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The Exact Reason Rosamond Left Carleton Place



Original Newspaper ad from the files of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


After coming to Carleton Place, Mr. Rosamond was engaged in the distilling business for about three years and then went into the sawmill and gristmill business in partnership with John McEwen.  Their mill was the only one in this section of the country at that time.  This partnership lasted for four years when it was dissolved and a new one formed with Messrs. R. Bell and Company.

The new firm determined to extend their business and had a carding and cloth – dressmaking establishment also the only one in this part of the province.  The firm rented the mills in Carleton Place from Mr. Bolton for 16 or 17 years and continued for that time in business in that village, which was then known as “Morphy’s Falls”.


In the course of time Mr. Rosamond went into the spinning, weaving and manufacturing of such goods as satinettes, etoffes, etc.  These enterprising early manufacturers kept constantly adding to their machinery and increasing their business and towards the close of their lease wanted to buy or rent the water power but the owner Mr. McLaren of Beckwith would do neither and the town council of Carleton Place was on the side of McLaren. Rosamond left Carleton Place in a huff for Almonte and the rest is history.


His sons, Bennett and James, began the large Almonte mill in 1866, in partnership with George Stephen of Montréal. Subsequent expansion of the mill continued until the early 1900s. The textile mill was a functioning industrial complex until 1986.

Photo from Almonte.com– has lots of great photos and information