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Thanks to the late Joan Kehoe and Wanda Morrison We Now Have…


Today I was gifted with what I call one of the town treasures. Thanks to the sister of the late Joan Kehoe, Wanda Morrison, I have in my hand quite a few Carleton Place newspaper articles, photos etc. Because of Wanda’s generosity, I am now going to be able to share quite a few stories and pictures with all of you.

That is what this is all about — sharing and commenting on The Tales of Carleton Place and the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum  Facebook sites, so we can put the history of Carleton Place together. I know how I present things is not the normal and technical way to do it- but in my mind it is the only way to get people off social media to read history. We don’t have an app yet.:)

So thank you Wanda, you made my day, week, and God knows what else. So don’t forget to comment and share the family pictures you are sitting on with our local museum. Future generations will thank you for it.

Like the Aikenhead Photo Collection I have posted this week – some of these will be donated to the respective museums after.



So Who was Joan Kehoe? More to follow later– this is just the beginning.


Joan with former mayor Melba Barker when she was named Citizen of the Year


Photos from the Wanda Morrison- Joan Kehoe Collection

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