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Can We Please Stand Up and Cheer Valley Granite & Tile?


As a writer I try very hard to share my heart in words.  There are so many small businesses in our fair town of Carleton Place that deserve credit for what they do. Just the fact they manage to stay in business in a rural town during a difficult economy is merit itself.

During the past 11 months I have written about many of them, and now I would like to give another great local business a shout out. I had the honour of meeting the Occomore’s from Valley Granite & Tile when I participated in the Jeffrey’s Journey Home project and found a kindred soul in Lisa. Like myself, Lisa keeps it pretty real with people– so you know if you are doing business with her– you will get frank words and her heart.  Oops, better not forget her husband Brad– he is pretty awesome too:)

Congratulations guys in your new digs, and thank you for caring about Taylor’s Custom Flooring and assuming responsibility for its continued history in our area.





Behind the success of every small business there is family. With over 30 years combined experience in the industry, Valley Granite & Tile have been associated with granite counter tops and excellent service. Carleton Place has given Lisa and Brad Occomore the opportunity to provide their customers with a finished product of the highest quality, and a service that is second to none, regardless of the size of the project.

It’s the nature of granite, to be hard and resistant, and Valley Granite & Tile are capable of completing your project and exceeding your expectations with the use of modern technology, high quality materials, and skilled craftsmen. They have built a solid reputation in Carleton Place and outlying areas as the place to go and have worked on some of the most difficult and prestigious projects across Canada.

The Occomore’s have covered the whole spectrum of positions —from labourers and office workers on the front line to foremen, managers, directors and consultants. Some of their most recent projects before the opening of Valley Granite & Tile included consulting for growing companies as well as consulting for start-up companies.

Before the opening of their business, they worked on projects for CSIS headquarters, RCMP headquarters, the Prime Minister’s Office, East Block of parliament, Centre Block of Parliament, Scotiabank Place, Saddledome (Calgary), metropole (Ottawa’s tallest condo high rise at the time) and numerous other condo projects and many Embassies around Ottawa.


If Mary Cook says it’s great– well it is!


As well, their services have been used for KPMG (Brett Wilson from Dragons’ Den TV show), Arlene Dickinson (Dragons’ Den TV show), Daryl Sutter, Todd White and many other current and former NHL players and coaches.

Brad and Lisa know that money is limited these days, so the prices at Valley Granite & Tile are very reasonable. They have many products that are more cost efficient than the “big box” stores. Because of the myth that cheaper is the best way to go, some people don’t even think of using their services assuming they are too expensive.

Unlike their larger competition, Valley Granite & Tile think nothing of spending time with their customers, walking them through their showroom, and discussing options. You won’t find any pressure whatsoever, and you will know immediately when you talk to them you have chosen the right company to do your work.


When they opened their business they wanted be able to solve some of the problems that other companies experienced and promise a better customer experience. Quality is everything to them– reinspecting the quality of edges, cuts placement and leveling, only to confirm time and again that everything fits like a glove.

The Occomore family have lived Carleton Place for 6 years– but it’s always been home to Lisa’s Mother and Grandparents. Other than going to Calgary for 3 years on contract, the family have pretty much always been “valley people”. We all know family is like branches on a tree–they grow in different directions yet the roots remain the same. So when John from Taylor’s Custom Flooring decided to retire, Lisa and Brad understanding family based business didn’t want to see a 20 year valued Carleton Place based business close.

Instead they not only took over operations as Taylor’s in January, but they are moving Valley Granite & Tile to their new building at 140 Industrial Ave. (currently Taylor’s) by the end of March. Valley Granite & Tile will now offer an even larger one-stop shopping experience, increasing their product lines, and adding new items to give their customers the ability to get the most out of their renovation. They will also be stocking more Granite slabs to save customers the trip to the city to pick out their slabs.


The reason their family business has become so successful is easy: quality product and fantastic service! Their head office is in the community where they live and raise their family. In fact, their 11 year-old already shows a strong interest in their business and has acquired his first set of polishing tools. They are also proud they now have the ability to support the community, people, and local charities. Remember the Occomore’s care about your family’s environment—that’s their specialty. To them it’s just like their family– it’s not only important– it’s everything.



The beauty of Facebook is the world is your oyster when it comes to photos, and I love this photograph. Says it all to me.

Valley Granite & Tile

127 Bridge st in Carleton Place
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 492-2522

Dear Santa – Gifts for Patients, Survivors and Caregivers?




Cancer Always Calls Collect – Part 2 – Dear Santa – written in 2012

I saw a Dear Santa mail box today and decided I might as well write a letter. I am looking for a miracle and maybe the spirit of Christmas will help me.  I never thought I would be doing this again. Who knew I would be hand-holding someone else through chemo and watching the dark cloud of cancer hanging over another member of my family.

Everyone looks at me like the wide-eyed faces of a Keane painting, thinking that I can provide the answers and a cure. We all know that sometimes miracles happen, and sometimes they don’t. Some days are good, and some days go by slowly as the fatigue sets in and he realizes that he is fighting cancer.

He was always a winner, yet life is now denying him, which is harder to digest than the food he sometimes painfully consumes. His eyes lack light, and sometimes flashes of anger fill the room. He has become a shell of what he once was. We both know the odds, and he quietly says if he survives all of this it is because of me and how I have taken care of him.

Once again they all think I can provide positive results and I silently shake my head. Through the years I have felt it was always my fault, but if he dies will it be upon my shoulders once again?  All I can do is provide what I know – love, compassion and a lot of hard work. We all know that’s not enough, and if I fail what will I tell the others? My stomach rolls and fear sets into every vein of my body. No one seems to understand how accountable I feel, and quickly I push the thoughts under the nearest invisible rug.

I know Santa does not exist but I  will write the letter anyway, because I need hope.  I am not and cannot be the answer – after all I’m only human.


So how can you remember those who have passed, and those who have survived? What would make a wonderful gift?

Run, don’t walk to Valley Granite and Tile on Bridge Street in Carleton Place. You know the place owned by our very own Carleton Place super heroes Lisa and Brad Occomore?

Mystic’s Haven and Valley Granite and Tile have teamed up for a CANCER FUNDRAISER! For every wine glass, coffee mug or beer mug, $8 from each item is going to the Cancer Society. Each item sells for $15 each. You can have them personalized and your choice of ribbon color! Stop in to Valley Granite & Tile to order your glass!!

Someone will love you for this perfect gift. Trust me!





127 Bridge st in Carleton Place
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 492-2522