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So Where Did Carleton Place Disappear to on The Weather Channel? Linda’s Mailbag

So Where Did Carleton Place Disappear to on The Weather Channel? Linda’s Mailbag


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I get asked all sorts of questions, and they are not only of the historical kind. Yesterday Marge Mitchell asked me the following:

On the Weather Channel there is a radar map that shows incoming precipitation. I always check our area and if there are storms predicted I move the map on my screen and check your area. Carleton Place is not shown on the map on their site. On my GPS I was showing our friends where Carleton Place is as they didn’t believe me when I mentioned that we have our own Mississippi River—north of course. The GPS didn’t show Carleton Place, just Almonte, Perth and Smith Falls. I was crushed–your town can’t lose its identity.

So I offer this question to you dear readers. What’s up with that as they say.


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