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I am Forever Blowing Bubbles on Bridge Street



Civic pride went to extremes in Carleton Place in September of 1980 when a woman was seen on her hands and knees on Bridge Street scrubbing the sidewalk. Things were not the way they seemed. From the window of her paint shop Sylvia Wing saw a problem. A woman having a conversation in front of the store was holding heavy grocery bags. Most of the contents of a bottle of detergent spilled onto the sidewalk. Wing was afraid someone might slip and hurt themselves, so she tried washing the sidewalk down with buckets of water.


Photo- Ottawa Citizen-1980

It wasn’t as easy as she thought, and the slippery liquid spread over an wider area. Persistent, she got down on her knees and began to scrub. The action complete with a light breeze created a large fountain of bubbles. For awhile Bridge street looked the outdoor set for the Lawrence Welk Show. As the floating bubbles drew a crowd,  a couple of wiseguys, suggested sweeping the sidewalk would have been sufficient. But Mrs. Wing got the mess cleaned up without the help of the peanut gallery, and nobody slipped.


111 Bridge Street today- St. James Gate Wing’s was located next door

Newpaper photo- The Carleton Place Canadian files from The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

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