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More Unwed Mother Stories — Peacock Babies

More Unwed Mother Stories — Peacock Babies

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July 21 1999 The Record


Another in the series Laundry Babies – Black Market Baby BMH 5-7-66


In the 60s society judged single mothers harshly. Intense social stigma made it impossible — or nearly impossible — for them to make choices other than adoption. Unmarried mothers also faced enormous institutional pressure to give up their children to “traditional” couples.

The practice of “forced adoptions” was depressingly routine — according to some estimates, between the 1940’s and the late 1980’s, over a million and a half American women were punished for their pregnancies by Church-sanctioned teams of people who I’d like to be able to describe as “well-intentioned,” but who actually sound kind of evil.

Between 1954 and 1977 it was illegal to sell contraceptives to anyone under 16 years of age. It was illegal to even discuss contraception with under-16-year-olds until years later.




 - Dayton Daily News
Dayton, Ohio
07 Mar 1920, Sun  •  Page 29

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Laundry Babies – Black Market Baby BMH 5-7-66

Women in Peril– Betrayed by Heartless Scoundrels 1882