1904. After receiving a diploma from Willis Business College he like others went west to seek his fortune in 1906. He later settled in California where he became co-partner in the largest labour publishing business in the United States. He returned to Almonte in 1975 to help the Almonte High School celebrate its Centennial.


“Many old A.D. H.S graduates attended the High School Centennial dance on August 2, 1975, renewing acquaintances. One of these was 86 year old W.R. Tosh of El Sabrante, California who spent the evening talking to old friends.” Almonte Gazette August 14, 1975

Winnard’s mother was Caroline Tosh and his Father’s name was Robert and he was born in North Lanark.


 - to Sackett Acquires Labor Press Firm OAKLAND,...

Clipped from

  1. Albany Democrat-Herald,
  2. 14 Feb 1956, Tue,
  3. Page 2

 - Is MRS. ROBERT C. TOSH. ALMONTE, Ont, May 14....

Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 15 May 1943, Sat,
  3. Page 2

 - LABOR JOIKXAL KDITOR HERE " W. R. Tosh, editor...

Clipped from

  1. Petaluma Daily Morning Courier,
  2. 21 Mar 1928, Wed,
  3. Page 4


 - 1928 Journal of Labor Is Issued Consisting of '...

Clipped from

  1. The Press Democrat,
  2. 29 Dec 1928, Sat,
  3. Page 7
  4.  - ... . W. R. Tosh, business manager of the...


Clipped from

  1. The Petaluma Argus-Courier,
  2. 01 Oct 1927, Sat,
  3. Page 7


Almonte High School 1885

 - A Rngy football match is on the tapia between...


Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 11 Oct 1887, Tue,
  3. Page 4


Almonte High School 1895

 - Misses Georglna Owens' and Laella Shaw purpose...

Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 28 Dec 1895, Sat,
  3. Page 6


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