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Zombies in Lanark Village? 1871

Zombies in Lanark Village? 1871



Lanark Village 1871–This is a true story-it’s so insane how could I make it up? I am creative, but this is one for the books LOL

Almonte Gazette

It is asserted in the village of Lanark that a man named Jones was bitten by some man with whom he was quarrelling a few weeks ago, and that the the circumstances has taken a tenacious hold of his mind. When he was first seized with one of those terrible, *paroxysms, last week it is said he inflicted a savage bite on his companion while the latter was endeavouring to aid him. The parents of both young men are in humble circumstances, and the condition of the unfortunates was kept concealed for some days after Jones was first attacked.

In the latter’s malady is— that immediately on recovering consciousness after one of his agonizing fits of madness he eagerly asks, “Where’s Gus ?” and then adds, “Gus is in a fit now.”

The patients, although greatly weakened, felt tolerably comfortable yesterday, but it is the approach of night when the malady seems only to develop itself. Those living in the vicinity of the stricken youths have become so alarmed for the safety of themselves and their families—that an application to the authorities has been requested for someone to patrol the neighbourhood each night to ensure everyone’s safety. All is not well in the Village of Lanark.



*Paroxysms (Your word of the day)–a sudden attack or violent expression of a particular emotion or activity

Can you get sick if someone bites you?

Infections. Human mouths contain high levels of bacteria, especially of the variety that can infect human tissues. And bites quite effectively transfer these bugs. “The bacterial inoculum”—that which can be grown out and detected—”of human bite wounds is rich in oral flora, containing as many as 100 million organisms per milliliter that represent as many as 190 different species

Hepatitis B and C. Both of these viruses, but especially Hep B, can come from a bite
Herpes. Oh great, you can get herpes from a bite. Several studies said this was possible; no specific case reports turned up. It of course stands to reason this could happen since the herpes simplex virus is carried in saliva.

Rabies. This may seem like the obvious one. However, though “human-to-human transmission by bite is theoretically possible,” it has never been confirmed.



Okay I am a Walking Dead fan– what if one was a zombie? Humour me here:)

You’ve been bitten by a zombie. Can you survive it or are you going to turn into a flesh-eating ghoul yourself? The short answer is I hope you never have to find out. If we think of zombieism as an infectious disease just like any other infection, it stands to reason that where you get bitten will have a big influence on whether or not you can successfully treat the bite. You may have a shot to cut off a limb, cut off a hand if you’re bitten on the hand, but chances of that working are really slim. The examples of zombies infecting other people is that it’s so toxic, so infectious, that if you’re bitten, you’re essentially doomed.For instance, a bite on the bottom of your foot may lead to you becoming a zombie more slowly than a bite on your neck. If we look at a disease like rabies as an example, that holds true. The further you are bitten from your organs, from your heart, the longer it takes, often, for that disease to spread.




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