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Covered From Head to Toe with “The Beautiful” !! Almonte Train Station



almonte (2).jpg


On Monday afternoon a snow plow passed through here at a high rate of speed, sending the snow flying in all directions. As it was passing the station the snow was thrown with such force against the window that the glass was broken and the desk and floor covered with snow and broken glass. All the pens, ink and paper were buried in the avalanche.

Mr. J . Camochan and Mr. F. Nunn, the operator, had a narrow escape, the latter being literally covered from head to foot with “the beautiful.” The telegraph instruments were so disarranged that it was some time before they could be got into working order again.

 February 1887–Almonte Gazette



Almonte  CPR station fire – 16 May 1911.

Carleton Place CPR carpenters shop – 27 July 1897. {4}
Carleton Place CPR roundhouse roof – 12 December 1911.

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