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Found the Location of the W.R. Hill General Store

Found the Location of the W.R. Hill General Store



Pearl Neill standing in front of the W.R.- Photo McRae Family


Lila Leach James was the first to mention this, and the more I looked at it I realized  the former W.R. Hill General Store was now Braeside Furnishings. The McRae family member said it was in the Arnprior area and she was right. I cannot find a thing about W. R. Hill but you can see the original windows boarded up and the longer building was definitely renovated and cut down when you look at the parking lot.

You can see the placement of two windows and a door of the original building and a peaked roof was added to it on the longer section. Thanks Lila for all your help.



Photo McRae Family


Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 12.jpg

Braeside Firnishings.

Thanks to all that thought it was the Hill General store in McDonald’s Corners. Definitely not– but a heck of a good guess. 



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