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Is That the Face of a Great Dane in a Lake Ave East Tree?


Dave Simons, 33, was on a routine trip to IKEA in Braehead, Glasgow, when he encountered something that definitely wasn’t on his shopping list. On his way to pick up a (very reasonably) priced hot dog, Simons made a pit stop in the men’s room, only to have a seemingly religious experience.

“I went in to the washroom and there it was on the main door when I put my hand out. I said ‘Oh my word, it’s Jesus,’” Simons recalled.


Why do people in 21st century relate this image and those also on a grilled cheese sandwich to higher beings? One sees Jesus, the other sees another character, because that’s what they want to see. Is  anyone so desperate to emerge that they show up in Ikea toilet? Can they not find a better place than that?

This is how a piece of wood from a tree has been shaped according to its history. Honestly, it looks like Gimley from Lord of the Rings to me. Or, how about the face of Cthulhu? Does this mean the elder gods are very real and are rising? If they are coming into the world through portals in IKEA furniture–the end is definitely near!

So what do you see in these remainders of trees near McNeely Ave on Lake Ave East? Ted Hurdis saw me put the photos up on my timeline and saw the face of a Great Dane- hence the title. 🙂