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Sometimes You Just Need to Remember– Reggie Bowden

Sometimes You Just Need to Remember– Reggie Bowden



-Photos from the Canadian and Gazette files from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Author’s Note- Everyone deserves to be remembered– and so many remembered Reggie. If you have any more info to add about Reggie -leave a comment or email me at sav_77@yahoo.com


Dawn Jones– The late Reggie Bowden from Tatlock. He lived on the Darling Road (formerly 8th line Darling Twp) now Lanark Highlands. He was a well known trapper and hunter in these parts. He used to stop when I was wee and show us some of his efforts of trapping.



Ray Paquette Unfortunately, I never met him although my late wife was able to regale me with stories of Mr. Bowden who she met during her nursing stints at the Almonte General Hospital. Seemingly, he was quite a character…

Dawn Jones He was a character for sure. I knew his family well. He was unique–trapping fishing and hunting to sustain his family and his lifestyle. The mould was broke after Reg was made and respected by many.

Mary Hurdis I remember in his later years his art work was special.