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And So They Danced in Carleton Place



In the 1800s In Carleton Place a victory ball and supper “in a style not to be surpassed” was held for the volunteers in the stone building on the corner of Bridge and High Streets which was then William Kelly’s British Hotel. In 1882 it was held in Newman’s Hall until it outgrew that.  Then the old town hall and Pattie’s hall were each used until the present town hall was built.  Supper was served in the different hotels until they secured their present quarters with McGillicuddy’s orchestra, of Ottawa, – some class in those days – furnished the music.

One had to climb a narrow stairway to get into Pattie’s Hall (Old Brewer’s Retail on Bridge and William) to witness a show. You bought the admission ticket at a small wicket at the head of the stairs. One chap once said that he had to pay ten cents to see a play put on by the Marx Bros. He also said a lot of the boys climbed up to the roof and were pulled into the hall through an open window by their pals inside.

In later years Valentine’s orchestra, of Ottawa, and the Hulme Family, of Prescott, furnished music at the Victory Ball at the town hall. A dance was not a huge success in Carleton Place unless the music was supplied by The Hulme Family Orchestra in Carleton Place. They were a great favourite with the Carleton Place waltzers. While the profits were varied from a small sum to hundreds of dollars, with their usual generosity, they were able to give $50 to the Red Cross