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So Can I Pillage the Land Freely in my town?




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Mark Smith on carletonplace.com answered the question about deviating the forest:

Until you make a formal application to the Planning Department the Town does not require any studies (Environmental, Tree Counts etc etc)

Currently the County has Control over large Parcels of Land with forested areas but (I Understand) their previous ‘tree cutting’ Bylaw was unenforceable at the current time.

The County is in the Process of updating the bylaw that would cover any lands (conditionally with trees) over 1 HA (apx 5 acres), this still leaves small parcels of land 1Ha or less where the Owner can do as they wish. (thats some 20-35 houses per Ha)

The Town needs a Bylaw that would cover treed areas of less than 1Ha.

Personally if a Home Owner (Single/Duplex) wants to cut down the trees in his yard, well okay, but to cut down all the trees on a property and put up a triplex town houses that should be covered by a Town Bylaw.

This is a touchy situation as most people don’t want the Government to tell them what to do on their own land and I do agree up to a point.–MGJSmith


Diverdown replied:

So if I get this right Mark, if I take a chainsaw, go on town property, cut a tree down, I’d end up in court.  If a developer goes on town property devastates a forest they do so with impunity.  I’d get charged most likely with public mischief or destruction of public property (they’d probably seize my chainsaw) but we have no by-laws stopping developers.  Interesting!


A philosophical question, why do we have zoo keepers if we let the animals run free?


Are you Mad Enough yet?


ODD FACTS-St. James Gate has a tree on their Bridge Street property that interferes with their patio. It’s not a big tree but, the town would not allow them to take it down. Of course we can take 200 Maples down. Granted it was a Hackberry Tree. Councillors voted to protect it. Were there any rare trees in that forest they cut down?


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