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Booth’s Mill — Eddy’s Lumber Dock— Near Tragedies

Booth’s Mill — Eddy’s Lumber Dock— Near Tragedies

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
27 Oct 1928, Sat  •  Page 36

The site of that bold project of 1826-27 is now covered by the series of bridges and approaches over the Chaudiere route of today. But that first conquest of the Chaudiere still ranks as one of the greatest of pioneer engineering epics. It presented almost insuperable obstacles.In spite of dangers and difficulties MacTaggart took it all in his stride. With pride in his craftsmanship he declared: “This bridge, if we manage to build and finish It off as we ought, will surpass almost any other in the world as a wonderful piece of superstructure. It is to have eight arches; five of 60 feet span, two of 70 feet and one of 200 feet over the Big Kettle, where sounding-line hath not yet found a bottom at 300 feet deep.” (We never knew that our Chaudiere was that deep!)

Eddy’s Lumber Docks Wikimedia Commons

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
27 Oct 1928, Sat  •  Page 36

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It was tough to be a cow I tell you.. tough.. real tough..

May 1955

Ten cows and a calf were killed when lightening hit a tree on the farm of Mrs. Alex McCuan Monday evening. The cattle were Hereford and Shorthorn breed and valued at $125 each. The farm is located four miles out of Carleton Place on highway 15. The cattle were not insured.


Aug 8 1913

Fifteen head of cattle were killed on the C.P.R. Track about a mile south of Carleton Place after being struck by a train at an early hour this morning. A herd of 175 cattle had been driven into town by the Willow brothers yesterday and placed in the stock pen for shipment. Some time after midnight cattle broke through the fence ad proceeded to travel down different track routes.

A freight train traveling near the 10th and 11 th concessions of Beckwith struck the largest herd and before the locomotive could slow down fifteen cattle were killed or so maimed they had to be destroyed. Two head were also killed on the line west and three east of the station making for a total of 20.


Do Beefalo still exist in Carleton Place?

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