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The Forgotten Graves of Lanark County


Almonte Gazette 1884—read the Almonte Gazette here

Mr. Benard Malloy, of Grattan, informed the editor of the Eganville Enterprise that a few days ago, while prospecting for mineral specimens near Lake Clear he came across a grave, and the head of it stood a large beech tree, with a name carved in the tree.

Being written in French he could not make it out– but the date, 1840 was still legible. Malloy opened the grave and found the coffin to be in as good as the shape as the day it was put in under the clay. It was made of cedar slabs wooden pins and inside the content was nothing but bones.


20151102_cemetery walk_067.jpg

Photo from Anvil Cloud –St. James Cemetery 2015– Unmarked grave

Inside St. James Cemetery in Carleton Place there is a grave on the side of the hill just after the entrance and “a little down the ways” as they say. No one knows who is buried there and the grave is unmarked. The caretaker says someone is definitely buried there but there are no records and no headstone.

Although caretakers maintain the modern cemeteries of today, this was once not the case. Many cemetery plots were not marked or the original wooden markers decayed and rotted away. Over time, even the cemetery itself may have become “lost.”

The Forgotten Cemetery at the End of Lake Ave West



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