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“Nanny Shail’s Nephew”– Gerald Whyte World War 2 Veteran

“Nanny Shail’s Nephew”– Gerald Whyte World War 2 Veteran


Gerald Whyte– Photo-Debbie Roy

Debbie Roy put this up yesterday.

This is a photo of my Nanny Shail’s nephew, Gerald Whyte. He was killed during World War II and is buried in France. His Mom, my Great Aunt Bertha, was able to visit her son’s grave a couple of times before she died. He lied about his age when he enlisted – he was only 17.

Gerrie Dryden Thanks for sharing this picture Debbie. He was only 18,  I was named after him. (I was supposed to be a boy)!!



5d811209-e411-4e1c-9398-49af122f9125                                        Carleton Place Trivia-November 11th 1940

 - Given Certificate ; For Life Saving . CARLETON...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  29 Nov 1939, Wed,  Page 12