If You Can’t Wear a Princess Dress on Monday — Then When Can You?

If You Can’t Wear a Princess Dress on Monday — Then When Can You?




Verna Wilson Hadlock wedding September 1959- I am on the left front- my late sister Robin Knight Nutbrown is on the right. (see clipping below)


I loved the fancy dresses my Mother made me as a child, but when I was growing up in the 50s, you had to keep the nice things for “good” as it was said on numerous occasions. That meant if somehow “the Pope” came to Trinity Anglican Church in Cowansville, Quebec where I lived, you got to wear your good dress. Of course that never happened, and in time you outgrew the the ‘good clothes’ and that was the end of that.

I used to argue why couldn’t you wear exactly what you wanted to, on let’s say Monday morning.  I was told that I might be “breaking the law” during many of those mother daughter primal, visceral fashion dialogues. That was another one of those ‘bad seed’ Old Wives Tales, and I can tell you that one never became an urban legend.




Sophia and Tenley 

When I watch my granddaughters dress up in their princess dresses today I am envious. Everything these kids find and wear as dress-up, they can wear anytime they want– without the message that others may judge you. That’s not shallow; that’s about transformation. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a pink taffeta dresses and heading off to the sandbox in my mind. Nothing at all, as I hear Tide has many formats these days!



Me and William Blais at the Royal Crossroads Tearoom Wedding Tea

Mind you, the way I dress on different occasions now, people probably think I’m in fancy dress too. I have no fear, or any restrictions anymore, and keep nothing for good. Okay, wearing clothing from Forever 21 does not keep me “forever 21”- but they make me look as though I wished I were.  But truth be told, these days, I don’t, but that’s okay. I have been seen on occasion wrestling one of my clothing items like a top hat decorated in many fancy plumes caught in a tree in Almonte as I passed under it. Loads of experience was learned that fateful fall day on how to approach a tree sorting fancy millinery.

I am so grateful that it really isn’t about what others think anymore. This grandmother is proud and delighted about the imaginative ways my granddaughters put together outfits as they enjoy it, and that makes me happy.

Jean Paul Gaultier once said,

“It’s always the badly dressed people who are the most interesting.”

If that’s the case, then these future children will become the most interesting people in the whole world – hands down!




 - Hadlock -Wilson -Wilson Wedding Held In...

Clipped from

  1. The Gazette,
  2. 08 Sep 1959, Tue,
  3. Page 26
  4. Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place and The Tales of Almonte


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