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“One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” in Lanark County


Return of Convictions for the Period Ending June 14 1893 Perth Court serving all of Lanark County.  I recognize some local names. Are any of your relatives here? I can understand some– but fast bicycle riding?



Jno. Reid and Jno Denham, Henry Rescroft, Wilmer Fleming, William Wright, Robert Hornebrook, Andrew Armour, Fred Griffith, George Stewart, Loren Griffith, each fined $1


Jake Angus and Frank Bennett, each fined $5

Drunk and Disorderly

Jacob Leslie, Dinah Harper and John O’Hare, each fined $2

Selling After Hours:

Michael Dixon and F. Lambert, each fined $20

Sale of Liquor During Prohibited Hours:

Jacob Morris and George A. Jackman, each fined $20


William Nicholson, fined $5

  1. St. James, and Jas. Phillips, each fined $1

Breech of Game Act

Thomas Needham, fined $5




David Morreau, committed to gaol


Robert Cowie, complainant was Frank Boothroyd, fined $2


Robert Cowie, complainant was Archibald Calhoun, fined $1

Mrs. D. Logan, complainant was Duncan Ferguson, fined $1

Alexander Short, fined $5

Richard Duffy, fined $1 plus costs



Congregating on Street Corners:

George Dixon, Reginald Simpson, James Ennis, George Black, Jas. O’Neil, Thomas Willoughby, W. Willoughby, Charles Thornhill, J. Murphy, H. Easton, each fined $5.25

  1. Huddleston, John Davis and Ed. Marquette, each fined $1.50


Jacob Thompson, William Henry, Esther Majory, L. Shaw, Susan Bennett, Jno. K. Elliott, each received six months in gaol

Throwing Balls of Snow

Jas. McAllister, fined $1

Practicing Medicine Without a License

Dr. W. McKay, ten days in gaol


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Causing a Disturbance on a Public Road

John Salter, fined $9.75

James Nolan, J. Conlin, and George Nolan, each fined $5.25

Refusing to Pay Wages

William Hogg, complainant was Alexander C. Fraser, fine was $40 plus costs

Charles Miller, Alexander White, William Farrell, fined $1 each

Selling Liquor in Less Than Three Half Pints

William Prescott, fined $20

Abusive Language

M.C. Ross, charged by Mrs. MeLean, fined $3

Obscene Language

Martin Conlin, charged by R. McGowan, fined $1


I was drunk get out of jail free card

Causing a Disturbance on a Public Highway

  1. McGuire, fined $4

Using Horses and Wagon Without a License

Vince Bradford, fined $1

Riding Bicycle on Sidewalk

Selling Liquor During Prohibited Hours

James E. Rathwell, James Presley, George O’Brien, fined $20 each

Refusing to Pay Wages

Henry Brace, $7.40 plus costs


Petty Trespass

James Little, John Burns, John Wright, each fined fifty cents

Fast Driving

John Lee, fined $1

Breach of Town Bylaws

Noah Leclair, fined 41

Furious Driving

Thomas Vaughan, fined 43

Fast Bicycle Riding



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