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Is the US Now the Most Dangerous Country in the World?


15657.jpgPhoto–The Canadian National Newspaper


It really happened–and it almost feels like the beginning of a dystopian novel.  I am shock and awed as they say that Donald Trump has become the new president of the United States.  Sure the United States has ensured crappier presidents, worse campaigns, a Civil War, and many houses divided– but I am just hoping fascism does not grip too tightly on our neighbour south of the border.

Last nights win is where America proved it’s okay to sexually assault women, belittle minorities, disabled and veterans, defraud millions, lie about a billion and still hold office. I’d rather have a president who in the past exercised poor judgment, and could be surrounded by those who could steer them right, than one who continually proves to be of poor character.

So what happens now?

-How long will it be before the GOP repeals Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, OSHA, the EPA, and a myriad of  other advances of the 20th century?
-When will the working class wake up to the fact that the GOP sells them guns and God, but will never allow them a raise?
-What about Roe Vs. Wade or gay marriage? Will all this now be turned over to each state?-Will National parks will be sold, and coal ash and poison continue to blacken the air?
-Or even worse– I fear for the changes in the Supreme Court.

If the American electorate wanted change and they think Washington is broken, why are they sending most of Congressional incumbents back up there? Change? That’s a laugh. If things go wrong they will just continue to blame Obama and minorities and ignore the impact of Trump’s disastrous policies.

Along with this election win we have taught everyone that bullies win and women don’t matter. We have shown them racism and sexism is okay. Where did the highly touted values, morals and integrity go?  Parents will now have to explain to their children that someone who possesses none of those things was able to ascend to the presidency. I woke up this morning hoping this was a dream–unfortunately President Trump’s message will last far longer than his 4 years.


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We Are Canadian– and what’s wrong with that?




Yesterday my American mother-in-law sent me a post about Canadians and I thought I would share. Author Robert Reich wrote a great post and I am posting several comments here from a long list

Robert Reich–Back from Canada, and debating Newt Gingrich and Laura Ingraham. One thing that strikes me every time I visit Canada is now extraordinarily polite Canadians are, and also how they take for granted that the members of a society have certain obligations to one another. The contrast with the America of Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, and Laura Ingraham couldn’t be starker. Yet we live just across the border from each other, and our American accents are almost identical. How to explain the difference?

What do you think?


Dennis MooneyI’m a Canadian living in the USA and I see the difference daily. Canada never had the issue of slavery that in itself divided the country. Slaves dreamed of escape to Canada. We have an east west due but nothing like the north south divide here. Its not about race it color. Canadians differ on matters of economics not race.

People joke that Canadians are always saying thank you or excuse me. We are more polite for sure. No one says “have a good day” which always sounds so insincere here.

Religion is also a big difference. No one says “I’m blessed” or “have a blessed day” because religion does not define a Canadian. Down here in the south we have churches in most corners. Canada had enough but not too to many. Religion is a private matter in Canada. ‘In the USA it colors everyone thoughts.

We are also a country of two official languages. We have a minister of defense who is ex military and a Seikh. We had a national party headed by a person on Indian descent.

We are tolerant. That’s the main difference. We are also well read. W don’t show Fox News. The Toronto Globe and Mail is one of the best most honest newspapers in the world. The CBC is highly rated and impartial.

We carry on conversations that have substance. Its not always about football or reality TV. We actually have dinner discussions about global issues.

Canadians travel more. We vacation in Cuba not the Bahamas.

Hand guns are not something anyone thinks about. We don’t worry about kids getting home of their parents gun. Ever.

We are so different and we fight to keep it that way.


Sarah DoyleI think the increased taxes we pay in Canada for socialized healthcare etc. are a worthwhile investment to look after each other as a community, instead of the USA lower tax option to look out more for “number one”.

Jim FriendA few things. Our Parliamentary system means more parties and more ideas coming into the mainstream. No insane gun laws. Canadian winters mean everyone helps each other, because everyone get’s stuck. Did you know that it was our 3rd party who brought about Universal healthcare in Canada ?

Jay SremmusHaving a conversation w/ a Taxi Driver in Toronto one day, I commented how pleasant Canadians were. He said “Because we’re a content society.”

How could so much could be summed up in 5 words.

Kanye West For President? Why Not?



Last night during Kanye West’s acceptance of the Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video awards, he made his bid for presidency in 2020. Fifty bucks says the VMAs made up that award for him so he could get some mic time and boost the ratings with his guaranteed-to-be-insane banter. Well played, MTV. Well played!

But then I ask myself–why not? Running for president for fun and profit has become a cottage industry. The year 2020 puts him outside the scrutiny and expense while still reaping some benefits. Is it really any more absurd than Trump? Is it? It’d be probably be fun. Assuming he’s serious, he’ll run for president, make mistakes we’ll shake our heads at, make us laugh, and then lose terribly at some point in the race. I’m down.!

Looking at the current candidates this coming American election Kanye isn’t that bad. It’s funny but–there are actually tens of thousands of people in the United States that would actually vote for him. Bad job market, pay disparities of workers/ CEOs, crappy everything and disappearing middle class.

In a country where all you need to be President is a billion dollars and a fan base, we can look forward to a string of rich famous Presidents. Congress must be wetting their pants over the prospect of egomaniacs that they can’t control being in charge. Perhaps that will get them working together to overturn Citizen’s United like nothing else possibly could. If he wins, Taylor Swift should interrupt his inaugural address.

All we need now is for Adam Sandler to make a really funny movie, and the Apocalypse to begin. I’d guess that West’s response to the last part of the Inauguration Day swearing in ceremony won’t be ‘I do’ but ‘Word.’

And— he’s probably also kidding about being president so calm down.

Or is he?


I don’t know what I’m finna lose after this it don’t matter though because it ain’t about me, it’s about new ideas bro people with ideas people who believe in truth. and yes, as you probably could’ve guessed by this moment I have decided in 2020 to run for president.”Kanye West

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