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Memories of Eating Easter Candy and Cake


All photos of edibles are in the reach of your fingertips. Photographed at Independent Grocers, Walmart, and The Old Towne Bakery in Carleton Place

Each Easter my Grandfather would go across the street to the candy store and purchase a large chocolate rabbit for myself, and a hen for my sister Robin. They had frosting trim, stood three feet tall, and were stored in bright colourful boxes full of enough white shredded paper to start a good fire later.


He also made a point of going down to the bakery and buying Hot Cross Buns. The buns were one thing, but what Grampy thought we were going to do with this huge amount of chocolate one only knows. However, my Grandmother knew exactly what she was going to do with it.

Mary Louise Deller Knight was going to freeze it like everything else that was considered leftovers. My Grandmother thought the freezer life span was forever, and she would some how fit that sucker into one of the tiniest freezers you had ever seen. A few months later in July, she would make some monstrous chocolate cake out of the Easter Rabbit for the annual Oyster Supper that my Dad convened at church.

As I have aged, I have discovered that Easter candy does not seem to travel as well in my body anymore. I get horrible heart burn, and have nightmares for the time span that I devour the sugary treats.

Last night I dreamt I was traveling on a bus for hours, and the night before I was trying to find Jane Austen. Austen was never to be found, but I did see a trail of shredded bright Cadbury Creme Egg foil so I assume she somehow got into my stash. The nerve of her!

Maybe I should have followed the advice of my Grandmother and just stashed the rest of the Easter candy on top of the fridge. Grammy claimed she always stored a lot of food on the top as calories were afraid of heights. Maybe this is my problem; I cannot lose weight because I don’t store candy at a high enough altitude. 

Happy Holiday weekend!

Read all about Jeff Mitchell and Serge Robichaud of Independent Grocers in Carleton Place

Don’t forget to visit and read all about them next week!

The Old Towne Bakery

73 Lake Ave. West
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 253-0666

Easter Hours

Closed Good Friday April 3, 2015
Closed Sunday April 5, 2015
Cloased Monday April 6, 2015

The Gnomes are Hiding in the Cadbury Creme Deviled Eggs


I have a bestie in the UK that is following our Carleton Place Blog. She is going to add some neat tidbits here and there.  They don’t have Nanaimo Bars or Date Squares in the UK, so next time Victoria will share how she fared out baking Canadian.

Welcome Victoria Norris.

Here is how she describes where she lives.

Well, I live in Ely (pronounced to rhyme with “wheelie”) but there is also an Ely in Wales, so I always write it as “Ely, Cambridgeshire“, or I suppose you could call it “Ely, England” just to avoid any confusion. This is going to be great fun!

Last week I posted a picture of Easter Flowers on Facebook and she posted one of her Spring displays in England.

This is our local Walmart in Carleton Place


Gnomes in the UK trying to take over Ely

Gnomes in Carleton Place chez moi hiding out from Winter.

Enough of the Gnomes and the Flowers–Let’s Eat!!

 Cadbury Creme Deviled Eggs

From Serious Eats

  • 4 Cadbury Creme Eggs, chilled for 1 hour
  • 1/2 cup vanilla buttercream, colored yellow with food coloring
  • red sprinkles, to garnish


  1. 1Unwrap your first Cadbury Creme Egg. Give it a long, hard look and ask if it is ready to meet its destiny.
  2. 2Using your very sharp knife, gently slice the egg in half lengthwise, following the seam that keeps the two egg halves together. The egg should separate into two separate halves fairly easily; each will have a dollop of fondant inside. Leave the fondant inside of the egg halves.
  3. 3Using a pastry bag fitted with a star tip, pipe yellow buttercream in a spiral so that it covers the entire exposed inside of each egg half (directly on top of the fondant). You’ll use about 1-2 teaspoons’ worth of frosting per egg.
  4. 4Garnish with red sprinkles to mimic the look of paprika.
  5. 5Repeat with the remaining egg halves.

Carleton Place- The Happiest Damn Town in Lanark County

For the Facebook Group:

Tilting the Kilt, Vintage Whispers from Carleton Place by Linda Seccaspina is available at Wisteria at 62 Bridge Street, the Carleton Place Beckwith Museum in Carleton Place, Ontario and The Mississippi Valley Textile Mill in Almonte.  available on all Amazon sites (Canada, US, Europe) and Barnes and Noble

Meet The Guy Cleaning up Carleton Place– One Cart at a Time


achriss I whined this morning about the carts in the small gully beside Walmart on McNeely. Chris Wood who works for our local Walmart is going to be rescuing these carts so we can keep Carleton Place clean. It’s not up to Beckwith or Carleton Place, or anyone else. They have enough work to do without picking up our crap. Pick it up, and keep Carleton Place clean. Thanks Chris! A tip of the hat to you:) This Isn’t Oakland — What’s With the Litterbugs Carleton Place? Public Shaming!

Chris Wood just wrote this on Facebook–wise words

I’d also like to take a moment to ask Walmart shoppers to be courteous and help keep our home clean by throwing the garbage out of your cart & into the can before heading to your car. A lot of the pollution along McNeely comes from garbage blowing out of our shopping carts. I generally don’t have a problem with it- I’ll throw it out myself if I’m working, but I can honestly say I’m the only store standard who bothers to do so. Every little bit makes a difference!

So What Did We Learn? Carleton Place Power Outage 2015



So What Did We Learn? Power Outage 2015

When Ange died, we never realized the keys to the front and side gates were missing. After cutting off the locks, I had my friend Kevin replace them, and I kept a set of keys in my pocket. Looking back at the 10 hour power outage, it was a smart idea. You see electric garage doors don’t go up and down when the power is off, no matter how hard you bang the door opener on the bumper.

Feeling lost, I stood on Campbell Street gazing at my Ponderosa. Side gate was a ‘no go’ unless 30 minutes of shoveling was going to be done. So I worked my way up the side fence and gratefully found out I could manage to open the Lake Ave East gate.

No one had told me that my front yard was knee deep in snow, as I slowly made my way to the side door. I dodged many piles of “dog production” and made a happy sigh that my aging dog was still healthy. Making that same trek back and forth at least 5 times that day, I was glad I was not among the Morphy pioneers from days gone by. They couldn’t have handled the whining.
The Basics

That cell phones are handy to pick up all the latest information on Facebook’s Carleton Place Social Scene. They were getting out information yesterday faster than emergency services. Great go-to source of info and sharing. After all, it is the age of social media. Join, and bookmark them.

It’s time to restock your emergency kit and get extra batteries for your flashlights. Keep candles and matches in one location and high enough out of kids reach.

Rental Village has generators, space heaters and WiFi. Like someone said, the bare necessities of life in 2015.

Stock a case of water, and peanut butter. That was my meal last night PB&J

Find out where your neighbourhood seniors live. Emergencies are difficult for them to process. Call them, and find out if they are okay. Same with single mothers. One phone call can make all the difference in the world to someone who feels alone.

What We Need to Improve

Carleton Place’s website needs major work. Local citizens wanted emergency information and nothing was on the website until hours later.

One exit from the Walmart shopping area is of concern. Teri White reminded me it was the same across the street at the Rona and the Home Depot area! Let’s hope there isn’t a larger emergency!

This a town/county/municipal issue, not the retailers, and a second entrance is likely in the 10 year plan. Saying it’s in the 5-10 year plan is passing the buck as far as I’m concerned. That could mean two more mayors, and it may not be on their agendas. Safety should come before personal agendas politically. As someone said, I honestly don’t understand why a second exit needs to be in a “ten year plan”. Just flatten the space! Even if it is a dirt road for ten years, at least it is a way out!

By the looks of yesterday’s fiasco inside Walmart, some training for stores for emergency preparedness as well.


From Barb—I would like to add the Hydro workers who left their families on a Saturday and got into that cold bucket truck in that wind to fix the problem. You can say that they were well paid…I dont care…they gave up their family time to fix the hydro so I could be warm. The Hydro One executives all stayed warm and cozy in their big houses with their big salaries….those workers are the front line and they work hard. Being in a bucket truck on a windy cold day is not fun no matter how much you are being paid. The author agrees.

A big shout out to Assisted Living for calling some of their Seniors every 30 minutes. I send my personal thanks! You made a huge difference! Love you Sandra!

Milano Pizza Ltd, which means Sam & Robert, owners of the Carleton Place, Ontario store!  Though extremely busy, they had water boiling on their gas stove, for anyone who needed it to warm up baby formula or just a cup of tea!

Sarah Cavanagh, who asked anyone without power to come over for supper on Facebook. She made a big batch of Spaghetti and Meatballs, and even had someone come over to bake a cake for a cake order the the next day.

The House of Fong was still cooking, and Chinese food was enjoyed by all.

Thank you to Courtney Schmidt telling us Shoppers Drug Mart was open

Shout-outs to the staff at the Mac’s and  McEwen’s on Townline who were open. The places were packed and everyone was incredible!

Shirley Kingdon reported about Spartan Pizza: “Well they were open and making pizzas, I went in only after driving by and noticing they were open. because I was cold they let me stand by the oven to keep warm. They did not have means to make coffee to go, but they made coffee for me and put it in small gravy take out containers so I could bring hot coffee home for my husband and myself with no charge for the coffee. Very pleasant staff for such a small establishment. Could not do enough for the people who did stop in.”

A personal shout out to The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum who offered a warm spot, conversation, and a place for me to charge my phone.

Thank you to all of the local Carleton Place businesses that stayed open during the power outage. Please remember to support your local businesses – especially after a Saturday closure that can be so damaging. Special call outs to Wisteria, The Hair Chair and Blow Dry Bar, As Good As New, Natural Pets, Milano’s, Dionysus, and many more!

The outage brought the town even closer together! Mission accomplished– carry on!



Chaos at Walmart — Power Outage 2015

Milano Pizza Comes to the Rescue! Carleton Place Power Outage 2015


Chaos at Walmart — Power Outage 2015



March 21,2015.

For 6000 residents of Carleton Place, Beckwith, and as faraway as Stittsville, Saturday morning will be a day to be remembered. Mid-morning, a transformer blew causing a 1/3 of the hydro pole near the entrance to the Carleton Place Walmart to collapse. Correction:  RG just sent me a note: Not to be a stickler but there was no transformer on that pole most likely a broken isolator sent voltage into the wooden pole starting the fire.

Our Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum curator, Jennifer Fenwick Irwin was one of the customers caught in the incident. She had just completed her transaction at Dollarama when the power went out. Customers were instructed to leave the store immediately. As the power was still on in Walmart, customers were allowed to shop. However, as soon as Hydro One showed up to repair the damage, Walmart made an announcement that shoppers had 10 minutes to exit.

Exiting the store rolled into confusion as the doors had shut. Jennifer said someone pried open the interior doors, but the outer doors remained closed. Discussion among the shoppers led them all to exit by the side “buggy” doors. The ordeal was now over, however, local residents had to remain in their cars for over an hour in the parking lot due to safety concerns.

Jennifer assured me that everyone was calm and polite,however some joked: had the snow not been so deep some would have driven their 4×4’s through the rear field to the nearest street.

afire 2

Personally, I am concerned that having only one exit from the shopping area is of concern. What if there had been a larger emergency? The fact that there is only a single road leading out is a safety-design issue. Is this even legal? I think the powers to be should seriously think about extending a road to neighbouring Tim Horton’s. On a good note Hydro One worked hard and resolved the 10 hour issue, Milano Pizza offered to warm food, and citizens banded together. It was noted widely on Facebook that the beer store remained opened all day.

Tilting the Kilt, Vintage Whispers from Carleton Place by Linda Seccaspina is available at Wisteria at 62 Bridge Street, the Carleton Place Beckwith Museum in Carleton Place, Ontario and The Mississippi Valley Textile Mill in Almonte.  available on all Amazon sites (Canada, US, Europe) and Barnes and Noble

Walmart Fired Me For Reporting a Dog Left In a Hot Truck – Zoomer



Walmart Fired Me For Reporting a Dog Left In a Hot Truck – Zoomer.


“Carla Cheney says she was axed from her job at a Walmart in Kemptville, Ontario after confronting a customer who left his dog in a sealed car while he shopped.

“I said he should not be leaving his dog in the car. The man said it was none of my business,” she told the Ottawa Citizen.”