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Killed by Zulus — Duncan and James Box

Killed by Zulus — Duncan and James Box



Gary and Leigh Box and family

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary and Leigh Box from Toronto along with our local belle Marion Giles McNeely the other day at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Museum. If you have never heard about the Box family from Carleton Place and White Lake etc. etc. —let me tell you they have quite the past. In fact so much so, I am going to share stories with you thanks to Gary and Leigh who were very kind to share their family memories.

Remember if you have family stories you want to share with the LCGS please PM me or email me at sav_77@yahoo.com



Gary Box Marion, Giles McNeely, and Leigh Box at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum– May 2017


Please note that this is only a fraction of this story about the Box’s from White Lake– As they say, “The best is yet to come!” Stay tuned!


The History

The Second Matabele War, also known as the Matabeleland Rebellion or part of what is known in Zimbabwe as the First Chimurenga, was fought between 1896 and 1897 in the area then known as Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. It pitted the British South Africa Company against the Ndebele (Matabele) people, which led to conflict with the Shona people in the rest of Rhodesia.

In March 1896, the Ndebele revolted against the authority of the British South Africa Company in what is now celebrated in Zimbabwe as the First Chimurenga. The Mlimo (or M’limo, or Umlimo) the Ndebele spiritual leader, is credited with fomenting much of the anger that led to this confrontation. He convinced the Ndebele and the Shona that the settlers (almost 4,000 strong by then) were responsible for the drought, locust plagues and the cattle disease rinderpest ravaging the country at the time.



The Family Story

James and Duncan Box were murdered at the Eureka Mine while trekking near Sipolilo’s kraal on June 29, 1896 during the Matabeleland Rebellion. The body of Francis Lee Bent was also found with them in the Lomagundi District who was an engineer with the Great B. Syndicate. According to other notations I found online they were also known to have been with another prospector named Anton Henckens, prospecting gold near the Mazoe River.  

The family noted in their pages that both ancestors had set forwards towards the Zambesi accompanied by a Mr. Gilman Spence of Ireland who was killed at the same time. (The Rhodesia Pioneers and Early Settler’s Society- National Archives of Rhodesia)



Imposing granite memorial to Cecil Rhodes on Table Mountain Cape Town South Africa

On Table Mountain in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) there is a monument to the memory and honour of Cecil Rhodes.  On that same monument is inscribed the names of Duncan and James Box. A grateful government received the warning (read about this soon) sent by James Box and his name is listed on the Honour Roll. It was mentioned that UK lawyers contacted the Box family after their death in White Lake and some money changed hands.



Photo of white skulls and things taken by the Zulus in a Zulu Queen’s tent– late 1800s


In the inquiry from the National Archives of Rhodesia they told the family that the white skulls of the murdered were probably at one time in a zulu hut in the hinterland of the Mashonas. White skulls were prized ancestral trophies and a grim reminder of a time when the search for gold was on the minds of many.  Duncan and James Box were sadly in the wrong place at the wrong time and were never to return to White Lake where their family resided.





Zulus–A weekly serial called Black Heart and White Heart by Henry Ryder Haggard on zulus from Africa ran as a serial in 1896 in  newspapers as there was such an interest.



Some of the other noted men that  perished:

The London Gazette Issue 26954 published on the 5 April 1898. Pages 2203 to 2208.

List of Persons Reported Murdered or Missing:

Note. – In the following list of murdered and missing no hope is entertained for any of those returned as missing. All bodies that have been found have been buried.
Civilians, 114; Local Forces, 3; Imperial Troops, 1; B.S.A. Police 1-Total, 119

IRELAND, George, about June 21, 1896, Lomogondi District, Prospector, believed to have been murdered at the Eureka Mine.
JAMESON, Arthur John, about June 21, 1896, Lomogondi District, Mining Commissioner, believed to have been murdered at M.C.’s Camp,
JOUBERT, J., about June, 1896, Salisbury District.
KEATINGE, Frank, June 18, 1896, Lomogondi District, Corporal M.M.P., murdered at Gwebe River, real name was Frank Gilbert Keating
KERR, June 20, 1896, Lomogondi District, Prospector
KOEFOED, S., June 16, 1896, Salisbury District, Prospector, murdered at the Beatrice Mine by ‘Mslopa people, body thrown down
LAW, Horace, about June 20, 1896, Salisbury District, Storekeeper, murdered near N.C. Campbell Farm; body, supposed to be his,
found July 25, 1896
MCCULLUM (Captain), William, June 25, 1896, Lomogondi District, Telegraph Constructor, murdered at his camp, Matatima.
MCGOWAN, James, June 21, 1896, Lomogondi District, Prospector, murdered at or near Deary’s Store.
METCALF, Samuel, about June 20, 1896, Headlands, Trader; body found August 20, 1896, at Nedziwi’s Kraal.
MICHELL, William Walton, Trooper, B.S.A.P., lost on veldt, Hartley District, July 31, 1897.
MILTON, William, about June 20, 1896, Salisbury District, Transport Rider, body found, Umtali Road, August 3, 1896.
MOORE, John, about June 20, 1896, Salisbury District, Storekeeper, body found near Umtali telegraph line on August 3, 1896.
MYNHARDT, A. G. F., June 21, 1896, Lomogondi District, Native Commissioner, murdered at his camp; body, supposed to be his, found
October 30, 1896
MOONY, David Enraght, June 15, 1896, Hartley District, Native Commissioner, murdered at Mashangombi’s Kraal; body recovered and
buried, July, 1897.
NELSON, Thomas, about June 20, 1896, Hartley District, Prospector, believed to have been murdered near Umswezwe’s Kraal.
NOBLE, Andrew, about June 20, 1896, Abercorn District, last heard of May 22.
NORTON, Joseph Norton, about June 17, 1896, Salisbury District, Farmer, murdered at or near his farm Porta; body found.
NORTON, Caroline, about June 17, 1896, Salisbury District, wife of above, murdered at or near his farm Porta; body found.
NORTON, Dorothy, about June 17, 1896, Salisbury District; daughter of above, murdered at or near his farm Porta; body found.




Clipped from The Ottawa Journal01 Aug 1912, ThuPage 6

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Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun and Screamin’ Mamas (USA)



Stay tuned for more about the Box family from Carleton Place, Prospect, White Lake and Beckwith.

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The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
06 Mar 1895, Wed  •  Page 5

Zombies in Lanark Village? 1871

Zombies in Lanark Village? 1871



Lanark Village 1871–This is a true story-it’s so insane how could I make it up? I am creative, but this is one for the books LOL

Almonte Gazette

It is asserted in the village of Lanark that a man named Jones was bitten by some man with whom he was quarrelling a few weeks ago, and that the the circumstances has taken a tenacious hold of his mind. When he was first seized with one of those terrible, *paroxysms, last week it is said he inflicted a savage bite on his companion while the latter was endeavouring to aid him. The parents of both young men are in humble circumstances, and the condition of the unfortunates was kept concealed for some days after Jones was first attacked.

In the latter’s malady is— that immediately on recovering consciousness after one of his agonizing fits of madness he eagerly asks, “Where’s Gus ?” and then adds, “Gus is in a fit now.”

The patients, although greatly weakened, felt tolerably comfortable yesterday, but it is the approach of night when the malady seems only to develop itself. Those living in the vicinity of the stricken youths have become so alarmed for the safety of themselves and their families—that an application to the authorities has been requested for someone to patrol the neighbourhood each night to ensure everyone’s safety. All is not well in the Village of Lanark.



*Paroxysms (Your word of the day)–a sudden attack or violent expression of a particular emotion or activity

Can you get sick if someone bites you?

Infections. Human mouths contain high levels of bacteria, especially of the variety that can infect human tissues. And bites quite effectively transfer these bugs. “The bacterial inoculum”—that which can be grown out and detected—”of human bite wounds is rich in oral flora, containing as many as 100 million organisms per milliliter that represent as many as 190 different species

Hepatitis B and C. Both of these viruses, but especially Hep B, can come from a bite
Herpes. Oh great, you can get herpes from a bite. Several studies said this was possible; no specific case reports turned up. It of course stands to reason this could happen since the herpes simplex virus is carried in saliva.

Rabies. This may seem like the obvious one. However, though “human-to-human transmission by bite is theoretically possible,” it has never been confirmed.



Okay I am a Walking Dead fan– what if one was a zombie? Humour me here:)

You’ve been bitten by a zombie. Can you survive it or are you going to turn into a flesh-eating ghoul yourself? The short answer is I hope you never have to find out. If we think of zombieism as an infectious disease just like any other infection, it stands to reason that where you get bitten will have a big influence on whether or not you can successfully treat the bite. You may have a shot to cut off a limb, cut off a hand if you’re bitten on the hand, but chances of that working are really slim. The examples of zombies infecting other people is that it’s so toxic, so infectious, that if you’re bitten, you’re essentially doomed.For instance, a bite on the bottom of your foot may lead to you becoming a zombie more slowly than a bite on your neck. If we look at a disease like rabies as an example, that holds true. The further you are bitten from your organs, from your heart, the longer it takes, often, for that disease to spread.




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Armchair Tourism in Carleton Place- What are Baseball Bats Used for in Movies?



Photo- the gals and a gent on the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce tour of Carleton Place– come along with us today to visit Sam Bat!!

So the BIG Question is….





If you didn’t know Carleton Place has a great baseball past and now a huge future we need to boast about.



First of all it was the McNeely’s baseball team made up of all the McNeely brothers. They were the winningest baseball team around, no team ever beat them. They were the team to beat but no one could. Krista Lee from Apple Cheeks in Carleton Place is holding the picture with her grandfather in it.  There were 12 boys and 1 girl so they had enough for a team and spares.”



Then there was  James “Lefty” Hill who was a portside hurler with a baffling assortment of slants, and a smoking fast ball on our Carleton Place baseball team in the early 30’s. On June 28, 1930, “Lefty” pitched a brilliant 2 to 1 victory over Perth before a large crowd of enthusiastic fans.



Now we have one of my faves, (I still love you Brian Wilson) former San Francisco Giant, great Barry Bonds sitting with Sam Bat’s very own Sam Holman —loving our Carleton Place bats. Have you told the world about this? They have batting cagesa gift shop –tours (call first and ask)

Other stars that have used or are using Sam Bats include Miguel Cabrera during his Triple Crown season in 2012 and Toronto Blue Jay Jose Bautista when he hit 54 home runs in 2010. Currently, more than 300 professional players worldwide use Sam Bats!


This is the badass of Sam Bat  as I like to call her–Arlene Anderson— I love this woman, and would like to be just like her when I grow up. When you see her say Hi and tell her you shared a story of Sam Bat as she and her company are putting Carleton Place on the map. Let’s help each other!





Now, here are some of those bats used in baseball games and maybe on movie sets in Action Jackson movies:)  They need quality for violent films too!


Our tour guide kept us hopping on the tour and you can ask him anything- trust me!



Batting Cages!! Call 613-257-3060 or email krathwell@sambat.com for available times and prices




Men at Work- Who can it be that will be using the bats they are making next?




Sam Bat Baseball bat in action! Watch out JACKIE KAVANAGH from the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce – he looks a tad shifty..



So what do you think? Should you use Sam Bat’s baseball bats for killing Zombies like in Zombieland?

movies zombieland jesse eisenberg woody harrelson baseball bats 1500x1071 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_27.jpg

Or better yet.. Wouldn’t Harlee Quinn from Suicide Squad looked better with a  Sam Bat bat? Well, it’s up to the individual I guess- but, let’s share this and support Carleton Place’s very own Sam Bat!!

Sam Bat has put the town of Carleton Place on the pro-sports map!!



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Nothing But Kitchen Nightmares! – Zoomers



Nothing But Kitchen Nightmares! – Zoomers.



“I am sure at this point anyone who has internet access has seen last Friday’s nights Kitchen Nightmares featuring Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale AZ, and if you haven’t; I put the videos down below for your entertainment. After viewing the show yesterday I thought I had seen everything— well that is until today.”