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Erotic Ode to Peeps with Precious Precarious Peep Photos —Since 2011

Erotic Ode to Peeps with Precious Precarious Peep Photos —Since 2011

Most Photos by Linda Seccaspina — I began this in 2011- and each year I retire some and add others.


The Village Peeps


               Village Peeps                                                        






                        Peeps in Peril!





  Abraham  Lincoln’s Last Peep  Show



download - 2020-04-12T095544.793                      

Downton Abbey Peeps



                                                     The Walking Dead Peeps 





                                                   Peaking Peeps!


                                                download - 2020-04-12T095851.453

Peeps on the moon




   Peeps in Space with Scully




Passover Peeps             




Disappointed Peeps           




             Chillin with my Peeps








                   “Godzillian with my Peeps”


hqdefault (11)

                                   sick Peep!






                                                              Thelma and Louise Peeps




                                              Poppin’  Peeps and Jelly Sandwich






         Trump that Peep!!!



                                                            Peeps on the Pot!



                                                            Peeps on Fire




           images (90) images (88)                                 


Most of you know I am a few fries short of a Happy Meal so I give you my Peeps video made in California in 2011 LOL



An Erotic Ode to the Peep by Linda Seccaspina

I am sitting here in bliss with my parched lips slathered with my new Peeps lip balm. It is so delicious that it makes my mind travel back to the erotic TV ad that Brooke Shields did for Calvin Klein Jeans in 1981. It only had one sentence and it was,

“You want to know what comes between me and my Calvin Klein jeans?”

I am currently swirling my tongue around the Strawberry Marshmallow flavour while pondering the possibility of topping it with a layer of Grape Marshmallow Cream.

I think about the Peeps I have nuked in the microwave in years gone by. I dream of watching the Peeps silently awaiting their fate sitting on the Mikasa floral plate. I open the microwave door slowly and seductively slide the plate in and close the door forcefully. I press the ‘start” button and watch the Peeps grow like a slowly expanding helium balloon. I sense the smell of melting marshmallow filling my nostrils and after thirty seconds I open the microwave door. I blow on one to cool it and slowly swallow it whole, letting the warm marshmallow drip down my face.

Another Peep gone and on goes the sad genocide of the Peeps. I seek alternatives and procure the Peeps scented lip balm instead. I am orgasmic with joy as I pull the cap off and slide it over my lips. I can taste the Peep flavour as my eyes fill with tears with memories of Peeps gone by. The massacre of the Peep has ended.

So, yes Brooke,

“You want to know what comes between me and my Peeps lip balm?”


Absolutely nothing!


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