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How Do we Clean Up this Mess? My Comment last night at the Town Hall

How Do we Clean Up this Mess? My Comment last night at the Town Hall




After my heart attacks in June I vowed never to concern myself with this mayor and council again as it made me angry and very upset to see the town being run like a three ring circus. But 7 months later here I am  – on a mission again, because we need to convey to all citizens that what is going on is wrong. For the love of god just stop it and think about the town of Carleton Place.

In 2016 I was the marketing manager of the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market. Deputy Mayor Jerry Flynn assisted us greatly in the months leading up to the opening  and we decided to have him cut the ribbon on opening day.

On the day of the opening Mayor Antonakas, who was accompanied by Councillor Sean Redmond pulled me aside and asked me why he was not chosen to cut the ribbon– similar to  the same behaviour the Davaan Spa and Kory Earle experienced this year.

For all those keeping score with these events there is only one photo of me with Mr. Flynn circulating – at the opening of the Dunlop Industrial Park – so there was absolutely no favouritism in the choice– we as a group were only showing gratitude for all of Mr. Flynn’s help yet I was put on the spot.

I was not going to be cornered or made to feel badly over our choice, so instead I looked at the Mayor and said,

 “You know, instead of being upset of not being chosen to cut the the ribbon you should begin to think about the legacy you are going to be leaving in this town– and putting a stamp on the future of Carleton Place.”

In the summer of 2013 my late husband and son attended a BBQ with a few of the movers and shakers in this room in which they discussed future town issues. Angelo came home and predicted to me what is actually happening today– which is complete unrest boiling down to an underlying struggle where self interest has won out over the interests of the town. He liked to be right so he is probably smiling up there now.

So my question is– what happened with these core players here in the space of the 4-5 years? That is frankly the main issue that has caused all this mess today in Carleton Place. The character and control of this tiny, perfect town is lost if we as citizens do not put our foot down and gain control of it. Today, our town’s most extraordinary feature is its terrible politics and the stain it has created on Carleton Place. I don’t have to tell you or anyone in a 100 mile radius that this town has become an embarrassment .

Now the mayor believes that to set the record straight we might need a judicial inquiry into the actions and transgressions of this council? (Voted down) I don’t know if any of you know that judicial inquiries can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, all at taxpayer expense. One recent inquiry in Mississauga over a mayor’s conflict of interest cost town taxpayers over $6 MILLION!  Are any of you willing for your tax dollars to be spent on this?

I don’t know how Carleton Place can possibly endure another 8 months of this and my only explanation of the Mayor not resigning is that maybe he wants looks like he is running the parade. I just don’t know. Unfortunately this has now become a Mayday Parade for the town of Carleton Place and it’s time to move on and clean up this mess.


Update on Council activities tonight regarding the Mayor. A large crowd gathered at town hall, with almost everyone wearing pink anti-bullying ribbons provided by Kory Earle and handed out by Brad and Lisa Occomore. After impassioned speeches by Kory, Lisa, Volundur Wally Thorbjornsson, and Linda Seccaspina and many chants from the crowd to resign, Council voted to suspend the Mayor’s pay for 270 days and take away his discretionary budget for the remainder of his term. It was the most council could do under law. Linda was making toast, so Steve Yaver wrote up this brief recap. 😀

They voted on the Bodnar project… It goes ahead:(

Sylvia Giles– Yup, the Bodnar Project is going ahead to County Council….. 3. Nays—Black, Trimble, Fritz. Thanks  so much for caring..Be warned people of CP our water will be affected when we have a big run off year…..which is inevitable given climate change!!!! Duh duh duh!!!



By council voting  for a “swamp”, as Norma Ford calls it, above the water intake on the Bodnar property, is more than reason to change a lot of people on council.  As she said and I agree– you might be the downfall of Carleton Place– please consider that.

If you watch the news , you already can see that there are no more 100 year or 500 year floods. Climate change is here and many areas are seeing record floods pretty frequently these days.

What if a place like ours gets hit with more than one 100-year storm over a 10-year period — or even in consecutive years? One of these storms is something that could come next year.  As Jim McCready said:  “We have not had good experiences with Storm water management ponds close to the River. The Mississippi Quays SWMP is a case in point. We should not be putting the town’s drinking water in jeopardy in such situations.” I continue to be appalled the town council won’t heed the warnings of Jim McCready and others in this matter. (read Do You Care About Our Local Water? Very Important… Please Share)


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A Pillar of Carleton Place– Remembering Ron Roe

A Pillar of Carleton Place– Remembering Ron Roe



I met Ron Roe the first week I moved to Carleton Place in 1981. In fact, he made a point to come and talk to me when he saw me outside in my yard. Anytime I saw him from that moment on he was very personable and always had a great story to tell.

We saw each other in passing many times throughout the years, and I considered Ron a great example of being a Carleton Place citizen. Whether it was being a town councillor, or preaching and singing at Zion-Memorial Church, or on the  Board of the Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital–Ron was an important brick in the foundation of Carleton Place.

Everyone will have their own personal thoughts about Ron, but I think his proudest achievement was The Hall of Valour that was once located at the Victoria Public School on Edmond Street. I wrote about the Hall of Valour in 2012, and when I visited; I was surprised to see Ron Roe as the curator. I had initially come to do research on local town hero Roy Brown who shot down the Red Baron Manfred Richthofen. But, in a short matter of time Ron had me quickly immersed in the history of the Hall of Valour and why it was so important.

So who was going to remember all these valiant soldiers who fought for our freedom Ron asked? There are the Legions and the War Memorials but– was there anywhere that provided memorabilia that honour former Veterans who gave their lives in defence of their Country? Carleton Place was chosen specifically because it had a great record of involvement in both of the major wars of the past century and Ron was proud of that fact.


Photo of Ron Roe from Mindy Merkley and Mary Cook

The concept of the Hall of Valour was “framed” by the Hon. Judge Matheson, of Kingston – the same man who created the design concept of Canada’s current flag.  Mr. Bob Campbell, was the Chairman of the Board, and Commander Jacques Levesque became the Vice-Chairman, and of course Ron Roe became the curator.

When I talked to Ron in 2012 he was not the same man I had met years before. His memory had begun to fade, and that infectious smile he once had was greatly waned. In the space of a year I noticed that Ron didn’t open the war museum as frequently, and word was he had moved into a seniors home.

The last time I saw Ron was at the senior’s home on Arthur Street when I visited Bill Bagg. Ron was waiting for the dining room to open sitting in a wheel chair chatting with Betty Robinson. I walked up to him and said,

“Ron, I don’t know if you remember me, but my name is Linda Seccaspina and I just want to thank you for all the work and love you have shown Carleton Place.”

Ron slowly got up from his chair with that same Ron Roe smile I remembered from years passed. He clasped my hand firmly with both his hands and said softly.

“I  have to apologize that I don’t remember you, but I want to thank you for remembering me.”

With that I gave him a giant hug and I was hoping to see him again, but our last goodbye was never said. Today I remember Ron Roe, as it’s hard to forget someone who gave us and the town of Carleton Place so much to remember. My love to Betty and family,

Linda Seccaspina




Image result for obituary png


ROE, Ron At the Perley-Rideau Veterans Health Centre in Ottawa on Saturday, November 25, 2017, Ron Roe of Carleton Place, age 87. Beloved husband of Betty Roe (nee Ratcliffe) of Morrisburg. Loving father of Mark Roe (Monica) of Montreal, David Roe (Jane) of Tucson, Arizona and Mary Casselman (Robert) of Morrisburg.

Ron will be fondly remembered by grandchildren B.J., Nora, Lorie, step-grandchildren Dale, Matthew and Geoffrey and numerous great-grandchildren. Predeceased by his parents Asa and Alice Roe (nee Armstrong) and his brother John Roe. Also survived by nieces and nephews. There will be no visitation or funeral service. Donations to the Perley-Rideau Veterans Health Centre would be gratefully acknowledged by the family. Online condolences may be made at www.marsdenmclaughlin.com.



 The Hall of Valour is now being taken care of in Perth


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  22 Nov 1949, Tue,  Page 30


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  25 Jul 1953, Sat,  Page 14


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  10 Jun 1953, Wed,  Page 17


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  15 Sep 1949, Thu,  Page 38





Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  12 Jun 1954, Sat,  Page 14


Image may contain: 5 people, people standing

 This photo of their building was taken May 29, 1930 when it was the Carleton Place Canadian newspaper office. That’s F.A.J. Davis, Asa Roe, Wilf. Hendry, George Healey, Ed McPherson, Agnes Dunfield, and Betty Currie posing out front.


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  09 Nov 1965, Tue,  Page 40



Identified on back of photograph as Doug Guerard, may in fact be Ken Cook (as suggested by childhood friend, Ron Roe)– donated by Rev. Worden to the museum.-A Tale From Gordon Henry Worden


Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun andScreamin’ Mamas (USA)




In Memory of the Hall of Valour in Carleton Place — A Tip of the Hat to Ron Roe


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Hashtag #Sleepless in Carleton Place





It’s 6 am and I didn’t sleep much last night. When I got home from the town council meeting I had emails asking me for my take on last night’s events. On January 1st I wrote that I was no longer writing about local town politics, but this morning my heart hurts–it hurts for my town.

Later today Councillor Sean Redmond will provide me with a copy of what he said to the mayor last night and I will add it. Some of you know that Sean asked Mayor Louis Antonakos to step down for the well being of Carleton Place and the rest of the councillors agreed. I don’t know how more direct you can get than that– but our mayor refused and said he had done nothing wrong. Had he attended the interview with Commissioner Swayze, he would have seen what he was accused of. Instead, he chose to reply to all questions via email.

This morning I can safely say that writing about American politics for years was an easier job than this. I always thought there was no way to change Americans, but I  felt Canadians had some sort of respect and dignity.

After listening to many voices this week I tried to capture what they were saying– and it wasn’t only directed at Mayor Antonakos– it was directed at the council as a whole. This is what I said last night:

“To those who were chosen for Carleton Place mayor and council I want to remind each one of you sitting up there tonight that it is the community that built Carleton Place and pays taxes. When anyone decides to take public office they must hold themselves (and be held) to a higher moral standard as you are a representative of the people-us.

We can’t remove a mayor of any town or city unless they are convicted of a crime–but Carleton Place can’t take 2 more years of a town council being run like this. We need to get rid of absolutely anyone in power who is driven by their own self interests and egos. Then, and only then, will we finally have the town we all want. Until solutions are found– all the fruits of those trying to promote Carleton Place are for naught and overshadowed.

Mayors and council are judged by results and it’s just not enough for us to fix this one situation. May I remind everyone in this audience to remember tonight for the next election because if we re-elect anyone who does not place Carleton Place first then it sends a clear message that we really don’t want change in this town”.


I do believe in the power of forgiveness and that we all make mistakes, but I have a feeling there is more to this story. Maybe we will never hear the rest of it, but right now we are plagued with chaos and strained relationships at the town hall, and honestly, we don’t need our town tarnished anymore.  

This whole story is depressing and sad in many respects.  It will be only a matter of time before the pressure escalates for the mayor and he will eventually lack some powers to do his job effectively.

Clint Eastwood once said:

“When you win a civic election it’s a good news-bad news sort of thing. Okay, the good news is now you’re the mayor. The bad news is now YOU are the mayor”.

Mayor Antonakos please step down so the town of Carleton Place can crawl out of this urban quagmire. Sometimes it’s better to do the right thing than to do the wrong thing and think you have won.


Author’s Note: I am going to quote what I just posted to the people that keep saying to ‘let sleeping dogs lie” : “It boggles my mind how some folks want to sweep all the crumbs under the carpet and ignore what’s going on. It’s much like ignoring your missing cattle as long as you have a few good ones left in the padlock. In the end those will be gone too”.



Where’s Doug Black? Lambs Down Carleton Place


download (1)

“So, have you seen Doug Black lately Linda? What’s he up to?”

“No idea, but I should check- who knows where he’s at,” said Lindadoug4

Why is it any time I write about something in this god forsaken county I have to maneuver some sort of trail?


These Carleton Place equestrians were on the lookout too! They were going to head him off at the pass!


Local artist Jade Armstrong had not seen him either.


Nobaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady’s seen him Sparkle the sheep said.


I am lost for words said the tarot card reader as she threw her hands up into the air.


The Canadian Gazette reporters had not seen him either.


Allie Winter from the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market was dishing out her frosty fresh treats– but Doug had not been by.


Ken Strangway from the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market was flipping his delicious food, but Doug had not been by to sample yet.


I think he bought a ticket for the quilt raffle said Jennifer Fenwick irwin from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum. Have you bought yours? You can buy them at the Museum!


I finally caught up to him and the rumour is that– no one can recognize him these days as he has been working out.

Hi Doug!

Author’s note—I have seen Doug many times but I do not recognize him. People that know me know that I have an issue with names and faces etc. after the stroke I had. That is just the way it is.That is one of the reason why I write-I am afraid to forget. Saturday Doug said,”Why don’t you ever say hello to me?” I explained why. So now after doing this blog I won’t look like such a putz LOL– or maybe it is because he has been working out.LOL

Know your Carleton Place councilman.

Doug is a long time resident of council who previously served two terms of council from 1980 to 1982 and 1982 to 1985 under Mayor Melba Barker. Doug is now retired after spending 30 years in the both the telecommunications industry and IT consulting industry to the federal government in Ottawa.

Spending time at his cabin located on Snow Road at the headwaters of the beautiful Mississippi River.

Community Vision:
Doug has assumed an active role as Chairman of Planning and Protection Committee, member of Police Services Board, River Corridor Committee and MVCA. Doug is also engaged in the Economic Development Committee.
Doug is pursuing a well balanced community for all residents with an objective to improve everyones quality of life. Doug is cognitive of the impact to our tax rate particularly as it affects those on fixed incomes.

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