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Yesterday’s Glitter is Today’s Unicorn Food! Do NOT Try This at Home!


I’ve always said that Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies, that stuff just never ever goes away. I used to sell it for years in my store Flash Cadilac in Ottawa — I bought in huge bags and then put it in pillbox containers. When I closed the store I donated all the glitter left to Caldwell Elementary School in Carleton Place. They too had it for years and years.

They say all people are drawn to sparkly things, and modern science believes it’s because our ancestors learned to associate sparkling with life-saving water, like a lake appearing in the distance. For our ancient ancestors, noticing and being drawn to sparkling things in the distance is often what saved their lives by bringing them to (hopefully fresh) water. This likely also contributed to the perceived value of gold and certain jewels in earlier times, because these too sparkled.

Then somewhere a few years ago things went totally wrong……

It all started when an Ohio-based company started selling glitter pills which supposedly, would make your poop sparkle and glittery! I have a corny question but— will this now make corn obsolete now? I know, I know– I am moving on.

What is a glitter pill?

In one sense, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a transparent gelatin capsule filled with glitter. What’s the point of a glitter pill? We have no idea– as far as most of the Internet is concerned, glitter pills are nothing more than a crappy punchline—and we do mean “crappy” both figuratively and literally. If you take one, rumor holds, you’ll poop glitter.

items are not meant to be consumed
-Do not consume.
this item is not meant for consumption

Swallowing these is a horrible idea. I would imagine that glitter probably isn’t made with the types of chemicals you’d want putting into your body. On top of that, these tiny glitter fragments can imbed themselves throughout your intestine, or our sewers.

“The Impact Of Glitter On The Environment Environmentalists around the world insist that humans need to reduce the use of glitter as it is glutting our oceans at the rate of eight million tons every single day!”

A Flash Cadilac Story

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
04 Dec 1986, Thu  •  Page 56

Amanda Lynne Jamieson —– Linda Seccaspina! I thought I’d share a fun childhood memory with you. I was only about 6 years old so some of the details are vague but just the same, I remember it fondly.

One hot summer day, our teenage babysitter decided to take my brother and me on the bus from Gatineau to downtown Ottawa so she could go shopping. Our adventure included a stop in at your store Flash Cadilac which in turn became a very fun glitter fight! My babysitter then tried to rush us home to get cleaned up before my mom got home. But we were caught when we ended up on the same bus as mom! Sorry for the mess 😬 but thanks for the memories!

This is an actual toy that is sold in Walmart and your local toy stores

The Dolls of Queen Victoria 1899

The Dolls of Queen Victoria 1899


June 2, 1899

Queen Victoria was born May 24th, 1819, in Kensington Palace and lived there when the news was brought to her, in the night, that she was Queen of England. She was then eighteen years old. The week of her eightieth birthday she visited this palace and found that all the rooms had all been arranged just as they were when she was a little girl. Great care had been exercised to have her toys and playroom just as she remembered them.


Queen Victoria’s Doll House from 19th century.

Queen Victoria had, as a little-girl, a wonderful collection of dolls. These had been most carefully put in order and arranged in care. Her doll house had been put on a table in the centre of the room. This playroom and its contents will be exhibited for a short time.


No doubt many little girls will be greatly disappointed who visit this collection. They will expect that the dolls belonging to a great Queen will be magnificent. No doubt there are many little girls today who are not at all rich who have much more beautiful dolls than the Queen ever dreamed of when she’was a little girl.

She never owned, as a little girl, a walking or a talking doll. Her collection is valuable because the dolls are from every known country, and each is in national dress. No doubt, in her little girl heart, she had her pet dolls, the one she loved most of all and it is quite possible that, like many little girls of today the doll she loved best was the one that had met with some misfortune.



Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 26 May 1934, Sat, Page 21


I read it in the Almonte Gazette June 2 1899

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.

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Dolls We Have Known and Loved- Photos

eBay Bans Love Potions, Magic Spells and Curses – Haunted Dolls Okay!

FACT – The Queen is Not Affiliated with Freddie Mercury


Remember the Magnajector?


Today I saw this at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Bring back memories??




The Magnajector is an opaque projector that was created in the 50s by Rainbow Crafts Inc of Cincinnati Ohio, a company that is more popularly known for being the inventors and original distributers of Play-doh.

With the Magnajector, anything that you place it on can be projected onto a nearby screen or wall via a system of mirrors and light.  The “Magna” in the title stands for “magnification”, not “magnetic”.  It was marketed as a educational toy for kids or students or shut-ins:


This particular Magnajector is stamped with the Peter-Austin Mfg Co. mark, which was a Canadian company that handled the manufacture and distribution of a variety of toys from the USA.  It came with a box of 80 coloured viewing cards that are just postcard sized pictures of random things. From the The Museum of Obsolete Technology


100 Years of Toys



Christmas Hats in the 40s at the Victoria Public School in Carleton Place from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

This morning I saw a short video about a 100 years of toys, and if you want to see how a local merchant promoted their toys at Christmas you can read my short story called Carleton Place 1940’s —- The Popularity Contest


Picture of one of the actual prizes from Okiliman’s in Carleton Place  now located at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum. See it in the Eaton’s Christmas Catalogue room display December 6th- until January 11th.


For me the 60’s had the best toys. Even though I was barely a teen, it was Barbie and all her clothing that mesmerized my fashion designer mind. For the boys I am sure it was: Mattel Vac-u-form, Mattel Varoom, Ideal Supercity, Revell Slot Cars and Cox gas airplanes and spy toys were big.

I am actually offended that the Tamagotchi wasn’t included in the 90s toys as I was responsible for it  many times when the kids would not look after it.:) Where was the Furbies? My Little Pony? G.I. Joe?

Today video games have taken over and kids have very little creativity. Actually, they should of had the Hoverboard burst into flames at the end.:)


So enjoy this video and remember.



Stupidity on Bridge Street



Written in 2015 or was it 2016? LOL –Read’s bookstore has sadly closed down


I like Krista Lee from Applecheeks. We share some sort of kindred spirit, and I feel like I have known her for years. Yesterday I was in there promoting the Authors for Indies event at Read’s Book Store on Bridge Street Saturday and she had this fantastic toy on her desk.

I immediately thought of my son Sky as he likes toy trinkets like his Mother. The fact that it was musical enticed me even more. I decided I would keep it. Krista advised me that it might need new batteries so off I went with it in a bag to take pictures of doorways on Bridge Street. As I dropped my flyers off I heard barking and immediately thought how wonderful these store owners were to have one of those dog barking doorbells. I was so impressed!

I heard the musical barking at Graham’s Shoes and even Nancy’s Impressions. When I heard it at Read’s Book Store I really began to think. Did all these stores buy this doorbell in one big group buy? When I went into the Carleton Place Town Hall to see Cathie Hawkins I heard it again and the noise began echoing in the halls.


After I left it suddenly dawned on me. That animated dog I just bought from Krista did not need new batteries-the toy was working just fine inside the plastic bag. I really wanted to blame it on menopause, but I knew I couldn’t as I dried up years ago. I just shook my head and remembered what Benjamin Franklin once said..

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid”.


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Bring Me Your Dolls, Your Toy Trains, and Your Mousetrap Games!


I write to attempt to expel too many thoughts going through my brain. In essence, my life has many ups and downs like everyone else.  Sometimes it becomes a real Mouse Trap Game and I am playing the lead role as the mouse.

So why do I relate my life to a game of toys gone by? That is because every single one of us remembers a favourite doll, game, or truck, that helped us through life. Toys and life in general is expensive now, and these days money is not growing on trees. So what can we do?

Our local gal and promoter Shannon Murray O’Neill is asking the public for donations of toys, children’s books, games and DVD’s. She in turn will sell the items out at the flea market, via the Toys for Tummies Facebook page, or on other groups on Facebook.  All proceeds goes to Lanark County Food Bank (hense “Toys For Tummies”).

Their mission:
1.) To raise much needed funds for Lanark County Food Bank during a year long fundraising effort, collecting toys and re-selling them.
2.) Helping parents clear out the toys their children no longer need, want or play-with while giving to a good LOCAL cause. We will also take board games, movies and books.
3.) Providing a way for other parents to purchase some gently used toys, books, games, and movies at a fraction of retail costs.

Gather up your old McDonald toys that the kids no longer play with. They will be making them into ornaments for next Christmas, with again, proceeds going to the Lanark County Food Bank.

This has been a year long project. Shannon began it on January 1st, and will continue it until December 31st. Check out the Facebook page, and if you would like anything pictured in their album, please comment on the picture itself. They ask that you please pick-up within 3 days.

She just needs a bit more help getting the word out about it. So spread the word!

People can drop off donations to the flea market
Location: Murray’s Furniture & Flea Market (525 High Street, Carleton Place)
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10-6, Saturday-Sunday 10-5.

Photos by Linda Seccaspina from my beloved Peralta Junction in Oakl…


The Secret World of Barbie – Happy Birthday! – Zoomers



The Secret World of Barbie – Happy Birthday! – Zoomers.



Last year at the age of 53 Barbie was exposed in the media as ahoarder. Mattel was very secretive about the whole issue and never made an attempt to cover up her bad habits – in fact they never even issued a hot hoarding line for Barbie. Saturday Barbie turned 54 and I wondered what she was going to top this year off with.