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The Wilkie Lowry House on Highway 29



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Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 09 Dec 1972, Sat,
  3. Page 39

The Wilkie Lowry house was owned by my great grandfather, John Fairbairrn Greig, in the 1860s

My great r\andfather, Thomas Campbell Arthur (not MCArthur), married J F Greig’s daughter

Frances Josephine Greig. My grandmother,Jessie Miller Arthur,(Hamilton) was born and grew up in the house as did her eight brothers and sisters. TC. Arthur also ran the Appleton store as dd his uncle Thomas Arthur. Granny was a friend if Mrs Hollie Lowry. I believe they were both members of the ROCKY RIDGE WI. When the Arthurs left the farm they carved there initials on an upstairs window. 2021 marks 200 years since the first of my family arrived in Ramsay. )Robert and Thomas Mansell. Enjoy all your articles,Linda. Thanks so much

Judith Salley


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