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A Piece of Almonte History for Sale –A. H. Whitten- Almonte Hotel


I don‘t sell on Ebay NOR do I promote others BUT when I see something that should be in a museum I make people aware of it. Anyways the watch is sold… but the story still needs to be told

I got an email yesterday that said:

After reading Community Memories of the Almonte Hotel

“The gold Eterna Challenger watch purchased by the Almonte Hotel staff for presentation to A.H. Whitten in 1948 is currently up for sale on eBay (July 8, 2020). The ‘tank’ (rectangular) style watch by Eterna (a Swiss firm) has a ivory colored dial with a small second hand at the ‘6 position’, a gold case, and a brown leather band. It is engraved on the back-“A. H. Whitten–From the Staff Hotel Almonte1948”

Sure enough here it is:
The back of the case has the following engraving: A. H. Whitten From The Staff Hotel Almonte 1948, 10kt Gold Filled Apex

A. H. Whitton was the Mayor of Almonte

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
20 Nov 1959, Fri  •  Page 2
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
02 Aug 1960, Tue  •  Page 12
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
02 Aug 1960, Tue  •  Page 7

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gail Barr photo–

The Templeman’s Family Heirloom

The Templeman’s Family Heirloom




Almonte Gazette February 2 1920


The late Hon William Templeman’s watch arrived in Almonte last week. It is a valuable gold timepiece with a hunting case and Roman numerals, and one of Mr. Tempton’s dearest possessions.

Since the death of the former Minister of Inland Revenue the watch has been in the possession of Miss Marion Templeman. She sent the watch and chain to her nephew, the namesake of the late minister, Mr. William Templeman, of the Fourth Line of Ramsay.

Mr. Templeman has given the chain to his brother, remarking to a representative of the Gazette, who asked him about it, that he didn’t want to be too selfish. The watch, therefore comes back to its old home in Lanark County. Hon. William Templeman was a native of Pakenham , the younger son of a Scotch couple who settled in that village.

Miss Marion Templeman, his only sister was his most valuable assistant in the Gazette, and helped much to build up the business. Soon after Mr. Templeman went west in 1884 to establish the Victoria Times, Miss Templeman followed, and she has resided there ever since. Every week regularly her copy of the Almonte Gazette is mailed to her.

Going back to Mr. Templeman’s watch it used to be remarked by newspaper correspondents on the Press Gallery of the House of Commons that the Minister of Inland’ Revenue too looked at the watch very frequently. There was a clock in the old Commons Chamber,  but a look a t the clock did not suffice him; he had to pull out his watch and gaze at it lovingly for a moment or two before he was satisfied as to the correct time.



Almonte Gazette



William Templeman, PC (September 28, 1842 – December 15, 1914) was a Canadian newspaper editor and politician. Born in Pakenham, Canada West, he was managing editor and owner of the Victoria Daily Times (now part of the Victoria Times-Colonist) newspaper, before first running as the Liberal candidate for the Canadian House of Commons for the riding of Victoria in the 1891 election. He was defeated in the election, in an 1896 by-election and in the 1896 federal election. Read more here: CLICK

The long-flourishing Almonte Gazette, in 1867, founded by William Templeman (1844-1914) who learned his printing trade with the Carleton Place Herald, went to British Columbia to found the Victoria Times, and became a member of the Senate, Sir Wilfred Laurier’s minister of inland revenue and the first Canadian minister of mines.



Screenshot 2017-06-22 at 15.jpg

Vancouver June 4 1914


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