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This is Our Town – Slow Down!! Grassroots Challenge



Years ago I lost my last German Shepherd, Snoopy, to a speeding driver on Lake Ave East in Carleton Place. I placed an Obituary in the Carleton Place Canadian because I wanted the person who hit him to understand what my family was going through. Of course Snoopy should not have been roaming the streets, but he escaped through a hole in the fence in the backyard, and sadly met his maker.

My late sister was hit in Sherbrooke, Quebec years ago trying to cross the street, and even I was hit by a speeding driver at age 6 on Albert Street in Cowansville, Quebec. One might say I have a strong personal interest in this. Last night I posted an article with suggestions we as residents might consider. Instead of complaining about it, I suggest we channel that energy into creating public awareness about the issue. If you don’t think working as a community works– remember that neighbourhood organizing has a history as old as the neighbourhood concept itself.

Today Lynne Johnson told me she was putting up a sign saying, “This is Our Town–Slow Down! I thought it was quite brilliant so I got one made too. Slow Down Signs are great tools to remind drivers to control their impulse to speed. Sometimes people need a friendly reminder that pedestrians are walking or bicycling in the area. Help make your Carleton Place streets safer by taking up the sign challenge. Have your kids make a sign so they will understand the importance of what we are trying to convey and spread the word at school.

Public awareness works. Imagine drivers being flooded with the image of Slow Down signs. Maybe they would think for a second. It’s a start.

If you make a sign email me or PM me and I will come and take a picture. Let’s get crackin’ as they say!