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How Hard is it to Spot an Illegal Canadian?




U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham joked at a CNN town hall last week that he had “never met an illegal Canadian.”

Graham made the comments on Mar. 1, at a town hall with U.S. Senator John McCain. The pair had been asked about immigration to the U.S., and how they felt about families being separated by President Donald Trump’s position on immigration reform.

“Have you ever wondered why we’re not being overrun by illegal Canadians? We got two borders, one with Canada, one with Mexico. I’ve never met an illegal Canadian. They may be out there. I’ll go look for them,” Graham said, according to a CNN transcript of the event.

“People come in from poor countries to work here. Canadians come to Myrtle Beach. They enjoy themselves, they go swimming in March, and they go home. We’re glad to have them. Nobody else swims in March,” he continued.  

Author’s Note-– Myrtle Beach for the win, as that’s a sure fire way to spot a Canadian–as the ocean there would seem warm to us. Well heck it is isn’t it?

If Graham did some research he would find at least 90,000 Canadians have overstayed their visas in the USA. You would be surprised how many people meet someone online, fall in love, go visit and then just never leave. But, I think the majority of illegal Canadians are people who entered legally on a visitors visa and just never left–or they originally had a work visa but never renewed it.


Hey USA–You might know Canadians in your community and not ever realize it because we look, talk and act just like you. Don’t worry. You can spot ’em easy with those funny hats called toques and they’re also the ones saying “sorry” all the time.

Hint: If their names are Bob and Doug McKenzie, they just MIGHT be Canadian and Canadians are also the ones that put their shopping carts back in the cart corral when finished shopping.

I would point out you can also tell someone is from Canada because our well funded education system ensures by the time we get to university, we know the difference between “their”, “they’re” and “there”. Okay–well most of us!

Why would we go to the USA –as Canada is a great place to live. Let me put it this way: Canada is an “all inclusive” society and the U.S. is a “pay as you go” society. In Canada it’s like we prepaid for everything, and if you don’t need it you still pay for it– BUT the day you do need it is there.

Now with all this border scrutiny it’s easy to spot Canadians in the USA. They’re now the ones in a hurry with an anxious look on their face as they’re trying to get back to Canada. Unless you are in Florida, and don’t want to go back before it’s Spring.




Illegal French Canadian Immigration in 1929.jpg


The Canadian-born resident who came to the States prior to July 1924 had no worries. Those who arrived after that date sans proper documentation must leave the country and go through proper immigration channels or face deportation with no possibility of readmission to the USA.

The article reports that among those who were sent back to Canada to obtain proper documentation was an 18-month-old baby girl born in Montréal and adopted by a family in New Hampshire.  Read the rest here CLICK


Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read.


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And so it begins.. “An Ape in Heels”



It hasn’t taken long for racism to rear its ugly head since the United States election ended over a week ago. Racist graffiti popping up all over the United States is terrible, but yesterday’s Facebook post by a director of a state and federal-funded nonprofit in West Virginia is inexcusable.

Clay County Development Corp. director Pamela Ramsey Taylor posted :

“It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels.”

To make matters worse Clay Mayor Beverly Whaling replied to the comment, “Just made my day Pam.”

Of course they deleted their posts soon after– but it was too late- screenshots were taken all over the world. At 5:35 yesterday  it was announced that Beverly Whaling, would be resigning as mayor of the town of Clay, effective immediately.  Both women insisted it wasn’t meant to be racist– and they expect people to believe that–that’s the second insult. Only difference is: unlike the first insult, the second insult isn’t racist–it’s an insult of people’s intelligence.

What’s worse than a racist? One that turns around and denies what they said or did. If you said it, then own it and deal with the consequences. Is she aware that the future first lady posed nude, allegedly worked illegally in the US, and lied about her education? No other First Lady in history has that dubious distinction. Classy is not the word that comes to mind either–but hey, that’s just my opinion.

This is only going to get worse, and the level of racism, homophobia, and xenophobia has reared its head in less than a week. In the words of the late Gwen Ifill“They decided this culture of meanness was fine — until they got caught. My concern about a lot of people and a lot of the debate in this society is not that people are sorry that they say these things, they are sorry that someone catches them.”

But, maybe a Trump win needed to happen so the United States could be exposed, and now they need to decide where to go from here. Of course racism is a thing of the past right?  The Supreme Court in its 5-4 decision eliminating a key provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, said so. However I am reminded of what one southern gentleman, William Faulkner, once said…“the past isn’t dead. It’s not even past.” But if the Supremes say, we live a post-racial society, it must be true, right?

Maybe we can add a new cycling event to the Olympics–racist backpedalling.




Should Canadians Not Have a Say in the New Proposed American Neighbourhood Fence?



atanya.jpg (Photo by Tanya Harrison)


This was written way before talk of the Trump Mexican Wall

Hot off the CBC news yesterday was an item that the United States is ‘mulling over’ building fences along the border with Canada to help keep out terrorists and other criminals. “The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency has proposed the use of “fencing and other barriers” on the 49th parallel to manage “trouble spots where passage of cross-border violators is difficult to control.”



Does a fence really keep anyone out? I remember watching Ange work on one for almost a day years ago to keep our dog from running away. Hours later as the dog had also watched “the builder” intently, I clapped my hands for Zarry Boy to come. The dog took a long slow look at the new 12 ft. fence and within three seconds he cleared it and was free.


While I applaud anything that will keep our countries safe I wonder if this is the right way to go. There are no proposed drawings and they do not provide details about what the fence might look like. Will it blend in with the neighbourhood and “complement the natural landscape” and might Yogi Bear or other wildlife have problems migrating?  Of course like most neighbours when someone is upgrading their yard there are many views on this subject and I though that I might share some:


“Will Americans build the fence? Or will they outsource the panels to China and use cheaper Mexican immigrant labor to install it?”


“Can we put ramps on both sides so that cars can jump the fence?”


“Maybe they can fence my backyard first?”


“It’s sad, when the fence goes up, no more cardiologists will be sneaking across in the middle of the night with H1 visas.”


“It won’t work in the wintertime because once the snow builds up around those things, sports minded terrorists can just snowmobile right over the top.”


”Some of the country the border passes through has not seen any human contact since the last time the U.S. Customs guy (landscaper) came through.”


                                                  (photo: CBC News)


“Just one thing, can we have the Canadian feds and their followers who agree to this on the OTHER side when it’s completed!”


“Shouldn’t the US be focusing more resources near the violent border on the south end instead? I mean a few Canadian moose on the loose crossing the border never hurt anyone.”


“If they build a fence we can keep out all the illegals out as well…..like Randy Quaid!”


“Does the wildlife get a say in this? Will they have tunnels for toads and hedgehogs?” Won’t this fence kill more birds than wind mills and God forbid it should be electrified. It will  just end up becoming a giant wildlife zapper.”


“Whats next a shark ditch?”


“While they are at it they might as well build a fence around Hawaii too!”


“I can’t even keep cats out of my backyard with a mega-fence!”


“Will the fence extend over the top of the country so people won’t throw rocks on the other side?

“Are they afraid more Canadians will cross the border to buy cheaper booze?”


“Remember the movie ‘Escape from New York’? You just know Snake Plisskin will beat this!”


“Which will they build first, the fence, or the Keystone Pipeline? Well, I guess they’ll have to find a way to get that big oil pipeline over the fence. Not to worry we will install a number of shut off valves in the oil pipe.”



                                         “All in all, its just another brick in “the wall”…



              Photo by Linda Seccaspina 2011- Thousand Island Bridge- US/Canadian border