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Christmas Toys of the 50s– Saddle Up! Saddle Up ! Kenner’s Daddy Saddle –Fits Any Daddy!

Christmas Toys of the 50s– Saddle Up! Saddle Up ! Kenner’s Daddy Saddle –Fits Any Daddy!


When the Daddy Saddle was presented to the sales people at theKenner January meeting in Cincinnati attended by Joe Steiner and others of management it was presented by our designer at that time, Jeep Kuhn who came into the room on his hands and knees with this saddle around his back (I can’t remember who was on the saddle at the time) but everybody started laughing and the jokes were obviously flying around the room. This was truly a different toy concept especially at that time period of 1965.

Most kids would be perfectly content riding around on their parents bareback style, but this was a need Kenner thought they couldn’t pass up.  As rare as these toys seem to be, I’m thinking Kenner missed the mark on the demand.  That or the toy caught on with the S&M crowd and things went horribly wrong from there.

The picture below is from Kenner’s 1965 Toy Fair catalog.-Kenner Collector


Okay, so I can understand that you dads will do anything for your kids. I also remember rare horsey rides eliciting a “ya-hoo” or two out of this cowpoke. The Daddy Saddle is taking us into a whole weird area, though… Are you dads out there telling me that when Mr. Junior Rodeo asks to saddle you up, making you look even more like the pack animal you already feel like, you say “giddyap, pardner”? Thank goodness Kenner (who also offered a pulse-pounding milkcow action playset) didn’t include an oat bag too. There’s not much more I can add to that. Right, Trigger?

There is a video below– but of course in a non perfect world there was one where the Daddy Saddle was not used in a PG form. You know I wanted to post it LOLOLOL.

Thanks to Roy Morrison for posting this on the Tales of Carleton Place– you too can get your saddle..:)

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