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Halls Mills Ghost Town- Another W. H. Wylie Connection


Halls Mills


Town site photo

Farm building next to Hall residence– From Hall’s Mills Ghost Town©Copyright: Yvan Charbonneau

Seems William Wiley  of Carleton Place had connections in everything around the area. From and Almonte woolen mills to mines and sawmills. When I did research I found out that he had was part of a mining venture also.

From Hall’s Mills Ghost Town

By the 1870s, Hall’s sawmill, located on Lot 1, Concession 10, was in full operation. In 1883, Hall opened a post office and gave the community his own name. A school, one of only four in Darling Township, was located on Lot 1, Concession 9. By 1884, Halls Mills had grown to around 50 people. These included, John Abraham, David Barr, Archibald Boyle, James Kilgore, Robert Lett, Thomas Murphy and the Munro and Robertson families. Daniel Munro was the blacksmith. Hall went on to form a partnership with William H. Wylie of Carlton Place to embark on a combination of mining and mineral lands dealing. Whether the venture was successful is unknown as Hall reportedly passed away in 1885 or 1886.– read the rest at Hall’s Mills Ghost Town

Dawn Jones added:

 Interesting story. My brothers and aunts and uncles attended public school at Hall’s Mills in the 50’s and 60’s. The teacher at the time was Ida Guthrie. The school house still stands and was renovated into a house. My grandparents bought their farm ( a large property that extended from the 8th concession to the 9th concession of Darling Township from David Caldwell in the early 50’s.