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Vison’s Bowling is One of the Top Tag Words in Carleton Place



This photo is from the 1984 Carleton Place Canadian, and from the files of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Last week when I attended the BIA annual dinner it was mentioned in a graph that Visions Bowling  in Carleton Place was one of the top names coming up in tags. I was dumbfounded. Do people really bowl that much in Carleton Place? Well I guess they do!

When I was a teen back in the 1960s, bowling was the Saturday afernoon sport. Some nights, we watched different leagues, wearing crisply ironed team shirts with their names stitched on the chests.  It used to be home to league bowling, children’s birthday parties, and corporate events. But now we’re very much into the 21st century– but like Vison’s Bowling on Bridge Street it looks like there are some things we love to keep because of the charm and the feel. That’s a good thing!