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Mary Louise Deller Knight — Evelyn Beban Lewis–The Townships Sun

Mary Louise Deller Knight — Evelyn Beban Lewis–The Townships Sun



This month the Townships Sun in the Eastern Townships of Quebec dedicated a good portion of their magazine to my personal  writings. I was above the moon and beyond, and when I opened the magazine I saw that Mrs. Lewis, as I once called her, had written a small piece about my grandmother Mary Louise Deller Knight.

For anyone that knew my family in Cowansville, Quebec we were staunch Anglicans and attended Trinity Anglican Church every Sunday. One had to pretty well have malaria not to go under my grandmother’s watchful eyes. It didn’t even matter towards the end of my grandfather’s life that he had a falling out with the minister, Sunday prayer was a mandatory wireless access to God with no roaming fee.

Seemingly as it was banged into my head, a person’s character was also shown to other parishioners each week by where we sat. I would say we wore out the same spot on the bench through the years, and my Grandmother actually died in church one Sunday ten minutes before the service in the same spot she had sat for the past 65 years. That my friends is holy devotion.

I began wiping dishes in the church kitchen at 6. At 7 I went with Grammy every Friday night for altar duty. I decorated pews, I sang in the choir, and even was in charge of the Sunday School at 16.  I cherished my Grandmother through my life and a lot of what I write is about her, as she was everything to me. Thank you Mrs. Lewis for writing this piece about Mary Deller Louise Knight. Sending you massive hugs– she would have been thrilled to read what you wrote.



The Eastern Townships Sun




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