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Puttin on the Ritz!-Snaphots of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum



Play while viewing photos please..



Jennifer Fenwick Irwin and Vicki Racey– how can you not love these women?



It began at 10 am with a line up outside the door and the cars were circling the neighbourhood like bees looking for honey













Beckwith celebrities were there! Reeve Richard Kidd and Councilwoman Faye Campbell


Celebrities from Ottawa– the iconic Rockabilly musician from Ottawa George Stryker. Last time I saw him was when I closed my store 20 years ago, and he has not aged a bit. Of course you were like 14 right George? 🙂



I don’t care what anyone says- her bat socks make the dress..:)


Here from P. E. I– via Ottawa!


Lynne Johnson from Carleton Place– Better not speed down her street..she has signs!! Stay safe Carleton Place! This is our town–slow down!


A sweet gal from Nepean





Another gal from Nepean!!



We don’t know who these folks are.. Hmmm. Let me think.. Beckwith councilor Tim Campbell and Carleton Place’s very own Rob Probert! Join the Roy Brown Society today! Tell Rob you did:)



At home with Jennie Juniper and her vintage clothing sale purchases– by Jennie Juniper



The wonderful and amazing Jayne Henry!




At the end of the day these two old gals down at the old CPR station had enough.. Time to go back to being the museum:)




and I keep getting emails from happy people!!

Great vintage boots, loving them!

Message —From Jennifer Fenwick Irwin – curator of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum
April 23 at 11:19pm

I should be sleeping but feel I need to thank some people here. Vicki Racey was the brains behind this sale. She needed to clear some space and I needed some publicity for the Museum.

Our first sale in February 2015 was super busy – she sold lots of merchandise, and we got so many people into the Museum, most from “away” and most for the first time. Vicki generously donated a share of the proceeds to the museum because she believes in what we do there.

This year’s sale has been incredibly successful and we still have tomorrow to look forward to! Sarah Evans has taken beautiful photos for us both years and encourages everyone to “get their vintage on”!

Jayne Henry is not only a beautiful model, but volunteers her time helping us get organized, hanging clothes, steaming, pricing and working the door or cash – what ever we need help with – and does it with a smile and enthusiasm! Linda Seccaspina is our main “voice” about town and does an amazing job of making history fun and getting people involved. She too, puts in the volunteer hours lugging things and pushing those hats and selling up a storm.

Wendy LeBlanc is a constant support and our biggest fan and we miss you (and your singing!) this weekend. Henry Irwin is a good sport, and Rob Probert a true fan. Steve Racey is a saint. Thank you all! Thanks everyone who read this far, who shopped and bought teacups and helped spread the word around town!






Buy your tickets soon! This year’s Heritage Dinner celebrates the history of Beckwith Township. Reeve Richard Kidd will take us back in time through many vintage photographs of the township and it’s people. Tickets are available at the Beckwith Township Office, the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce and here at the Museum. Dinner by Leatherworks Catering.



Our draw for this beautiful hand made quilt is coming up! Hurry in to buy your winning ticket today! $2 each or 3 for $5.


Take A Walk on the Wild Side — Doo Do Doo, Doo Do Doo, Doo Do Doo – Zoomers



Take A Walk on the Wild Side — Doo Do Doo, Doo Do Doo, Doo Do Doo – Zoomers.


“When I was a child my father would bring me to many a rural auction where we would sit for hours on hard wooden benches in some old barn while he bought a lot furniture he didn’t need. During that period of time I learned a lot and took that knowledge with me every single time I ventured into a thrift shop or an estate sale. I might not be a mathematician, but I can tell you when things were made and how much they’re worth pretty quickly.”