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Don’t Be a Bad Dog in Carleton Place! — Really!!! — SIGNS OF THE TIMES



Can your dog pee on command? I know I can’t!  Dog behaviour specialists suggest outlining the potty area using something your dog will easily notice, such as inexpensive wire garden fencing (two feet high or less) or some large, decorative stones. How about a sign? Can he read?


This local veterinarian’s office wants your dog to form a new habit. They want you to prevent him from eliminating in that specific area for awhile. Timing is crucial–how does he understand he can no longer pee in the place he has peed at in the last 12 years?

Can they tell the difference who actually peed? Was it him? Was it me? Was it someone else?  Is there a scent infraction somewhere? As Carleton Place resident Mike Piper said: “I wouldn’t want to be driving by those signs with a carloads of 7-year-olds!”


I mean- do they expect a furry guy like this to obey the signs? I think not-in fact- I can personally vouch for this big fella, that he won’t care and I can’t stop him. Public Unriary Etiquette is beyond him.


What was all this about in Carleton Place in the 1964 Carleton Place Canadian newspaper? What if it had been the guy below?

Are we all going to the dogs?


“If you don’t know where you come from, you don’t know who you are!” —The late Edna Gardner Carleton Place

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